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2020 08 09, 10 - #OppiKoppiWeekender Livestream: Bittereinder, Bubbles, DJ Bob, Femi Koya, Focalistic, Hellcats, Jacques Moolman, Kenzhero, Luma, Stogie T, Urban Village, R140, OK2020WKNDERFULL - - Urban Sessions

2016 08 05-08 - Oppikoppi - For The Lovely Young Taken To The Unsea: Tidal Waves - Windhoek Lager - Jose Guervo - MTV - Chevrolet - Hilltop Live - Red Bull

Oppikoppi 2013 - Bewilderbeast
2CD kompilasie ................................ 2013
Robert Delong; Bittereinder; ISO; Die Heuwels Fantasties; Fokofpolisiekar; Shadowclub; Gangs Of Ballet; Yellowcard; Pascal & Pearce; Arno Carstens; Matthew Mole; Jeremy Loops


2012 - OppiKoppi -

2010 08 06-08 - OppiKoppi - Bushveld Rock Ballet Trago Comedy: Sexy.Crooked.Teeth.
The theme for the 2010 festival edition of the, now reasonably world famous, OppiKoppi bushveld festival, was inspired by a Lucinda Williams / Willie Nelson song -"Overtime" and just about sums up OppiKoppi in three words. (That is if you had to pick three words quickly at knife point, somewhere late at night) (Save of course daring, willing and ready - but there is time for a festival like that).Thing is: for a few days each year it is a way of life and a chaotic search for new friends, old friends, tunes, beers and anything faintly resembling short term memory for more people than we know what to do with. Or without. But usually it is also full of surprises (mostly dusty), collaborations, killer tunes, more and more art and just a few completely unexpected, but expected jabs of straight forward hedonism. I.E.: Just what the doctor ordered in a wonderful but crazy and way-to- serious-for-its-own-good country such as South Africa. Or at least that is what people have told us. We just play the tunes.
And it is very much our intention to put up the sound and most of the lights (after last year's incident), fire up the generators, and the tunes, let go with the smoke and trickery and then sound the horns to invite our inner and outer most circle of friends.( Wide and honest as they and us believe themselves to be). The festival may have been running for 16 years, but there is no time like now to dive into 3.5 days worth of music and camping mayhem. Who knows: maybe you come out the other side almost the same person you were before? What can possibly go wrong? - facebook

Oppikoppi 2009 - Smoorverlief
2CD kompilasie ......... SSPCD 109 2009 SHEER
Disk 1:
1. Antibiotika - Fokofpolisiekar
2. In My Eyes - Zebra & Giraffe
3. Rolling Like Thunder - The Dirty Skirts
4. Next Time - The Arrows
5. Chant Down Fear - Kwani Experience
6. Brake - Melissa McClelland
7. Smoorverlief - Riku Lätti
8. Heroes - CrashCarBurn
9. Untie Yourself - Taxi Violence
10. Vinger Alleen - Die Heuwels Fantasties
11. Gotham City - Kidofdoom
12. Three O'Clock - Laurie Levine
13. Television - Albert Frost
Disk 2:
1. Social Simulator - Bed On Bricks
2. I Believe - aKING
3. Quite Overstared - Ashtray Electric
4. Fairy Tales - 340ml
5. Natuurlik Verlig - Foto Na Dans
6. Once I Was A Lady - Lucky Fonz III
7. Haunting An Empty House - Wrestlerish
8. Rapolotiki - Tidal Waves
9. Deja Vu - Farryl Purkiss
10. Beacon On The Southpaw - Luke Doucet
11. Mama's Gonna Sort You Out - Karen Zoid
12. Wat Het Van Ons Geword? - Van Coke Kartel


2008 08 07-09 - Oppikoppi - Wildcard

2008 04 25-29 - Oppikoppi: "Vmmijdkwmkah,oid'napmwemp?" Not Quite Easter Festival,
The Slickers, Havoc Vultures, Trike, Die Straatligkinders, Cassette, Sarah Bettens (BE), (Stealing) Love Jones, Albert Frost & Myburgh, Sovereign Academy featuring: DJ Sassquatch, The Black Cat Bones, Janice & The Halfjacks, Cortina Whiplash, Calling Kingston, L.A. Cobra, Holly & The Woods, Bacchus Nel en die Westdene Drie, Isochronous, éF-éL, Kidofdoom, Henry Ate, Van Coke Kartel, Evolver, Sovereign Academy featuring:, DJ Data Takashi, Voodoo Child, UJU, Steadyrock!, Plank, Buckfever Underground, Lucky Fonz III (NL), Harris Tweed, HiKaToRi, 7th Son, Foto Na Dans, Tidal Waves, aKING, DJ Bob

2007 09 - Tidal Waves Cape Town CD LAUNCH Tour - Rocking The Daisies - Oppikoppi - PUNKSKELM PLATE
2007 09 27 - Tidal Waves, Bed On Bricks, Roots, Obz (Cool Runnings)
2007 09 28 - Tidal Waves, Rocking The Daisies
2007 09 28 - Tidal WavesAll Star Funk Four, Mercury Live

2007 09 24 - Country Piekniek: Billy Forrest, Tommy Oliver, Lance James, Barbara Ray, Bobby Angel, Clive Bruce, Tommy Dell, Jody Wayne, Die Rodeo Girls, Ken Mullan, Fanie du Toit-Sportterrein, 17:00, R45
2007 09 29 - OppiAarde: Karen Zoid, MaxNormal.TV, Springbok Nude Girls, The Parlotones, Bed On Bricks, Love Jones, Fokofpolisiekar, Foto Na Dans, Japan And I, Fanie du Toit Sportterrein, R100

