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Springbok Top Twenty - Volume 2
2LP kompilasie ............. DJR 23/24 1976 DISC JOCKEY
Side I:
1. Darlingvetseun
2. I'll Return
3. That's The Way I Like It
4. I'll Take You Where Music's Playing
5. Gimme Some
Side II:
1. Don't Play Your Rock 'n Roll To Me
2. Lady Bump
3. Drive Safely Darling
4. Let Me Into Your Life
5. You Set My Heart On Fire
Side III:
1. Who Loves You
2. Skybird
3. Fly Robin Fly
4. Jody Remembers Me
5. Mama Mia
Side IV:
1. Shoes
2. Love Hurts
3. Twinkle Toes
4. House Of Exile
5. Lay Lay

Roy Bulkin, one of South Africa's top singers, has " joined Disc Jockey as Product Manager.
Roy has been heard on numerous records as he is the country's main session singer and is also an established solo artist through his hit "Twinkle Toes" and TV appearances.
He is one of the few local artists to have had a hit in both oflicial languages, his biggest success in Afrikaans being "My Klein Witte Duifie".

Produced by Robert Schröder

Springbok Top Twenty
2LP kompilasie .... DJR 19/DJR 20 1975 DISC JOCKEY

Springbok Top 20
2LP kompilasie ................ DJR 9/10 1975 DISC JOCKEY
Side 1:
1. Paloma Blanca
2. Please Stay
3. Swing Your Daddy
4. Misty
5. The Hustle
6. Fox On The Run
Side 2:
1. Stand By Me
2. Another Love To Come
3. Listen To What The Man Said
4. Stand By Your Man
5. Tears On My Pillow
6. Baby Love Affair
Side 3:
1. Hurt So Good
2. Ek Verlang Na Jou
3. Kiss Me Kiss Your Baby
4. She's My Woman
5. Don't Be Cruel
6. The Look In Your Eyes
Side 4:
1. Love Will Keep Us Together
2. A Picture Of Patches
3. El Bimbo
4. You Are My Best Friend
5. Before The Next Teardrop Falls
6. Hey You

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