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This is a list of songs, to show different versions, artists, writers and translations.

#1 Fan - JAKI$ OBAMA
2Cor3v18 - Jonta The Flame
2•GOLDEN DAWN•7 - Die Antwoord
2 Many - ZbeilC x NateDawg
3rd Wave - Imie Vanie Delf; Mr. BrEeZo
5 Star - Wim Kock
10 Cent Shuffle - Stadsboer
12 Bars - Lino x I Greezo
16 Barz & Up - Stigazz met Skaamteloos
16 June Cypher - Realiist Records met Various Artists
17 August 2021 - Don Mario
25th May - NateDawg
40 Bar Special - MC Cole
90 Degrees - Capital L
1812 Overture -

A Better Life - T.C.D.
A Coloured Bra Rapping - YoungstaCPT
A Man Like Me -
A Million Dreams -
A Players Prayer - DJ Pain
A Walk With Mel - Klein Fortuin x Melrock
Abundance - Jonta The Flame
Acapella Rap - Success x Jonta The Flame
Acceptance - Nino DirtyFresh
Actions Over Hashtags - Gabriel The Rapper
Activate - Jonta The Flame
Adrenalin - DIY met Ginesse & Sparky G; Locurl -
Adrenaline Rush - Helena Hettema; Terror MC
Afraid 2019 - Boeta B
Afrikaans Spoken Here - Cornelius Growweblaar
Afrikaans Won't Make Us Famous - Assassins Adouble
AfterLife Ink Tattoos - Dik Tollie
After Medication - Wim Kock
Afterlife - Jodas
Aint Nobody - King B
Aint Nothing But A Festive Party! - X2C x Eftha Party
Ain't Playing No More -
Aint The World Im Looking For - T.C.D.
Alive And Well - Jonta The Flame
Alive With You - Koedoe
All About Jesus - Jonta The Flame
All About That Bass -
All Bout U - Mr.Dmus
All Day & All Of The Night -
All Falls Down -
All Of My Amazing - Gabriel met Stay C & Cliffy D
All Rock 'n Roll - Kramer/Petersen
All The Love - Hennie Jacobs
All This Pain - War3 Karakt3z met Delicios
Almost Forever - Mr illest met Supa-Chuck; Papaill met Geraldo
Almost Happiness - Wim Kock
Amarillo By Morning - Riaan Benadé
(And) Then I Kissed Her -
Angel Sing - S-Man met Nokiyo
Animals - Berserkbra & Snacci
Anti-Social - Spook Asem
Anxiety - Teezy
Anyway (Ume Made) - GhettoProphet
Any Way You Want It -
ApOcaSpective - ApOclpz
Appreciate - MC Quin
Appreciate You - Rennie Boy - Appreciate You met Gabie G & Marvelous G
Appreciation - Juno B
Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Vrotpoot
Are You With Me -
Area Code - Mystique Crew met Jixlove
Ass - J-Bux
At The End Of The Day I Dreamed A Dream - Armand Aucamp, Bibi du Preez, Kevin Leo
Audacious - Zaan Sonnekus
Aunty Gaila! - Garro-G
Aurora Jive - Johnny Starr
Avoidance - Wanie
Aweh I Wear - Emile YX?
Awey Girl - Wanie met Sasso Vlet

B-Side - Lil Hano
Baba/=/=/Baby - James Mynhardt
Babi Muzik - illRow
Back 2 Back - Jevigo; MaWillies
Back In The Cape - Big B Forever met Mr Heinz CPT
Backseat -
Bad Luck - Biggy
Banana Boat (Dee O) -
BarCode - Skeptick ill
Bars (Intro) - Young Major
Battle Rapper - Spoggie
Beast In The East - Jimmy'G
Beat Killer - Krapie Die Don
Beautiful Trauma -
Bestie Bestie - Ian'Kid met Dubbel R
Beats - X_C_Xreece & Jaap Ploes
Big B - Hein_Rich
Big Booty Bitch - Angie Oeh met Van Pletzen
Black Friday @ The Mall - Rhythmix
Black Lives Matter - Rymyster
Blank Space - GaKkIe_BeAts
Bless My Soul - Sound Geek
Blinsided - Gabriel The Rapper met Sass'K
Blood On My Face - BeatleJuice x TinY
Blood On My Face 0.2 - BeatleJuice x TinY
Blow Up - Luda G
Boooogy Man - Jason Earl
Boom Bap - James Stewart
Boom Clap -
Booze Cruise - MarulaBoom
Bo$$ - HB
Bossing Up - Mønster
Bring It On - Gert Koevert
Bruised Ego - Gabriel
Bubble - Geenio Overload
Bud Light Blue - Ruhan du Toit
Bushi Trap - Ru Da Architect; Ru Da Architect met Apollo Don & Nico
Business Move - Pikkie Jones met Jamex
Butternut - Jethro Louw

