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This is a list of songs, to show different versions, artists, writers and translations.

#1 Fan - JAKI$ OBAMA
2Cor3v18 - Jonta The Flame
2•GOLDEN DAWN•7 - Die Antwoord
5 Star - Wim Kock
10 Cent Shuffle - Stadsboer
90 Degrees - Capital L

A Players Prayer - DJ Pain
Abundance - Jonta The Flame
Acceptance - Nino DirtyFresh
Activate - Jonta The Flame
Adrenaline Rush - Helena Hettema; Terror MC
Afraid 2019 - Boeta B
Afrikaans Spoken Here - Cornelius Growweblaar
Afrikaans Won't Make Us Famous - Assassins Adouble
After Medication - Wim Kock
Afterlife - Jodas
Aint Nobody - King B
Aint Nothing But A Festive Party! - X2C x Eftha Party
Alive And Well - Jonta The Flame
Alive With You - Koedoe
All About Jesus - Jonta The Flame
All The Love - Hennie Jacobs
All This Pain - War3 Karakt3z met Delicios
Almost Happiness - Wim Kock
Amarillo By Morning - Riaan Benadé
Angel Sing - S-Man met Nokiyo
Anyway (Ume Made) - GhettoProphet
Appreciate You - Rennie Boy - Appreciate You met Gabie G & Marvelous G
Appreciation - Juno B
Aurora Jive -
Aweh I Wear - Emile XY?

B Boys Revenge - Beat Bangaz
B.I.Y. - Boskasie
Baby Girl - Alie De Jong x Donnie Who x Jah Logo
Baby Take It Easy - War3 Karakt3z
Back Step - Lil Jay
Back To Back - Jevigo
Backstabbing - Gakes x AG-B x Tremaine
Bad Manners - DJ Pain met Ystertong
Bar Code - Skeptick-ill
Baraklava Music - Ystertong
Bare - Die Horries
Bars - Breedy E
Basterd Psychology - $₩AG CTB
Be Myself - Valeska Muller
Before Medication - Wim Kock
Being - Wim Kock
Bend Over - JCB Sparta met Iyatunez
Benz - King B HF
Bestie - Cash Kido
Bestie Part 2 - Cash Kido & Gremmy
Bettiesbay - Wim Kock
Bigger Picture - Breedy-E
Bittersweet Lullabye - Xani & The Secret
Bly The Shame - King B HF
Boogie Up - Jerome Rex met DJ Eazy

CBK (ColourBlindKullid) Intro - RapCity
Call You A Uber - Capital L
Can't Block Like This - Cash Kido
Can't Bring Me Down - KxngbSa x Capital-P
Can't Lemma Kids Down - Capital L
Charmer Boyz - Gabriel x Kirky G
Choose Wisely - Jonta The Flame
Chosen Few - DJ Pain
Christmas Box - Wolwe
Chuck's - Getuies met Maistro
Cinderella's Shoes - War3 Karakt3z
Claiming - Terror MC
Clout Kidd - Die Don Ash
Color-Blind - Jonta The Flame
Coloured Royalty - Assassins
ComeBack - HipHopAssassin
Common - King B met Jodas
Confidence - I-Greezo met The Bang, da V.G & Danwill Music
Confused - Teezy x KD x Wakkie
Controller - Atcha & William
Corona Tune - Jah Uzzi met Bliksimstraal
Craig's School - Wim Kock
Creep - Emil Paul; Ruhan du Toit
Creep Squad - Doktebeats
Critical - King B
Cuddle Weather - Sound Geek x Lil LK x Miss Claire
Crying Bullets - Gary Herselman
Cypher Bars - AfrikaanseKlong Mjay x JCB Sparta
Cypher Session - Lewendig Yti Skuiling

Damn Fine - Hilton met AG-B & Teezy
Dance To The Beat - Mr. H
Dancing In Our Heart - Gary Herselman
Day 22 - Capital L
Deception - D.F.O.D
Dedicated - Cooker met RJay
Dedication To Missy - Atcha (Wolf Pak)
Did I Steal Your Words? - Somerfaan met Lanimybru
Dimples - SIEP met Lee-Ursus & BLK Mantis
Do It Big - D3KAY met RapKlong
Doing Me - Jonta The Flame
Dollar Signs - Loufi
Don't Dala - Barendz
Down Wit It - DJ Eazy met J-Bux
Drive By - NKB Cardo

EasyBoys Anthem - Gakes
Elders - Oom Japsnoet
Emptiness - Nino DirtyFresh
Energy Level - Pikkie Jones
Enimies - Jah Uzzi
Enjoy - Gakes
Error!! - King B met Five6Five
Every Little Piece Of My Heart -
Everything Wil Be Ok (Just Prey) - Emile Kepeal
Exam - Wim Kock
Exhale - Die Don Ash

