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South African Acoustic - Vol. 1
kompilasie .................... REBEL001 2010 REBEL RECORDS/SELECT
1. Today - Jesse Clegg
2. Freedom - New Holland
3. Safe As Houses - aKING
4. Small Room - Karen Zoid
5. I'll Be There - The Parlotones
6. She Always Gets What She Wants - Prime Circle
7. Great White Bear - Dear Reader
8. Lost In Translation - Beatenberg
9. Heartbeat - Ashtray Electric
10. Orphans - Wrestlerish
11. Devil Do - Pretty Blue Guns
12. Mozambique - Jack Hammer
13. Algehele Kontrole - Van Coke Kartel
14. Die Mense Hier - Dans Dans Lisa
15. Tiny Town - Fokofpolisiekar

South African Acoustic Volume 1 sees top local acts aKING, Prime Circle, New Holland, Ashtray Electric, The Parlotonesand many more showing their mellower side on this album consisting of 15 easy-listening, acoustic tracks. Alongside established artists like Karen Zoid and Jack Hammer, listeners will find undiscovered gems in bands like the brilliant Beatenberg and band-of-the-moment newcomers Wrestlerish, while hell-raising rockers Fokofpolisiekar show a gentler side with their track Tiny Town.
South African Acoustic Volume 1 - the second album in Rebel Records' SA Series promises to be yet another fantastic, value-for-money musical offering, perfect for chilled afternoons by the pool, contemplating life on the open road or whenever it is time to turn the volume down a notch.

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