Came Here For Love -
Can't Hurry Love -
Can't Stop The Feeling -
Cape Style Rap - Holy Gokez
Castle On The Hill -
Cautious - Cloudy
Check, One Two - Spoegwolf
Chips Baby - James Mynhardt
Chocolina Girl -
Chopper - Luda G met Peng!!
Cold Freestyle - Mr illestPapaill
Coloured Lives Matter - Xsthekilla met Lil Emo Gangster
Coming Along -
Controla - Ricardo Kid
Country Roads Take Me Home - Demi-Lee Moore
Couple Days - Gakez & Vlaktes
Creation Van Sound - Wolk Nege met Incorporated
Current State Of Affairs - HailO
Cryin On My Bed - Ma-I-Stro x Bracen Kayle met 2G
Curtley Craft - Pikkie Jones

DM's - Mr Heinz met Spiroh
Daddy's Night - Hilton
Dead Presidents - E-Jay CPT
Deep - KingBTheProducer
Delilah Delight -
Dialog - D-Muss met Jamo.B
Die Prequel - Die Bone
Different Girls - Noemwoord
Diamond In The Rough - Loufi x Early B
Diamond Sun -
Dirty 30'S - Dirk van der Westhuizen; RexBasse
Dirty Old Joe - Clive Fisher
Discrimination - Lakfit x Mark x Shaido
Don't Be Bis - ABCrae met D.A.M
Don't Know - Lino
Don't Matter Now -
Don't Rain On My Parade - Corlea Botha
Don't You Remember - Karlien van Jaarsveld
Dont Kaal Me - Klein Fortuin
Dope Boy - Queenah met Queen Pin
Double Cup - Sound Geek met Is Weste & Reality Check
D0uble D Rule - Kimpatjighost
Down & Doubt - Sasso Vlet
Downfall - D Man met Kxng Vark; Rhyme-Ghost
Dreadlock Duppy - Rimestein
Drip Juice - Ricardo Kid
Drive In - Andries Vermeulen
Driving On The N2 With Ghosts In My Car - The Buckfever Underground

EDM - Die Bone
Easy Lover -
Easy On Me - V.I.T.O x DJ-TOY
Eazy Target - Young Mielou met GrieWelik
Echo From The Mountains - Sanet Lambrechts
Elephant Love - Monique Steyn, Corlea, Tarryn Lamb & Swing City met Jannie Moolman
Elephant Man -Bracen Kayle; William Welfare
Empower The Women - Alie De Jong
Entertain - Emrico & Sheray
Every Rose Has It's Thorn -
Eye Trigger - Vlam Ruim

Flammable - Matoepa

GBV (Gender-Based-Violence) - Jakklong
Gemini Jones - Getuies
Generation - ET
Get Enough - Marco Polo
Getdown (Underground) - DIY & Breimasjien
Getting It Clean - Jah Uzzi
Getting Late - Meneer Cee
Ghetto Blues - Clair Note x WiseWords03
Ghetto Wave - Matt Levai
Gimme That Beat - Da V.G
Girls Like You - Krone
Giver Of Hope - Sanet Lambrechts
GlistGang - Domie met Mr illest
Go To The Back - Assassins
GoodTime - High Grade Boyz
Goofy - Wanie met Jay Kay The Rapper
Goosebumps - Jakes met King Marky-G
Groundbreaker - Terror MC
Gucci Music - The Twinz