2007 08 09-11 - Oppikoppi: The Way of The Dassie, Northam
340ml, Andrew the DJ, Andries Bezuidenhout, An'gel, Architecture Of Aggression, Bacchus Nel, Bed On Bricks, Bloodline Ltd, Blunted Stuntman, Boulevard Blues, Cannonball Press Art Installation, Chris Chameleon, Closet Snare, Cooper (NL), Dagga Davis, Desmond & The Tutu's, Dex & Strings 'n Skins, The Dirty Skirts, DJ Afro Whitie, DJ Bob, DJ Fred K U (UK), DJ Kenzhero, DJ T, Dorp, Dr. Moody (UK), Fokofpolisiekar, Foto Na Dans, Groove Armada, Harris Tweed, HHP, Japan And I, Jimmy Eat World, Josie Field, Karen Zoid, Kid Fonque, Kidofdoom, Koos Kombuis en first national band, Kwani Experience, Language 12, Lark, Love Jones, LUNA, Max Normal, Ménage à Trois, The Monkey Sluts, New Academics, Nibs van der Spuy & Guy Buttery, Prime Circle, Push and Shove, The Rudimentals, SciCoustic Unplugged, Selaelo Selota, Simba met the Rocats (Moz), Somerfaan, Stanton Warriors, Strings 'n Skins, Sweat X, Tasha Baxter, The Loose Cannons (dj set), The Parlotones, The Wedding DJs, Tidal Waves, Tumi Molekane, Unit R, Unsound System, Valiant, Ollie en die Mystic Boereorkes, Violent Femmes, Youngblood Brass Band, Zubz, Zulu boy

2007 08 09 - Oppikoppi: Way of the Dassie
Groove Armada, Jimmy Eat World, Violent Femmes, Youngblood Brass Band, The Loose Cannons, Stanton Warriors, MaxNormal.TV, The Parlotones, Love Jones, Fokopolisiekar, Dorp, HHP
2007 08 10 - Johannesburg: Groove Armada, Jimmy Eat World, Violent Femmes, Youngblood Brass Band, The Loose Cannons, Stanton Warriors, MaxNormal.TV, The Parlotones, Love Jones, Fokopolisiekar, Dorp, Gang Of Instrumentals, HHP, Roger Goode
2007 08 11 - Kaapstad: Groove Armada, Jimmy Eat World, Violent Femmes, Youngblood Brass Band, The Loose Cannons, Stanton Warriors, MaxNormal.TV, The Parlotones, Love Jones, Fokopolisiekar

2007 08 09 - Oppikoppi: The Way of The Dassie: Albert de Wet, Andries Bezuidenhout, Bloodmoney, Blunted Stuntman, Closet Snare, Dagga Davis, DJ Kenzhero, Dorp, Fokofpolisiekar, Fred KU, Groove Armada, Jimmy Eat World, Josie Field, Kwani Experience unplugged, Lark, Love Jones, Luna, Max Normal TV, New Academics, Stanton Warriors, Sweat X, The Loose Cannons (dj set), The Parlotones, The Wedding DJs, Unit R, Violent Femmes, Youngblood Brass Band
2007 08 10 - Oppikoppi: The Way of The Dassie: Afro Whitie, Architecture Of Aggression, The Black Hotels, Bloodline Ltd., Blunted Stuntman, Boulevard Blues Band, Chris Chameleon, c-Mon & Kipsky (NL), Dex & Strings 'n Skins, The Dirty Skirts, DJ T!, Dr. Moody (UK), Harris Tweed Unplugged, Japan And I, Justin Taylor, Kidofdoom, Koos Kombuis en die First national band, Lira, Ménage à Trois, Monkey Sluts, Paul Riekert & Anton L'Amour, Prime Circle, Push and Shove, Rory Elliot and the Reason, Sasha Sonnbichler and Paul Hanmer, Simba met The Rocats (Moz), Somerfaan, Tasha Baxter, Unsound System
2007 08 11 - Oppikoppi: The Way of The Dassie: 340ml, 7th Son, An'gel, Bacchus Nel, Bed On Bricks, Cooper (NL), Desmond and The Tutus, DJ Kenzhero, DJ T! & Dagga davis, Foto Na Dans, HHP, Jack Hammer unplugged, Jitsvinger, Karen Zoid, Kid Fonque, Kwani Experience, Language 12, Nibs van der Spuy & Guy Buttery, SciCoustic Unplugged, Selaelo Selota, Strings 'n Skins, The Rudimentals, Tidal Waves, Tumi, Valiant Swart, Ollie Viljoen en die Mystic Boere Orkes, Zubz, Zuluboy
Ons was daar ...