Face The Facts - CardyCPT
Flex! - Bronny B
Friendly Bells - Wim Kock

GOTU (God Of The Universe) - Jonta The Flame
Game Reserve - Yung Esh met Hoofletter T
Get Higher - JR Yellow
Girls Pop The World - Christia Visser
Goldy - Jonta The Flame
Go Barendz - Barendz
Good Friday - DJ Eazy met Jerome Rex
Good Vibes Only - Jonta The Flame
Grand Stand - Jedi Knight
Great Escape - Wonderboom
Greatest - Breedy-E

Happy BirthDay (Celebrate) - Breedy-E
Hard To Get - Rotas The Rapper met Quin
Heavens Doors - I-Greezo met Thugga & Danwill Music
Heavy Metal - Emile Kepeal
Hell Of A Guy - Niko10Long
Her Hymn - / Her/Him -
Here Without You - Emil Paul
High Life - Waanchoo met Die Verteks
High Roller - Geenio Overload met Iyatunez
Hip-Hop Vibe - AG-B x Teezy
Hit Em Up - Meneer Cee x Justy
Holliday - S-Man
Holo Man - Wilde Als
Homie From Benoni - Spier Tier & Vanilla Dutchman
Hoodlife - HoodFam
Hopscotch - Afrikaans Ruk met RJay & LK
Hot Beat - Nino Nineties

I'm On It - Mr. H
I'm Through With Drinking - Archie Pelago; Gary Herselman
I Can't Help Falling In Love With You - Janie Bay / (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You -
I Dont Know - LYKSEN
I Dont Wanne Know - DJ Gakkie x Tremaine
I Dream Of A World At Peace With Itself - Willemien & Abel Pienaar
I Was Born Intelligent - Rotas The Rapper
I Wonder If She's Human - Emile Kepeal
If I Ever Saw Heaven - Jo Black met Roan Ash; Roan Ash
Im Good Freestyle - Gakes x Joey-Mike x Ello B
Illest Raps - P.V.S.I.
Images - Gakes x Klein Fortuin x Holy Gokez
Impacable Ignorance - Geenio Overload
Impress - Da V.G
In My Phone - S-Man
In My Shoes - King B HF
Inbox - Mc B x DeeKay x UncleGee
Indoctrenation - Terror MC
Insane - Jay Kay The Rapper
Intimacy - Gilo met Roda Tabakan
Introduction Into - 2 Easy & Major Wo3ns
Irridium - Blackstar Da Viper
It's Eazy - DJ Eazy met Jerome Rex
It's On Me - Jonta The Flame
Itsa Vibe Hello December - Tez Songs met Maam, Ace McKlein & Voete Jik

Jeremiah 17:5 - Rhymesick
Jiving & Dying - Radio Rats
Juggernaut - JAKI$ OBAMA
Jus'1 2Blow - X2C - Jus'1 2Blow met Mouse

"Kama" Gazi'$ - G3
Kasi Love - C4 x 5 Star
Keep Calm - Young Zoo x Good Stuff x PLB x Lino
Keep Going - Jonta The Flame
Keep It Here - 2J Harmonix met Cream Machine & Yoma
Keep Up - Valeska Muller
Kill It - KxngJunior met Dagga-G
King Of Time - Johnny Clegg
King Sh!t - LiNo
Kings Highway - Jah Uzzi
Kla Koh Found - I-Greezo met Rones & Danwill Music
Kullid In Technicolor (Part 1) - Ronald Dyers met Choki
Kullid In Technicolor (Part 3) - Ronald Dyers met Choki
Kullit Flowz - Stuwi W x Cream Machine
Kullit Lives - Headboy97

Land Among The Stars -
Last Words - Gakes x Plofstof x Vlaktes
Lead Me - Mr. MP met Merle
League - King B met j bux
Leon Jacobs (From Pimp To Preacher) - Mr. MP
Let Me Call You A Uber - Capital L
Letter To My Baby - Mr. Illest
Life Is 2 Real - NateDawg
Lightning - Jonta The Flame
Likes - SuPeR'G
Little Prince - Geenio Overload
Living It - Jonta The Flame
Lockdown - Mr Lifestyle met Gabie G
Lockdown Afterparty - Khoisan Plasterz
Loss - Wim Kock
Lost In Here - DJ Naaldekoker met Richard Brokensha
Love Anthem - D.F.O.D
Love For You - Mr. Illest x Jae Deep
Love Turns To Zero - Gary Herselman
Loyal - Wannie
Loyalty - Jonta The Flame; Locurl; ShaãnDaKulid; Teezy
Lyrical Purge - Imie Vanie Delf