Had A Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy) -
Happier -
Happy Socks - Khoisan Plasterz
He's Got You - Stephan Visagie
He's A Pirate -
Heart Cold Winter - Libo-G
Herbalizer - Jitsvinger
Hey Brown Child - Danny Ross
Hi High Grade - Kimpatjighost
High Grade Boy - Mr illest; Papaill
High Vibes - Wolk Nege met KeV
Hip Hop Definition - SMP
Hiphop Minded - Weerblitz
HipHop Watchmen - JCB Sparta x G The Rapper x Juno B
Hoe's - Matthew Joyner x Capitol F
Hold Back The River -
Home To Mama - Jannie Moolman & Patrizio Buanne
Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-holiday - Kurt Darren
Hope And Faith - War3 Karakt3z
Hot 'n Cold -
Hustle 'n Christ - Zion

I'm A Boet - Biggy met Loufi
I'm A Khoi Son - Assassins
I'm From The West - Breezy met Young RJ
I'm Not A Ballie, I'm A Baller - Van Pletzen & The Kiffness met Kwesta
I'm On It - Mr. H
I'm Through With Drinking - Archie Pelago; Gary Herselman
I Can't Help Falling In Love With You - Janie Bay / (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You -
I Can Not Get You Out Of Mind - Boeta-B
I Dont Know - LYKSEN
I Dont Wanne Know - DJ Gakkie x Tremaine
I Don't Wanna Be Without You - Hanz Unonji met RooiVieter & Don Shazi
I Dream Of A World At Peace With Itself - Willemien & Abel Pienaar
I Feel - Gabriel
I Got What You Want - Da V.G
I've Got Rhythm - Charl du Plessis, Boki & Corlea
I Keep On Burning -
I Luv Music - War3 Karakt3z
I Then Wysed You - Olla The Ou
I Took A Pill In Ibiza -
I Want You Dead - Mr. Sane
I Was Born Intelligent - Rotas The Rapper
I Will Always Remember Us This Way - Karlien van Jaarsveld
I Wonder If She's Human - Emile Kepeal
Icon Freestyle - Juno B
Iconic Freestyle - Juno B
If I Ever Saw Heaven - Jo Black met Roan Ash; Roan Ash
If You'Re Not The One -
Illest Raps - P.V.S.I.
Im Good Freestyle - Gakes x Joey-Mike x Ello B
Images - Gakes x Klein Fortuin x Holy Gokez
Impacable Ignorance - Geenio Overload
Imperfection - MajorWo3ns
Impress - Da V.G
In Dubai - Doukis met Jakis Obama
In My Blood -
In My Phone - S-Man
In My Shoes - King B HF
In Space - Mr illest; Papaill
Inbox - Mc B x DeeKay x UncleGee
Indie Takeover - Rogue State Alliance (Black Tiger, Jitsvinger, Robbe, Aman, Baze, Dimitri, Mr. Dmus, Perspektif, Gaston, Pan)
Indoctrenation - Terror MC
Inner Captain - VaalTaki
Insane - Jay Kay The Rapper
Insurance - Gakes
Intimacy - Gilo met Roda Tabakan
Intro (The Simple Fact Of Life) - Mjoyner
Introduction Into - 2 Easy & Major Wo3ns
Irridium - Blackstar Da Viper
Is Festive - Boeta-B
Iss'e Celebration - Pikkie Jones met Cee-J
It Ain't Ova - Young
It's Eazy - DJ Eazy met Jerome Rex
It's Gonna Hurt - Da V.G
It's On Me - Jonta The Flame
Its Okay - Duka met T.C.D.
Itsa Vibe Hello December - Tez Songs met Maam, Ace McKlein & Voete Jik

JJM - ABCrae
Jägerbombs - Armand Hofmeyr
Jah Love - Iyatunez met Anny B
Jam - KD
Jeremiah 17:5 - Rhymesick
Jesus Juice - Young Zion
Jet Airliner -
Jigga Baby - Rezo Real
Jiggy Jiggy - Teezy
Jiving & Dying - Radio Rats
Johny And The Monkey -
Joy Of Life - Joy, Taz (TAFS), Crosby, Jitsvinger & Black Tiger
Juggernaut - JAKI$ OBAMA
Jumanji - Padda met Skarrel & Plane D
Jus'1 2Blow - X2C - Jus'1 2Blow met Mouse
Just A Little Bit More -
Just Be Lekker -YoungstaCPT; Zeta Taylor
Just Like Fire -

