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kry nou ook deur openrecord...
Niklas Zimmer, Adam Lieber - Die Wahl Der Fantastischen Moglichkeit
Niklas Zimmer, James Webb - Infinite Coastline (UP2)
Niklas Zimmer - Conference (UP1)
- The Summer Eye (SUI)
Benguela - Digital Inability (RHYTHM RECORDS)

sien Wideopen CD-Rs.

opencd06 - Felix Laband - Dark Days Exit (2004)
opencd05 - Derek Gripper - Blomdoorn (2003)
opencd04 - Benguela - Sui (2003)
opencd03 - Brendon Bussy - Diesel Geiger (2003)
opencd02 - Alex van Heerden en Derek Gripper - Sagtevlei (2003)
opencd01 - Enkeleen - Ek Is Legio (2003)

mail: 12 12 2003

1.What we"d like to do is attach a mental note to your frivolous side; that part of your brain which is prone to suggestion during the Arrive Alive season. That in-built "ahhh.. what the hell" ethic for which marketers reserve massive ad-spend in order to translate a momentary dropping of the guard into dosh. Where normally you"d never buy something that plasticy or with that many flashing lights, Christmas mindlessness tends to blinker taste, mute the bright red warning signals and scupper wallet security altogether - leaving poor old you with an uncool case of the post-purchase dissonances. Now far be it for us to discourage this spirit of giving, we at the OR headquarters have put in place a simple but effective roll-out plan for your money which is almost certain to quell the seasonal jitters, leaving all participants with an air of quiet fulfilment and a kind of "inner wink" if you will.
Here's how it all works:
a.) Buy all open record releases for a distant relative and receive not only a good feeling, but the security of not having the albums played in your own house.
b.) Buy all the albums for yourself and receive the glowing sensation of being one of only a handful who can boast such a collection.
c.) Buy all the albums and have the covers mounted and hung in the lounge to brighten the loo.

The website now features multiple online buying options and a host of other gumpf at

Derek Gripper performs this weekend at Penny's Organic Shop in Palmer rd, Muizenberg - Sat 8pm - for free

Benguela perform at Plankies out in Hangklip on Sat the 20th


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