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Ilza Roggeband (Roggeband, Ilza)

50 Stemme - Die Grootste Name in Afrikaanse Musiek . 2009 JOHNATHAN BALL PUBLISHERS

Afrikaans music is a multi-million Rand industry in South Africa. Artists like Steve Hofmeyr and Juanita du Plessis have both sold more than a million albums, Kurt Darren and Nicholis Louw have reached sales of more than 100 000 on most of their albums, and festivals like KKNK and Aardklop and concerts like Skouspel are fueling this vibrant industry.
Afrikaans music also has a very rich history. Before Nicholis was even born, singers like Carike Keuzenkamp and Gé Korsten were recording, performing and selling thousands of records. And between Die Briels of the 1930's and Fokofpolisiekar of the new millenium lies seventy years and more of very talented and diverse singers and songwriters.
50 Stemme - Die Grootste Name in Afrikaanse Musiek is the first book of its kind written in South Africa. The fifty artists were chosen after a long and sometimes painful process by the writer, Ilza Roggeband, a freelance journalist well known in the Afrikaans music industry and recently nominated for an ATKV Mediaveertjie Award.
Some are there because they are the most successful artists in the history of Afrikaans music, others are there because they were the first in what they did - be it heavy metal, punk rock or 'tranetrekkers' in Afrikaans - and some others are on the list because they were responsible for writing some of the best songs in the history of Afrikaans music.
There are in-depth interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry like David Kramer, Laurika Rauch, Sonja Herholdt and Anton Goosen, interesting facts about where the inspiration for some of the best loved songs in Afrikaans come from as well as fascinating tales and funny stories about the legends of Afrikaans music.

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