Kallit Heaven - Zaahied Wood
Kallit Mentality - Klein Fortuin
"Kama" Gazi'$ - G3
Kasi Love - C4 x 5 Star
Keep Calm - Young Zoo x Good Stuff x PLB x Lino
Keep Going - Jonta The Flame
Keep It Here - 2J Harmonix met Cream Machine & Yoma
Keep It Real - KG x BG
Keep The Ouens Close - ABCrae met M.R.I Mantra
Keep Trying - Mr. Illest met Geo & TonySwag
Keep Up - Mr. DIY
Kill 'n Beat - Hein Rich
Kill It - KxngJunior met Dagga-G
King - Maintain Music
King Of Time - Johnny Clegg
King Of Pride Rock -
King Sh!t - LiNo
King With No Crown - King Burger
Kings Highway - Jah Uzzi
Kla Koh Found - I-Greezo met Rones & Danwill Music
Kullid In Technicolor (Part 1) - Ronald Dyers met Choki
Kullid In Technicolor (Part 3) - Ronald Dyers met Choki
Kullit Flowz - Stuwi W x Cream Machine
Kullit Lives - Headboy97

LMFAO (Party Rock Anthem) - Krone
LOL - Noemwoord
L.O.V.E - Yung K met Lil D & Boza Bozz
Lala -
Lavis Drive By? - Mr Heinz
Lavish In The Vovosh - Nate Kanine
Legal - Bliksemstraal, Moenier Adams
Lemon Pepper - Ello-Jay
Letter To My Exes - Cloudy
Lift Jet Board - Man Van Skedel
Like - SuperG
Line After Line - Rhythmix met Marshall Tromp
Lit - Rhythmix
Location - Young Zion
Lockdown Poem - Clair Note
Locked Away -
Lonely Together -
Long Long Way To Go - Werner Beukes
Love & Emotions - Lakfit & Mark
Love Me Like You Do -
Love Sensation -
Love Song For My Haters - Gabriel met Miss Deedi
Loved - Sanet Lambrechts
Low Key - Jevigo; Sound Geek met Rapido x E.C.J
Lucifer - Madkiller
LUV - Ian'Kid met Dubbel.R

M.I.A -
Make This Night About You - Queen G met GoKu
Malibu -
Mandela Freestyle - Wanie
Mansion - Wanie met Pee Jay
Marathon - Ello-G
Marie, Marie -
Marvin Gaye - Krone
McSandilands - Neil Sandilands
Med-Lemon Pepper - illRow
Memories For Keeps - KD
Mental Struggles - Pikkie Jones
Middle Finger - Jah Uzzi
Minute - ABCrae met OutCast
Mr. Delivery - Hanru Niemand
Mrs Abrahams - Noemwoord
Mixed Gqom - Klein Fortuin
Mixed Signals - Jevigo & Hilton
Mo Fire - Rush
Move Like Jagger -
Murder - Mr illest
Music Is Healthy - Gakez & Vlaktes
Music Was My First Love -
My Beautiful - Jedi Knight met Jerome Rex
My Soul's Got My Back - Young
My Style - Da V.G met Eogie-G

NTL - Da V.G
Never That - Jonta The Flame
Neverloos - Neil Maf x KimpatjiGhost
New R I P - Locurl
New Style - Gazza; Geenio Overload
New Year - Geenio Overload
Nice To You - Sanet Lambrechts
Ninja Turtles - Mr Heinz met Ricky Vani Front
No Brainer -
No Hit Wonder - Stephan Visagie
No Hook - StigoVibe
No Love Ona Monday - Grillz x Mr. Illest
No Money, No Friends - War3 Karakt3z
No More Games - Heinie-G met Shaan Rivers
Not Enough - Wolk Nege

Obviously - Young Stunnaz
Oh My Oh My - Jah Link
On My Phone - Gakez
One Call Away -
Online Lover - Gabriel met Benziod
Open-Space - Yolande Strauss
Original Original - Rashid Kamalie
Our New Everything - Rinél
Overcome - Francois de Beer; Locurl

