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South African Rock, Pop & Dance Vol. 1
kompilasie ................... REBEL002 2010 REBEL RECORDS
1. Unless I'm Leaving - Thieve
2. Heartbreak Street - Jesse Clegg
3. In My Eyes - Zebra & Giraffe
4. Under A Falling Sky - CrashCarBurn
5. Against All Odds - aKING
6. Big Mouth - Karen Zoid
7. Dearheart - Dear Reader
8. In B Flat - Beatenberg
9. Lakeside - Blk Jks
10. 6 Second Poison - Locnville
11. Should We Fight Back? - The Parlotones
12. Mpitse - HHP
13. Cigarettes & Cinnamon - Jax Panik
14. She Did Me In - Gazelle
15. Star - Flash Republic
16. In Silence - New Holland

With SA Rock, Pop & Dance Vol. 1, Rebel Records releases the third album in its SA Series of power-packed music compilations, aimed to not only offer South African music enthusiasts a fantastic, value-for-money product and awesome listening experience, but also giving deserving local artists and their music the commercial exposure it deserves.
SA Rock, Pop & Dance Vol. 1 features established local artists such as Karen Zoid (Big Mouth) and Jesse Clegg (Heartbreak Street), radio hit makers Jax Panik (Cigarettes & Cinnamon) and Zebra & Giraffe (In My Eyes) and the Flash Republic/Foto Na Dans chart-topping hit collaboration Afrikaans, as well as newcomers such as Beatenberg and Locnville who may not have been around for that long, but certainly deserve their inclusion on this showcase of the finest rock, pop and dance music South Africa has to offer. Other artists on the compilation include 2010 SAMA nominees New Holland, exciting newcomers Thieve and genre-bending international breakthrough act Blk Jks.
SA Rock, Pop & Dance Vol. 1 offers local music supporters an excellent, carefully-compiled hit-after-hit compilation of the finest rock, pop and dance South Africa has to offer.

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