2007 08 09-11 - Oppikoppi/Johannesburg/Kaapstad: Ampli5FM
2007 08 09 - Oppikoppi: Groove Armada, Jimmy Eat World,Violent Femmes, Youngblood Brass Band, The Loose Cannons, Stanton Warriors, MaxNormal.TV, The Parlotones, Love Jones, Fokopolisiekar, Dorp, HHP
2007 08 10 - Johannesburg: Groove Armada, Jimmy Eat World, Violent Femmes, Youngblood Brass Band, The Loose Cannons, Stanton Warriors, MaxNormal.TV, The Parlotones, Love Jones, Fokopolisiekar, Dorp, Gang Of Instrumentals, HHP, Roger Goode
2007 08 11 - Kaapstad: Groove Armada, Jimmy Eat World, Violent Femmes, Youngblood Brass Band, The Loose Cannons, Stanton Warriors, MaxNormal.TV, The Parlotones, Love Jones, Fokopolisiekar

2007 08 08 - OPPITROK
STEM vir OPPIKOPPI BANDS NOU!!!!!!!!!! An'gel - Anika - Battery 9 - Bonsai - Bottervlieg - DagnaGister - Devil's Cartel - Die Helde - Die Kaalkop Waarheid - Die Melktert Kommmissie - Fokofpolisiekar - Foto Na Dans - HiKaToRi - Jack Hammer - Jan Blohm - Kobus! - Lukraaketaar - NuL - Pienk Prinsessie - Piet Botha - Rokkeloos - Sonsteek - Springbok Nude Girls - Stoff - Die Straatligkinders - Swartskaap - The Orange Stilettos - Thys Nywerheid - Van Coke Kartel - Willim Welsyn en Die Sunrise Toffies - Wonderboom - Wysdiman - Zinkplaat en die WENNERS is: The Rose Of Sharon (449 stemme) ; Nul (357 stemme); New Born Fire (256 stemme); Hikatori (240 stemme); Damn Right (202 stemme); Falling Short (184 stemme); DeathBedConfession (122 stemme); The Kick (116 stemme); The Narrow (110 stemme); GreenIsForTurbo (106 stemme)

2007 04 06-08 - Oppikoppi Easter Festival - More Than Somewhat: Hothouse Flowers, 340ml, Selaelo Selota, Chris Letcher, Lovejones, Tidal Waves, UJU, Bloodmoney, Fuzigish, Kidofdoom, Harris Tweed, The Beams, K.O.B.U.S!, Swartskaap, The Kick, Parlotones, Wickhead, Ménage á Trois, The Bang, Albert Frost Trio, Evolver, The Hellphones, No Quarter (A.K.A Johnathan Martin Band), SHU, New Academics and somewhat more..., R299 - Windhoek Draught - White Horse Sessions - Old Mutual
2007 04 06 - Karmanite : The Black Hotels : Janice & the Halfjacks : The Bang : Ménage à Trois : Selaelo Selota : Chris Letcher : Hothouse Flowers : Albert Frost Trio : The Hellphones
2007 04 07 - Namuh : One Sock Thief : Die Straatligkinders : The Kick : Bloodmoney : The Beams : Kidofdoom : Harris Tweed : New Academics : Evolver : Love Jones : Tidal Waves : SHU
2007 04 08 - Swartskaap : Piet Planter & Jazz Band : Josie Field : Lukraaketaar : Clark & Van der Hoven : UJU : No Quarter : Wickhead : The Parlotones : 340ml : Fuzigish : K.O.B.U.S!

2006 08 03-06 - Oppikoppi 12: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Northam
A Blunted Stuntman, Architecture of Aggression, Bacchus Nel & die Westdene 3, Bed on Bricks, Big Idea, Black Sunday Crew, Blk Jks, Blunted's 90's Brit Pop Set, Cassette, Chris Chameleon, Chrisus Records showcase, Clark en Van der Hoven, Corné & Twakkie, D-Day 4-Ever, Das Pop (BE), DJ Bob, DJ Bob's Roxette, DJ Fletcher (Krushed & Sorted), DJ Kenzhero, DJ T!, Dr Badela, Dubway, Elektrik ZA podcast, Evolver, Farrell Adams & The Little Sinners, Farryl Purkiss,FIFI & DJ Kenzhero, Fokofpolisiekar & Trawante, Goldfish, Green Acre, Harris Tweed, HHP, Hitch (BE), Jack Hammer, Jan Blohm, Janice and the Half-Jacks, Jim Neversink, Jonathan Crossley Electric Band, Kenzhero, Kwani Experience, L.A Cobra, Lark, Love Jones, Lukraaketaar, Luscious - Jacques du Preez & Fred Kemp, Malaika, Ménage à Trois, Misericord, Newtown, Obita, Pestroy, Puleng Reënkind, Saul Williams (USA), Shaun Duvet, Simon Frost & Richard 3rd,Syd Kitchen en Anika, Taxi Violence, Teba (25 to 1 Manifesto), The Abbots, The Albert Frost Trio, The Boogieman, The Dirty Skirts, The Hellphones, The Narrow, The Parlotones, The Real Estate Agents, The Sick-Leaves, The Southern Gypsey Queen, THINK FUNK, UJU, Unathi, Undersound, Valiant Swart VS Anton L'amour, Vusi Mahlasela, We be Jammin', zZz (NL)

2006 04 14-16 -
Oppikoppi: Haat my want ek vreet my hasie, Northam
Fokofpolisiekar, The Narrow, The Parlotones, Moses Khumalo, Brasse Vannie Kaap, Valiant Swart, Chris Chameleon, Rian Malan, Brixton Moord En Roof Orkes, Matthew van der Want & Anika, Muso, Wouter van de Venter, Guy Swinnen, Simon van Gend, Bed On Bricks, Ménage à Trois, Tidal Waves, SciCoustic, Robert Villian, Lukraaketaar, Clark en van der Hoven, Vhumunu, MyEpic plus meer ...