PFTY (Pray For The Youth) - Gellyblik
Painfull - Da V.G
Paradise By The Dashboard Light -
Paradise City -
Parallel Line -
Party Tonight -
Phases - Da V.G met Lino
Pillowtalk -
Plans - CraiigO
Poetry - Ashton Wheeler; Ill-Literate Skill - Driemanskap - Earth Beats; Selanvor A. Platjies
Poison Pill - War3 Karakt3z
Postcards From Paradise - Gazelle
Potch Girl - 444Jakes
Praise To Jah -
Prank - Kaliber
Provincial Snake Jazz - Vlooi Visagie & Die Vaal Polony's
Puff Pass - Geo met Grillz
Pull Up (The Sequel) - Cash Kido

Qqom Anthem - DJ Gakkie x Henzay x Soundgeek
Queen Pin - Charin Schuller
Queenie -
Question Marks - Wayne Enormous met Various Artists

R.E.A.L. - Jedi Knight met DJ Hearin Aid
Rap Meditation - Die Bone met Respek X
Rare Steak - Cream Machine
Rasdien's Choir - Kramer/Petersen
Reality Hip-Hop - Bix-C & Isaac Mutant
Redroom - Ricardo Kid
Remain - Vlaktes
Retro Vibes - Lil Jayy X x M4RSHLL
Rewind Back Into Time - Mr.Dmus
Rhapsody In Blue - Charl du Plessis
Rich Love -
Ringtone - Jah Uzzi met Young Taylor
Roar -
Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) -
Roll With The BigBoys - War3 Karakt3z
Rotation - Kayo x Lyric x KMG
Run Away With Me -
Run It! - Mr illest
Run It Up - MasterMind met Jah Link & Doodvenootskap; Mr Heinz CPT
Runnin' (Lose It All) - Anton Botha

Safe Haven - Colleen & Joey-Mike Miste Mike
Safe Place - RJay
Saga Continues - Terror MC
St. Albans - RJay met LiL LK
St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) - Joseph Clark
Said What I Said - ABCrae
Salutas - Capitol F
Samanthas Song - Yolande Strauss
Sauce - Breedy E
SaveSA (Stop Looting) - Noemwoord
Say Say Say (Waiting For U) -
Selfmade - King Marky-G met KAYO
Send My Love -
Sex Me Up -
Sexy, Gorgeous, Perfect - Flexi
Shackles - Rhythmix met Spirit Filled Sisters & Cliffy D
Shake 'Em Off - Jay Kay The Rapper
Shake It Off - Krone
Sharp Dressed Man -
She Doesn't Even Know (I Love Her) - Boeta-B
She Is My Princess - Boeta-B
She Used To Be Mine - Eva Morgan
Shit Happens - Boet CoRRa
(Shoop Shoop) It's In His Kiss -
Shoot The Runner -
Shooting Stars - Leandi
Shotta Flow Remix - RoNeS
Shoutout - Henru
Shut Up And Dance - Die Campbells; Emma Ellis / Shut Up & Dance -
Sick Of It All - DJ DNA met Jack Parow
Sickening - Grant van Rooyen
Signs - Loggy.B
Silent Night, Holy Night - Willie Joubert
Sing Me A Rainbow - Stephan Visagie
Sing Me To Sleep -
Sister Bettina 2.0 - Meneer Cee x Dream Killaz; Meneer Cee x Shay Moc x Prettyboi Jimmy
Skywalker - T.C.D.
Slice Me Nice '98 -
Slip & Slide - Kimpatjighost
Smile Keeper - R.K.P
Social Sunday - RJay & LK
SoLo - BailoMusiq
Someone Stole My Toothbrush - Assassins
Something Diffrent - Rhythmix
Sorry Elephants - Jitsvinger
Soulmate - DJ Gakkie x Holy Gokez
Special - Tauriq met Jembo
Speedtrap - Rhythmix met Juno B
Spoils Of The City - Black Tiger, Jitsvinger & EJ von Lyrik
Spread Your Wings - Louis A
Stack Beats - MAJOR WO3NS & Locurl
Stacks - Nba Ricardo
Statement - Flexxbaby; Major Woens
Stay Calm - Jedi Knight x Garth Soul
Stay@Home - T.C.D.
Steal My Girl -
Stick Up - Mr.Dmus
Stick With Me - Stephantasties
Still Falling For You -
Stomp -
Stonerz - Geo & KIMpatji
Straight Barz - Stigaz Vani Baai
Straight From Aroab - HB
Straight Talks - Kabo_Take(Off) & Mr-f-iLL
Strive To Succeed - Lil Jay
Study Your Body - Afrikaans Ruk
Suicidal Pt 2 - Young met Lionie B
Sumemr Nights - Jonathan Roxmouth, Demi Lee Moore, Corlea, Monique Steyn, Tarryn Lamb, Kevin Leo, Boki & Ruhan du Toit
Sundaze - Ruhan du Toit
Super Fly - Clair Note x Juno B
Super Freak -
SuperObama UGR - SuperG & Jaki$ Obama
Survival Of The Fittest -
Survive - Teezy
Swan Lake -
Sweettalk - Gabriel