Mad - LYKSEN; Swares x K.G x Mr. Illest
Mad Move Riddim - Jahlogo
MagicFreestyle - Ozzy96
Magnificent Splendour - Jonta The Flame
Main Ou's - AKA met YoungstaCPT; $₩AG, Rennie Boy
Make A Change -Earl & Agemi met Twinz & Dre; Jitsvinger, Crosby, Greis & Meisterbeatz
Mandela Money - K.G & Young Josepii
MasterChef - Jevigo
Max Condom - Wolk Nege met Cyril Ramaphosa
Mayweather - MC Quin
Mean (Part2) - Gakes x Tony G & C-Note
Mechanic - Vincent Gordon
Mic Control - Chella83 met Marco Polo & BreiMasjien
Milli - C4 x Mr 5 Star
Mini Skirt - NKB Cardo
Mr. Merchant - Gabriel met Klipklong & Ginesse
Momma Said - Skelm
Money Owed - Wim Kock
Money Problems - Mr. illest met King Killah
Monkey Business - Afrikaans Jol Musiek; DotCosa; MC Reggie & Vanilla Gxrilla
More Love Songs - HB
Most Hated - War3 Karakt3z
Mouse Missing - Gary Herselman
Move It - Dieoutjiemusic
Murder C. Wrote - Charin Schuller
Music In Me - S-Man met G-Dicekey
My Name - Capital L
My Team - War3 Karakt3z
Mzanzi Magic - I-Greezo met Lino & Danwill Music

Nah Chat Alot Ah - Iyatunez
Nah Trust Babylon - Iyatunez
Nah Waste Time - Junior Yellow met Iyatunez
Neva Leave - Iyatunez
Never Needed Your Opinion - Rotas The Rapper
Never Saw Us - Journey
Never Say - CrecheKinnes
Neverending Story - D.F.O.D
New Age Hippie Bollocks - Wim Kock
New Era - Klein Fortuin
New Material - Headboy97
Nice Levels - Plofstorm
Nikey Nikey - Antonio
No Cap - DJ Gakkie met Plofstof & Vlaktes
No Chaks - Rapder
No Guidance - Sound Geek x Boy D
No Lie - Mr. Illest
No Secrets - War3 Karakt3z
Nobody's There -
Note To Self - Xani & The Secret
Nothing Is Impossible - Jonta The Flame
Number One - Krapie Die Don

OMW! (On My Way) - Rhymesick
OV Back - Gakes x MC Muller
Oh My Heart - Somerfaan
Old School Party - Dirk van der Westhuizen
On & On - Boom Shaka; D.F.O.D
On The Road Early - Wim Kock
On You - Roman x Teezy
One Chance - Ello-Jay
One Night Stand - Wella met Weerblitz
OnFire - IR Dooba met Locurl x Major Woens
Own World - Jodas

Payroll - MC Noemwoord
Penalties - Rapder x Joey-Mike x Jada-Mike
Persevere - Gabriel x Blok7646 x Mr. Griep
Peruvian Flu - Kontras
Phat - Crazy C
Phatty Boom Boom - Miss Lenda met Kaecee
Pop It Off - Juno B
Positive Mindset - Sound Geek
Positively Colourful - Jacobus Silwer
Power - T.C.D. x Miles
Practice - Young Mielou*
Prey 2.0 - Heinie-G met L.G.B & JAKI$ OBAMA
Procedure - Freak G.O.D
Protest - JBux
Pull Stunts - King B
Put It Back - I-Greezo x Young Zoo x Da-Bang

Qqom Anthem - DJ Gakkie x Henzay x Soundgeek
Queen Pin - Charin Schuller
Question Marks - Wayne Enormous met Various Artists

R.A.S Anthem - OG92' met Raymon Spitfire
RAW - Static Twist
Rap-re-Sent - War3 Karakt3z
Real Eyes - Jonta The Flame
Real Love (Girl You Are To Me) - Tremaine x Ghetto King
Recipe - NateDawg
Red Blue - Die Horries
Redikuliz - Ralph Cyfers
Refinery Freestyle - Jonta The Flame
Requiem For A Team - Wim Kock
Rewind Back 2020 - Locurl met Lil Cyk
Rhyme Crime - Ranny Kay x Rosey Die Rapper
Riden - Branden Lynx
Ring Ring Ring - Wolwe/Wolf Pak
Round One - G5