2005 08 06-08 - Oppikoppi 11: WIRED, Northam
340ml, Andries Bezuidenhout, Anika, Blow, Blunted Stuntman, Chris Chameleon, Corné and Twakkie with the Style of Love, Deluxe, The Dirty Skirts, DJ Fuck & MC Totally Rad, DJ Kid Fonque vs Redwood, Evolver, Fifi, Flat Stanley, Fokofpolisiekar, Freshlyground, Fuzigish, Ghoema Captains, Gordon's Suitcase, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Jack Hammer, Jan Blohm, Jason Glover, Kenzhero, Kwani Experience, Lark, Liela Groenewald, Life of Nothing, Lithium, Luna, Mafikozolo, Matthew van der Want, Misericord, Mr. Bong & Afrowhitie, Ngwenya & Bhubesii, Old Mol, One Sock Thief, The Parlotones, Peepshow, Pestroy, Pilot, Plum, Prime Circle, Prokid, Rawkiss, The Real Estate Agents, Rooibaardt, Saucetone, Scarlet Box, Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse, Sisanda (5th Floor), Skid, State Far Better, Strings 'n Skins, Swinnen (BE) (Pukkelpop <=> Oppikoppi), The Boogieman, The Narrow, Valiant Swart, Vandal X (BE) (Pukkelpop <=> Oppikoppi), Wickhead, Winner: "Gillman make us famous dude" (5FM, Levi's®)

2005 08 26 - Nijdrop & Pukkelpop present: Mini Oppokoppi Festival: Tidal Waves, Freshly Ground, The Narrow, The Most Amazing Show, Nijdrop, Opwijk - Pukkelpop - Oppikoppi

2005 03 25 - Oppikoppi "Dust on my Meerkat" Easter Festival Airship Orange, Albert Frost, Bafo Bafo (Syd Kitchen, Madala Kunene), Blow the Band, Brixton Moord En Roof Orkes, Cutting Jade, Fake Leather Blues Band, Gordon's Suitcase met Greg Georgiades, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Karma, Old Mol, The Parlotones, Paul Hanmer, Pestroy, Plank, Prime Circle, Rokkeloos, Rooibaardt, Skwatta Kamp, SLT, Southern Gypsey Queen, Stock-X-Change, Tal Bachman (CAN), Tidal Waves, The Narrow, Trike, Trio Amsallem (FRA), Northam, PTA -

2004 08 06-09 - Oppikoppi 10 : Blood is thicker than water, Northam
16 Stitch, 340 ml, Arno Carstens' New Porn, Arsenal, Ashton Nyte, Band Of Gypsies, Battery 9, Bed On Bricks, Blues Broers feat Ollie Viljoen, Boo!, Brixton Moord En Roof Orkes, Buckfever Underground, Cutting Jade, Dan Patlansky, David Foster, Delta Blue, Fake Leather Blues Band,Fokofpolisiekar, Freshly Ground, Gert Vlok Nel, Gordon's Suitcase, Greg Georgiades en Ashish Joshi, Jack Hammer, Jo Day, Karen Zoid, Karma, Kobus!, Koos Kombuis, Laurinda Hofmeyer, Liela Groenwald, Loose Cannon, Luscious, Mesadoth, MXO, Nine, Piet Planter, Prime Circle, Ready D, Riku Latte, Rudeboy Paul and Mabi Thobejane, Shu, Simba Morri, Springbok Nude Girls, Soil 7t7, Southern Gypsy Queen, Squeal, Sugardrive, The Most Amazing Show, The Narrow, Tidal Waves, Triggerfinger, Tumi and the Volume, Tyburn, Valiant Swart, Van der Want / Letcher, Wickhead, Wonderboom

2004 05 10 - Square Tunes - Valiant Swart & Ollie Viljoen, Brasse Vannie Kaap, 't Hof van Commerce (Belgium), Godessa, Arno Carstens' New Porn, Slugs Of War, Duck & Cover, Toxic Shame, Hatfield Square, R30 - vodacom - kykNET - Oppikoppi Produksies -

2004 04 09-11 - Oppikoppi "I checked the level; the level is fine for me"- Easter Festival Festival met Dan Patlansky and the Mississippi Muthers, Jack Hammer, The Narrow, Valiant Swart, Prime Circle, Akkedis, Ravis Regis and Louis Mhlanga, The Finkelstiens, Piet Planter, Laurie Levine, Duck & Cover, Peepshow, Soil 7T7, Auriel's Habit, Stefan Dixon, Anika, Brixton Moord en Roof, Little Oblivion, Gordon's Suitcase, Loose Cannon, Northam, PTA -

Jazz kompilasie ........... SSPCD051 2004 SHEER
1. Down Rocky Street- Moses Molelekwa
2. International Rumba - Louis Mhlanga
3. Township Tempo - Moses Khumalo
4. Motherland - Jimmy Dludlu
5. Cape Samba - McCoy Mrubata
6. Antone - Vusi Mahlasela
7. A Song For Johnny Dyani (Live) - Sipho Gumede
8. Unyangantathu - Zim Ngqawana
9. Unofficial Language - Unofficial Language
10. The Man From Interzone - Interzone
11. Oppikoppi - Greg Georgiades
12. Tocomos Todos - Tananas
13. Blue Mark - Tribe
14. I Love You - Johnny Fourie, Carlo Mombelli, Kevin Gibson

Rock kompilasie .......... SSPCD052 2004 SHEER
1. Die Brannewyn Skoffel - Valiant Swart
2. Sing Song Sally (Adult Radio mix) - An Pierlé
3. Kammakastig Land - Albert Frost
4. Place Of Our Own - Van der Want & Letcher
5. Sestien Jaar Met 'n Vals Kitaar - Koos Kombuis
6. For Annette - Jack Hammer
7. Money - Tidal Waves
8. Nothing - BOO!
9. Hoenderman - Kobus!
10. Much Against Everyone's Advice - Soulwax
11. Sea Level - Urban Creep
12. My Inspiration - Prime Circle
13. Genie - Springbok Nude Girls
14. Altered - Not My Dog
15. Vernietig Jouself - Fokofpolisiekar
16. Mamelodi Melodies - Heideroosjes

