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REBEL007 - MK: Hoordosis 6 CD/DVD kompilasie (2011)
REBEL006 - MK: MVP CD/DVD kompilasie (2010)
REBEL005 - MK: Hoordosis 5 CD/DVD kompilasie (2010)
REBEL004 - Barney Simon's Radio Revolution 2CD kompilasie (2010)
REBEL003 - Beatenberg - Farm Photos (2011)
REBEL002 - South African Rock, Pop & Dance Vol. 1 kompilasie (2010)
REBEL001 - South African Acoustic - Vol. 1 kompilasie (2010)

Jaco Coetzee, musician, qualified sound engineer and passionate supporter of local music, has recently launched new Rhythm Records sub label, Rebel Records. With more than a decade of experience in the local music retail industry, Coetzee finished his employment as senior music buyer at local music retail giant Musica at the end of February to head up Rebel Records.
Jaco Coetzee and Rhythm Records boss Albert du Plessis have known each other for many years, their paths having crossed numerous times over the past decade. Says Coetzee "When I realized the time had come to do my own thing, the first person I spoke to was Albert. All these years, he has always been the person I've respected the most in the industry, because of his integrity, his passion for the arts and the way in which he treats artists. I would not have gone into business with anyone but him."
When asked about Rebel Records' business philosophy, Coetzee is unequivocal "Everything we do is aimed at promoting South African music. Rebel Recordshas no specific genre in which it operates, and we consider every genre of SA music. Our country's music has not yet achieved the status it deserves. So many people are still prejudiced when it comes to local music. I understand it is a perception formed a long time ago, but that our music has come a long way since then. Compare the generic, beige music of American bands like Daughtry and Nickelback with SA groups like Wrestlerishand New Holland and it is clear that our local artists have far more originality and guts. Rebel Records' "mission statement" is to turn these archaic perceptions of SA music around, and to prove to South Africans as well as other countries that South African music is world class."
And the motivating force behind the decision to release the SA Seriesof music compilation albums? "Basically, we wanted to do it because no-one else has done so yet, while it is actually a very important exercise. We are building an archive of local music, a record for generations to come. Think about a group like Lithium, who were pioneers for SA music in the 90s, but how many Fokofpolisiekarfans know their music today? Another huge motivation is to give new artists and groups exposure by putting them alongside big names on an album. If someone buys a compilation album because he likes a Parlotonessong on the CD, and a Beatenbergtrack on the same album convinces him to at least listen to more of Beatenberg's music, we have succeeded."
So what are the factors taken into account when putting together a music compilation album? "There are a couple. Firstly, I decide on the genre or theme of the compilation, it has to be something which is easily identifiable. Then I choose bands or artists who suit the theme and also music which I feel is worthy of the exposure. It doesn't necessarily have to be their most popular song, but rather that which I feel best reflects the particular artist's style. The artwork is also meant to be emotive and reflect the passion Rebel Records has for local music. This is the reason we are using images of SA musicians, or photos taken at performances of local artists. No generic artwork bought off the internet, or just a list of names on the front cover. We don't sell units, rather, unity.
When pressed about Rebel Records' vision, Coetzee maintains that it is actually very straightforward: "Simply to promote SA music, regardless of the style, genre or language in which it is performed. It's all local music and it all has an equal place on the local music landscape. The future plan is to continue with the compilation albums so that there will be a library of the best music in our country, to which any person can refer to at any time for the best there is in any specific genre. And, more importantly, that they can keep on discovering new music."
And future plans and dreams for Rebel Records? "That the record company will become an export channel for local music, that more of our music can become established abroad. That more artists can tour overseas and sell their music there. That young, aspiring artists can see the success of other local artists and be inspired by it to keep making music.

For more information aboutRebel Records, promotional give-aways ofSA Acoustic Vol. 1 and SA Pop, Rock & Dance Vol. 1, interviews withJaco Coetzee or an Afrikaans version of this interview, please contact: Riana Wiechers, RHYTHM PROMO,, C: 072 341 6439 H: 021 447 1046

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