Sacrifices - Teezy
Say It - KToG
Scarborough Sunset - Almero
Scared To Be Lonely - ItsAishaBabez met DJ Waan
Self Destructing Bomb - Bruce Mann
Send Me Away - Wannie & Smurf
Sentence - DCTY met BreiMasjien
Shooby Dooby - Da V.G
Sight - Vinger_Muzik
Sihouette Girl - Meneer Cee
Single - Lil Kletsz
Sister Mister - Wilde Als
Skate - Lat Patrollie met Francois van Coke
Sleepless Nights - Grobz-King
Slow Town - Jasha met Cash Kido
Smiled On Me - Jonta The Flame
Smoke x Tattoos x Chains - Jonta The Flame
So Inlove - Jah Logo
Soaking Wet - Jonta The Flame
Solitude Rocks - Wim Kock
Song By A Dove - Vusi Mahlesla
Sound Bwoy Killa - Iyatunez
Sound Of A Million Dreams - Riaan Benadé
Springbok Warriors - Jack Parow
Stage - King B met LubuBalu
Status - Gakes x Urband Boland x L.K.B; War3 Karakt3z
Stay The Fuck At Home - Daaf Vapor
Stay Woke - Jonta The Flame
Steady Pace - I-Greezo met Danwill Music
Stop It I Like It Girl - Vigilint
Straight Bars - MadKiller
Streetlife - Mr. illest; Ystertong met Vlaktes
Stunnin Like PH - King B
SUC6 - Capital L
Suicide - Clarence The Poet
Summer Juice - Barendz
Super - Juice x ChaZer
Super Saiyan - Capital L
Super Sexy 2 - Wolf Pakk
Sutherland - Wim Kock

Taxi To Rosedale - Lingo Band
Temperature Hot Like Fire - Jah Uzzi met Young T
Thanks For The Dance - Mathys Roets
The Better Man - Hugo Nieuwoudt
The Cup - Jonta The Flame
The Cypher - Jedi Knight x Garth Soul
The Deep End - Xplicit, Lakfit, DeeKay, Floic
The Mahala Jive - Jimmy's Grand SixSolitude Rocks
The Past - B-Minor
The Rumours Was True - War3 Karakt3z
The Sass - Katinka
The Soil On My Shoes - Jacobus Silwer
The Uprising - C4
The Warning - Flexi
Think Tank - Wim Kock
Thinkin 'bout You - Rotas The Rapper met Tellem Dale & Rjay
This Autumn Garden - Gary Herselman
Tired - Capital L
Titans - LK Maric CPT x JCB Sparta
To Legit To Quit - BeatsByHand
Today Beautiful - Dobbelsteun
Too Legit To Quit Remix - Young G
Tops Drip - Die Don Ash
Trance - JCB Sparta
Travel In Style - Syd Kitchen
True Identity - Yugi-Yo
Trump - Kirky G
Trumpocalypse - Die Naaimasjiene
Trust - Rotas The Rapper
Twisted - Plain Madnizz
Two Thou Twenty - Raymon Spitfire

Unbound - DUCK
Unbound 2015 - DUCK
Undec?ded - M.C Noedy met Fabian
UnderRated - Heinie G
Unfollow Me - Die Naaimasjiene
Unity Is Strength - Iyatunez
Unity Song - Earl & Agemi met True Sight
Ups An Downs - Jah Uzzi
Upstand -Earl & Agemi; Skurminkel

VenusWorld - King B HF
Vocal Vibe - Aymore x Urban Boland x KD
Voodoo Doll - Wonderboom
Vroom Vroom - Headboy97

War Cry - Capital'L
War Zone - Locurl
Warning! - King B
Watch x Pray - Jonta The Flame
Way Too Busy - SGSAPV met Juno B
Way Up - Rapder
We All The Way Up - C4 x 5 Star
We Don't Even Fok With Yu... - D.F.O.D
We Got Big Dreams - War3 Karakt3z
We Got Dreams - Assassins
We Just Don't Care - Jaak met Kattie
Welcome To The Crew - Lido met Chesso
Wessyd Eassyd - Marco Polo
Wet Dream - Nico Shevron
When The Pills Worked - Wim Kock
When You Come Back - Vusi Mahlesla
Who You Think You Are - Boss Mouse x Eftha Party x X2C
Wine Up - Danwill Music x I-Greezo x Nathan Mubs; I-Greezo x Danwill Music x Nathan Mubz
With My Boetie - Jonta The Flame
Would U Let Me In? - Somerfaan
Would You - King B HF

X Kon - Yaggie met Juic3

Yes Yes Y'all - Terror MC
You Ain't Sshhh - K-Nine Die Hond
You Alone - Iyatunez
You Shine - SGSAPV
Your Living In My Past Life - War3 Karakt3z

Zip Gun - Isaac Mutant & HemelBesemmet DJ Earl Scratch

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