Urban kompilasie ......... SSPCD053 2004 SHEER
1. Sistah Kunjani - MXO
2. Midnight - 340ml
3. People Of The Light - Tumi & The Volume
4. Akshun 2 - Relax
5. Umoya - Skwatta Kamp
6. The Cop Song - Max Normal
7. Gangsta - Kalahari Surfers
8. Gimme The Weed - African Dope Sound System
9. Attention - Amu
10. Nkalakatha - Mandoza
11. Jive Kwaito - Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse
12. Donkey Rattle - Felix Laband
13. Todii - Rude Boy Paul
14. Mfaz Onga Pheshaya - Busi Mhlongo

2003 11 28,29 - Oppikoppi: Beetroot, Pretoria/Tswane
(VRY) book R85, gate R100
Brasse vannie Kaap, Tweak, Karen Zoid, BOO!, Arno Carstens' New Porn, The Narrow, Sugardrive, Stok, A-TRAK, Ryan Dent, Zampano, Flip Kowlier, casa decapoeira, Blacklisted, De Wets Dream, Tidal Waves met Beef, AFDA Screening, Honey B, Kenzhero, Bed On Bricks, E-Quad, Spekta, Blunted Stuntman, Somerfaan, Homegrown Hints, Ultrasonic, Kid Fonque
(SAT) book R75, gate R100
Brenda Fassie, Rude Boy & Azanian Pulse, Tumi & The Volume, Tamara Dey & the Boys, Skwatta Kamp, Godessa, Max Normal, MXO, Christos, Shaun Duvet, Bradley Bionic, Beef, Carlo Mombelli & The Prisoners Of Strange, Fletcher, 340ml, Open Mind Session, Corné & Twakkie: Breakfast Bonanza, Nutty tek, Dola met Hidden Force, AFDA Screening, Naked, Zampano, Rise,
Giant Puppets, C-Live, Wambali, Sudan, H20, Optical ills, Mabulu (MOZ), Trinity, Ros "Tommy" Atkins, Cashless Society, Amu, Kenzhero, Kapa Dech, Sibot vs Redwood, t hof van commerce, Two Twiggs experiment, Bob & The Milk bar kid, The Boogieman

2003 08 08-10 - Oppikoppi : Hond uit 'n box
340ml (MOZ), Blunted Stuntman, AMU Live, Arno Carstens' New Porn, A-Trak DJ (CAN), Beef Band (NED), Bed On Bricks, Blacklisted (MOZ), Boo!, Brasse Vannie Kaap, Brenda Fassie, Carlo Mombelli and The Prisoners Of Strange, Casa da Capoeira (MOZ), Cashless Society, Corné & Twakkie, De Wet's Dream, DJ Bionic, DJ Christos, C-Live, Dola met Hidden force, E-Quad featuring Louis Mhlanga & Eric van der Westeren Zimbabwe & Holland, Fletcher, Flip Kowlier (BEL), Giant Puppets, Godessa, Homegrown Hints, Honey B, H2O, Kapa Dech (MOZ), Karen Zoid, Kenzhero, Kid Fonque, Lebo Mashile, Mabulu (MOZ), Max Normal, MXO, Naked, Ntsiki Mazwai, Nutty Tek, Open mind sessions, Optical Ills, Rise, Ros "Tommy" Atkins (UK), Rude Boy & Azanian Pulse, Ryan Dent, Shaun Duvet, Sibot vs Redwood, Skwatta Kamp, Somerfaan, Spekta, Stok, Sudan, Sugardrive, 't Hof van commerce (BEL), Tamara Dey and the boys, The Boogieman, The Milk Bar Kid & DJ Bob, The Narrow, Tidal Waves, Trinity, Tumi & The Volume, Tweak, Two twiggs experiment, Ultrasonic (BEL), Wambali (MAL), Zampano (FRA)

2003 04 18-20 - Oppikoppi: If not tomorrow then the next day

2003 04 18-21, "IF NOT TOMORROW THEN THE NEXT DAY" Easter Festival met Valiant Swart, Tweak, Slugs of War, Tidal Waves, Duck & Cover, Albert Frost, Liela Groenewald, Zef Sketse, Brixton Moord En Roof Orkes, Pestroy, Norman Chauke, Soil 7T7, The Narrow, Dan Patlansky and Tumi & The Volume, DJ Rooibok (plus meer)

2002 - Oppikoppi: Premix/PLUNGE
340 ml, African Dope, Andile Yenana, Anika, Anton Goosen, Baffo Baffo, Battery 9, Brixton moord en roof orkes, Brothers of Peace, Constructus, Cutting jade, Diff-olie, Dj Fresh, Dread Kings, Duck & Cover, Elrine, Eminent Child, Felix Laband, Frosted Orange, Fuzigish, Gito Baloi & Nibs v/d Spuy, Godessa, Golliwog, Heavy Spirits, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Jack Hammer, Jacques du Preez en Frederick Kemp, Jazzworx, Jimmy 12", Joe Nina, John Vlismas, Kalahri Surfers & Ghetto Muffin, Karen Zoid, Karma, Kelvin Declined, Kobus!, Koos Kombuis, Laurinda Hofmeyr, Liela en Tonia, Mandoza, Manicfly, Marcus Wyatt, Mark Sampson, Misericord, Moss Mogale, Not My dog, Nuff said kollektive, Otoplasma, Pebbles, Perez, Ready D, Riku Latti, Rob van Vuuren, Scicoustic, Selaelo Selota, Shawn phillips, Sipho hotstix mabuse, Skwatta Kamp, Sky 189, Slugs of War, Solly, Sons of Trout, The Sanscapes Project, Tidal Waves, Tony Cox, Trouble, Tumi & Volume, Unsound, V/d Want & Letcher, Valiant Swart, Vusi Mahlasela, Zef Sketse, Zola