#Tag - Jah Uzzi
Take Me Home Country Road - Riana Nel; Ricus Nel; Steve Hofmeyr
Talk Is Cheap - Mr Heinz x Illrow x Kashcpt
Taste - Maintain Music
Taxi Banger - Lucan Alexander
Tell Me What's The Difference - Jay Em met Mr illest
That's Amore - Buddy Vaughn; Patrizio Buanne, Jannie Moolman, Joseph Clark & Kevin Leo
That's How It Goes - Gemini Ellipsis met Jah Uzzi & Young Taylor
That's My Goal -
The Battle Rages On -
The Bonteheuwel Peace Anthem... - Nadeem Parker met Die Nuwe Groove Station
The Circle Of Life -
The Days -
The Drinking Song - Kevin Leo, Jannie Moolman, Joseph Clark & Ruhan du Toit
The Edge Of Glory - Nicky de Kock
The Goodd, The Badd The Uglyy - DC x Gakez x Mr DIY
The Little Drummer Boy - Diensvakskoolorkes; Gert Potgieter; Rocco de Villiers; The Günter Kallman Choir
The Longest Time -
The Lord Of The Dance - Eclips; Tygerberg Kinderkoor
The Money Chase - Jevigo
The Nights -
The Phantom Of The Opera - Corlea & Joseph Clark
The Phantom Of The Opera Overture -
The Puppet - Man Van Naam
The Puppet Man -
The Star's MC - Kramer/Petersen
The Way You Feel - Urban SwartPoetry
The World In Union - Krone; Rocco de Villiers
The Worst - Tauriq
Therapy - Sound Geek x Teezy x Da V.G
There Was Jesus - Demi Lee Moore & Riaan Benadé
Think About The Way -
Think About You -
This Is How We Do - Mr illest met Claude
Thoughts - Da V.G
Thunder -
Titan's Mixtape - LK Maric 7785 & JCB Sparta
Toccata And Fugue In D Minor -Corlea & Jannie Moolman; Mike Hankinson
Toes - Ray Dylan
Too Many Dreadlocks - League Of Shadows
Toodles -
Top Dawg Freestyle - The Kulture
Top Dog - Rhythmix met Juno B
Torches -
Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Anke; Elzabi; Jeandri; Mika; Nicholis Louw
Toxicity - ABCrae
Traped - Mr illest met King B
Traveling Man - Terror MC
Treat You Better -
Trenche$ Babie$ - JeyoThe1st, DaFou & Eogie G
Trendsetter - Rhythmix
Trust Nobody - KL31N B03T x Yxng Bliing
Truthful - Wanie met Die Bone
Try -
Tsunami - YOMA
Tuff Love - Joey-Mike met Jada-Mike
Turkish Delight - Cash Kido
Two New Ones - Pieter Booysen