2002 08 09-12 - Oppikoppi: Tuned, Pretoria
2002 09 21-23 - Oppikoppi: Tuned, Worcester
340 ml, A Politburo Session, Aavaaz (Strings & Skins), Abafana Bakwa Zulu, Albert Frost Blues Band, Anika, Ashton Nyte, Benguela, Binary, Blackmilk, Blast, BLK Sonshines, Bongo Maffin, Boomslung, Brasse Vannie Kaap, Brixton Moord en Roof (Slag)Orkes, Buscemi, Caffeine Substitute, Cape Comedy Collective - Conrad Koch, Cape Comedy Collective - Kagiso Lediga, Cape Comedy Collective - Kurt Schoonraad, Cape Comedy Collective - Sky 189, Cape Comedy Collective - Stuart Taylor, Carlo Mombelli & the Prisoners of Strange, Citrus, Comedy Underground, Damani, David Kramer, Delta Blue, Duusman, Elektrik ZA, Exhibit a: Jacques du Preez en Frederick Kemp, Featherdoctors, Federation Française de Fonck, Felix la Band, Firing Squad, Fletcher (Krushed & Sorted), Flowerheads, Frank Opperman, Gavin Hardkiss, Gert Vlok Nel, Ghost, Greg & Blunted Stuntman, GRINDER - (John Vlismas/Bevan Cullinan), Heavy Spirits, Henry Ate Unplugged, Imvelo, Jack Hammer, Kaolin, Karen Zoid & the Understatements, Koos en die honde, Koos Kombuis, Krushed & Sorted, Laurinda Hofmeyr, Leek, Liela Groenewald, Lilo, Lucky Dube, Luke Vibert, Lux Janssen, Magnum's Budgies, Matthew van der Want, Max Normal, Max Normal's Story Rhymes, Metal Orizon, Monza, Moses Khumalo, Movement (Mbira Ensemble), Myles, No Room for Squares (Coco Merckel), Noise Khanyile, Not My Dog, Nutrix & MC JP, Odball, Omar, Paul Riekert & Anton L'Amour, Perez, Pestroy, Plain Madnizz, Plum, Rantoboko, Riku Latte, Roach (Krushed & Sorted), Robbie Jansen & the Sons of Table Mountain, Roots 2000, Saron Gas, Scicoustic, Simba Morri, Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse, Sipho "The Prince" Gumede, Sitting Man (James Cairns), Slugs of War, Soil 7t7, Sshhh, Steve Newman, Sunways, Superjuice, Syd Kitchen, THC, The Blunted Stuntman, The Johnny Fourie Quartet, The Jonathan Crossley Group, Themba Mkhize, Thesele Performance Group, Tidal Waves, Tigger Reunert, Tunes on tilt - Bob & The Blunted Stuntman, Tweak, Valiant Swart, Wonderboom, Zandfontein All Star Choir Emporium, Zen Arcade, Zim Ngqawana, Zola

2002 03 29-31 - Oppikoppi: Willie Smit Easter Festival, Northam

Oppikoppi Tuned CD (Limited)
kompilasie ...................... koppi 003 2001 GHETTO RUFF
1. Be Kind To Animals - Max Normal
2. Cape Flats - Brasse Vannie Kaap vanaf yskoud
3. Safari Music - Not My Dog vanaf dogumentary
4. Pride - Saron Gas vanaf Fragile
5. Weskusklong - David Kramer
6. Blues Vir Louise - Jack Hammer vanaf Jan Skopgraaf
7. Lady From The Swamp - Felix Laband vanaf Thin Shoes For June
8. Rise 'n Shine - Moodphasephive vanaf Steady On
9. Scatter - Krushed & Sorted vanaf Acid™Made Me Do It
10. Mehl 'emamba - Zola vanaf Mol'wembe -
11. Sidudla - Mabi Thobejane
12. Ebhfolo - Zim Ngqawana
13. Multimedia Track

2001 04 13-15 - Oppikoppi: Patrolliehond Festival
Awakening, Fuzi Gish, Jack Hammer, Not My Dog, Matthew van der Want, Duusman and many more...

2000 08 03-06 - Oppikoppi: Trek 2000, Northam
Anarchy, Avatar, Baraka, Belgian Band, Big Band, Big Voice Jack, Black Milk, Blunt, Boo!, Breakfast Squeal, Bruce Cassidy's Body Electric, Buckfever Underground, Carlo Mombelli, Cherry Point, Crystal Dawn, Delta Blue, Duusman, Edi Niederlander, Fetish, Frank Opperman, Frosted Orange, George Worthmore, Gert Vlok Nel, Granny Smith, Ichabod, Iconoclast, Interzone, Jack Hammer, Jack Hammer Blues, Jane Doe, Jazz Hounds Jimmy Dludlu & Philip Tabane , Joe Blu, Jonathan Crossly & Johnny Fourie, Karma, Koos & Blankes, Koos Kombuis & Syd Kitchen, Liela Groenewald, Madala Kunene, Mahube, McCoy Mrubata & Paul Hanmer, Mesadoth, Naked, Neil Solomon, Never Machine Forever, New Orleans, Not My Dog, Paul Riekert & Anton L'Amour, Philip Tabane, Radiators, Robin Auld & Band, Robin Auld & Matthew v/d Want, Sacrifist, Sander Vos, Slugs of War, Sons of Trout, Springbok Nude Girls, Ssshh, Sublemon, Suda, Sugardrive, Sunways, Syd Kitchen & Amacool, Synapsis, THC, Tidal Waves, Umanji, V/d Want & Lethcer, Valiant Swart, Voice, Vusi Mahlasela, Wonderboom, Zim Ngqawana

2000 08 11-13 - Oppikoppi: Trek 2000, Worcester
Adamu, Black Milk, BLK Sonshines, Blues Broers, Aavaaz, Boo!, BVK, Cape Comedy, Carlo & Johnny, Copius, Crushed & Sorted, Cut La Roc, Delta Blue, DJ K*A*A*S, Djamaqua, Duusman, Errol Dyers, Fire, Firing Squad + M, Frank Opperman, Friedjam winner, Frosted Orange, Gert Vlok Nel, Groinchurn, Gurkha, Interzone, Jack Hammer, Jacques du Preez, James Phillips, Jo Rolands, Jorge Carlos, Leyton, Liela Groenewald, Madame Freak, Mime, Mood Phase 5ive, Mung, Not My Dog, Paul & McCoy, Phambili, Piet & The Kid, Quake + Spekta, Ready D, Robin Auld, Rosswell Kings, Springbok Nude Girls, Spinnekop, THC, The Cusp, The Heel Arts Collective, Tidal Waves, Tim Parr, Valiant Swart, V/d Want & Letcher, Vusi Mahlasela, Wonderboom, Suda
vetseun vetseun
vetseun vetseunvetseun vetseun

1999 08 06-09 - Oppikoppi: Infestation
3sm, Aavaaz, Acoustic Kitchen, Adamu, Agro, Allegory, Anarchy, Anti Gravity, Baboody, Battery 9, Benguela, Bheki Khoza, Big Voice Jack, Billygoat, Billygoat Blues, Binary, Birdtribe, Blind, Blues Broers, Blunt, Boerbok Jam, Boo!, Bruce Cassidy & Body Electric, Buckfever Underground, Busi Mhlongo, Campus Winner, Colorfields, Dahling Llamas, Dave 'o Higgins, David Kramer, Drench, Egyptian Nursery, Famous Curtain Trick, Fantastique Guys, Fetish, Flying Circus, Frank Opperman, Fuzigish, George Worthmore, Gert Vlok Nel, Government Car, Gramadoelas, Grunt, Guy & Adamu, Honeymoon Suites, Iconoclast, Idi Niederlander, Interzone, Itolofiya, Jack Hammer & Jonathan Martin, Jaded Jane, Jazz Hounds, Jennifer Ferguson, Jimmy Dludlu & C-base Collective, Jimmy Dludlu & Friends, Joe Blu, Just Jingles, Karma, Koffi & the Cream of Africa, Koos en die Broers, Landscape Prayers, Leek, Liela groenewald, Lithium,Louis Mhlanga & Albert Frost, Luscious, Madala Kunene, Mahube, Manchuri Resin, Mccoy, Meldt, Mindbox, Morph Attack, Moses Molelekwa, Naked, Namaqua, Navaho, Neil Solomon, Nine, No Friends of Harry, Not My Dog, P.O.C., Paul Hanmer, Paul Riekert, Peru, Plum, Pops Pohammed & Bruce Cassidy, Primal Urge, Raaskopleef, Rene Mcclean, Repo, Sacrifist, Scooters Union, Seed, Sipho Gumede, Slugs of War, Sons of Trout, Springbok Nude Girls, Ssshh, Stagepig, Stef Bos, Sublemon, Suda, Sugardrive, Sunfish, Sunways, Supernature, Syd Kitchen, Syd Kitchen & Amacool, Tananas, Teengif, The Awakening, The Gito Baloi band, The Kêrels, The led, The Usual, Tsunami (anton l'amour), Unofficial Language, Valiant Swart & Anton l'amour, Van der Want & Letcher, Voice of Destruction, Vusi Mahlasela, Vusi Mahlasela & Louis Mhlanga, Wendy Oldfield, Wonderboom, Zim Ngqawana

Oppikoppi Bushveld Blast (Live)
vetseunLAAI AF
2CD kompilasie ................................... 1998
Disk 1:
1. Wired - Sugardrive
2. Supergirl - springbok Nude Girls
3. Dunwayo - Wendy Oldfield
4. Suitcase Vol Winter - Jack Hammer
5. We Don't Talk Anymore - Kêrels
6. I'd Rather Be Sad - Blues Broers
7. Johnny Is Nie Dood Nie - Koos Kombuis
8. Special Agents - Van Der Want/Letcher
9. Meisie Sonder Sokkies - David Kramer
10. Cell - Colourfields
11. Die Donker Kom Jou Haal - Valiant Swart
12. Blou Reier - Battery 9
13. Good 2 B Tru - Boo!
14. Multimedia Track
Disk 2:
1. Meeting Of The Women - Paul Hanmer
2. Shake - Tananas
3. Loneliness - Vusi Mahlasela & Louis Mhlanga
4. Sani Bonani - Madala Kunene
5. Tender Mercies - Unofficial Language
6. Revolution - Nine
7. Texture Of Memory - Benguela
8. Please Don't Dance - Sipho Gumede
9. Nomads - Landscape Prayers
10. Feelings Beyond - Timeless
11. Multimedia Track