UFO - Kaliber
Ultimate Rhyme - Ma-G
Unbound - DUCK
Unbound 2015 - DUCK
Undec?ded - M.C Noedy met Fabian
Under Cover - Atie-G
UnderRated - Heinie G
Uncomfortable - Nba Ricardo
Unfollow Me - Die Naaimasjiene
United Anthem - Gakkie x DJ Dixon Sea Point
Unity Is Strength - Iyatunez
Unity Song - Earl & Agemi met True Sight
Unspoken Feelings - Aymore x Britney x KD
Until We Meet Again - Sky V Beats
Upside Down (Pretoria) - Boet Corra
Uptown Funk -
Ups An Downs - Jah Uzzi
Upstairs - Blok7646 met Niko7
Upstand -Earl & Agemi; Skurminkel

Ventura Highway -
VenusWorld - King B HF
Vibes++ - Epidemi
Vibez (Nke) - J Untame
Viby - Mark met Skaamteloos & Lakfit
Victorious - VossieMuzix SA met Raymo'G
Vincent (Starry Starry Night) -
Violence - Gakez x Blok7646 x Static Twist
Viper MMA - Breedy E
Viral - Gakes; Jah Uzzi
Vlux - Vlaktes
Vocal Vibe - Aymore x Urban Boland x KD
Voodoo Doll - Wonderboom
Vroom Vroom - Headboy97

Wages Day -
Walk In The Woods - Pyro met Jitsvinger & Crosby
Walking Away - Zaan Sonnekus
War Cry - Capital'L; E-JayCPT met KRO-Barz
War Zone - Locurl / Warzone - Locurl
Warning Shot - JCB Sparta; Locurl
Warning! - King B
Wasted Times - Tauriq met Keesha
Watch x Pray - Jonta The Flame
Way Too Busy - SGSAPV met Juno B
Way Up - Rapder
We All The Way Up - C4 x 5 Star
We're Alright - Pikkie Jones met Clarissa Aretha
We Don't Even Fok With Yu... - D.F.O.D
We Got Big Dreams - War3 Karakt3z
We Got Dreams - Assassins
We Just Don't Care - Jaak met Kattie
We Love This Place - TKZee; TKZee met Gwyza
Welcome 2 Jozi - Versage
Welcome To The Crew - Lido met Chesso
Wessyd Eassyd - Marco Polo
Wet Dream - Nico Shevron
Wet Dreams - Mario Blunt
Weza Boyz - Gabriel
What A Girl Needs - Joey-Mike
What Do You Feel - Urban Swart
What Faith Can Do -
What If I Told You That I Love You - Wanie
What You Wanna Do - Assassins
When The Pills Worked - Wim Kock
When You Come Back - Vusi Mahlesla
Where Do I Belong? - Marcia Moon
Where Peaceful Waters Flow -
Who Takes The Fall - UH Bompie HC
Who You Think You Are - Boss Mouse x Eftha Party x X2C
Wholesale Emporium - Brixton Moord & Roof Orkes
Why (No Limit) -
Wicked Minded - Coloured Tough Bastards™
Willie Ovekill - Kaliber
Wine Up - Danwill Music x I-Greezo x Nathan Mubs; I-Greezo x Danwill Music x Nathan Mubz
Wing Chung Karatie Flow 2021 - Boeta''B"
Winners Mentality - ABCrae met Avolution
Winter Whine - Geenio Overload
Wisdom - Marcelino
With All My Heart - Amira Willighagen; Romanz
With My Boetie - Jonta The Flame
Wolves -
Word, Sound & Power - Mr.Dmus
Work From Home -
World Cup Dreams - Young Zion met Xani
Would U Let Me In? - Somerfaan
Would You - King B HF

X Kon - Yaggie met Juic3

Ya Me - Die Don Ash x Alie De Jong x Kirky G x Soundgeek
Yes Yes Y'all - Terror MC
You Ain't Sshhh - K-Nine Die Hond
You Alone - Iyatunez
You Are My Baby - JCB Sparta x DJ Pipers x Oneworld
You Can't Wys Me - Ty
You Cant Hide - Terror MC
You Know My MotherFucken Name - Dik Tollie
You Shine - SGSAPV
Young, Dumb & Broke -
Youngzion - X_C_Xreece met Young Zion
Your Living In My Past Life - War3 Karakt3z

Zip Gun - Isaac Mutant & HemelBesem met DJ Earl Scratch

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