Oppikoppi - Live
kompilasie ................................ WILD006 WILDEBEEST
1. Dice - Wonderboom
2. Kombi - Sons Of Trout
3. Venus - Scooters Union
4. Lifetime Partner - Plum
5. Last Tear - Nine
6. Jeff - Dorp
7. Cross No More Rivers - Battery 9
8. Weeskind Van Die Weste - Valiant Swart
9. Baby, Baby - The Pressure Cookies
10. Impending - Lithium
11. A.W.B. Tiete - Koos Kombuis en Die Warmblankes
12. Êrens - Ark
13. Time - The LED
14. Lost And Found - Thysis
15. Cancelled - Nine

1998 08 07-10 - Oppikoppi: Bushveld Blast, Northam
Aavaaz, Acoustic Kitchen, Agro, Allegory, Anarchy, Anti Gravity, Awakening, Baboody, Battery 9, Benguela, Bheki Khoza, Billygoat, Binary, Birdtribe, Blind, Blues Broers, Blunt, Boo!, Bruce Cassidy & Body Electric, Colorfields, Dahling Llamas, David Kramer, Drench, Fantastique Guys, Fetish, Flying Circus, Fuzigish, Gert Vlok Nel, Government Car, Grunt, Honeymoon suites, Inside Venus, Interzone, Itolofiya, Jack Hammer, Jaded Jane, Jimmy Dludlu & C-Base collective, Joe Blu, Koffi & the Cream of Africa, Koos Kombuis, Landscape Prayers, Liela Groenewald, Liquid Sky, Lithium, Livingstone, Louis Mhlanga & Albert Frost, Luscious, Madala Kunene, Manchuri Resin, Meldt, Mindbox, Morph Attack, Naked, Navaho, Nine, No Friends Of Harry, Not My Dog, Paul Hanmer, Peru, Plum, Pops Mohamed & Bruce Cassidy, Primal Urge, Raaskop leef, Repo, Scooters Union, Seed, Sipho Gumede, Sons of Trout, Springbok Nude Girls, Sshhh, Stagepig, Sublemon, Sugardrive, Sunways, Supernature, Syd Kitchen & Amacool, Tananas, Teengif, The Gito Baloi Band, The Kêrels, The LED, The Usual, Tryst, Unofficial Language, Valiant Swart & Anton L'amour, Van der Want & Letcher, Voice Of Destruction, Vusi Mahlasela & Louis Mhlanga, Wendy Oldfield, Wonderboom, Zim Ngqawana

1997 08 07-10 - Oppikoppi: One Big Bang, Northam
Ooze - A cabaret by Luscious, Agro, Amersham, Anarchy, Ark, Band O' Gypsies, Battery 9, Birdtribe, Blind, Blue Label, Blues Broers, Brothering Citrus, Die Naaimasjiene, Dorp, Flying Circus, Garden Variety, Gito Baloi, Honeymoon Suites, Jack Hammer, Jazz Hounds, Jazz Unlimited, Joe Blu, Karoo, Koffi,Koss Kombuis en Die Warm Blankes, Landscape Prayers, Meldt, Metalmorphosis, Nine, No Friends for Harry, Nothing, One Large Banana, Plump, Pops Mohamed, Pressure Cookies, Primal Urge, Rasthami Warriors, Sankomota, Scabby Annie, Scooter's Union, Seed,Seven Head Scream, Sharon Kyra, Sons of Trout, Squeal, Sugardrive, Sunday Lunch, The Blasting Scones, The Led, Thysis, Tony Cox and Cool Friction, Turquoise, Urban Assault, Urban Creep, Valiant Swart, Vusi Mahlasela & Louis Mhlanga, White Trash, Wonderboom

1996 12 28 - 1997 01 01 - Oppikoppi: Moeritboeti, Northam
Valiant Swart, Famous Curtain Trick, Battery 9, Jack Hammer, Die Naaimasjiene, Dorp, Billygoat, White Trash, Thysis, Ark, Plum, Henry Ate, The Flying Circus, Garden Variety, Primal Urge, Metalmorphosis

1996 08 08-11 - Oppikoppi : Stress Relief from Everyday Situations
Band O' Gypsies, Battery 9, Billygoat, Blues Broers, Brass Monkey, Breakfast Brothers, Bright Blue, Famous Curtain Trick, Furry William and the Funk Nuts, Garden Variety, Highway Jam, Jack Hammer, Joe Blu, Koos Kombuis & Die Warm Blankes, Landscape Prayer, Live Jimi Presley, Nine, Peppa Lizards, Plain, Plum, Pressure Cookies, Rubber Soul, Scooter's Union, Snail, Springbok Nude Girls, Squeal, Strawbelly, Suburban Angel, Sugardrive, Tequila Rose, The Famous Roaches, The Sunshines, Thysis, Tim Parr, Truly Fully Hey Soo Wow Band, Valiant Swart, Wendy Oldfield, What She Said, Wonderboom

1995 08 15 - Oppikoppi : Festival of Rock
Albino Tarbugz, Band O'Gypsies, Battery 9, Blues Broers, Earthly Work, Eight Legged Groove Machine, Esthers Tomcat, Jack Hammer, Just Encasement, Koos Kombuis, Magic Cactus, N'goi Occams Razor, Squeal, Sugardrive, The Electric Petals, The Famous Roaches, Urban Creep, Valiant Swart en die Valk, Zeitgeist.

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