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kompilasie ................... CBRCD002 2008 GOEMARATI/COFFEE BEANS
1. Gatyeni - Teba - From the album 20-5-2-1 Manifesto
2. Doenit - Jitsvinger - From the album Skeletsleutel
3. Vyfster - Brasse Vannie Kaap - From the album Yysterbek
4. Fading Away - Ernestine Deane - From the album Dub For Mamma
5. Looking For Love On Long Street - Nicole Moody - Previously Unreleased
6. In A Third World - Jethro Louw met Black Rose - Previously Unreleased
7. Ou Bêg - Loit Sôls - Previously Unreleased
8. S'bhanxa Sonke - Maveriq - From the album Igubu
9. Ntomb 'Olahleko - Alan Funk - From the album Alanfunk
10. Life's No Metaphor - Blaq Pearl - From the EP Life's No Metaphor
11. Give Thanks And Praise - Judah met Azania - From the album Give Thanks And Praise
12. I Wish I Could Groove - Jonathan Rubain - Previously Unreleased
13. Khoisan Symphony - Robbie Jansen - From the album The Cape Doctor

Goemarati! Album Press Release
CD of Cape Town hit concert series launched
The Goemarati CD - a compilation of some of Cape Town's most talented artists will be launched at the AGM of the Cape Town Partnership on 28 October 2008. The Goemarati Project initially focused on music in public spaces as a way to promote local distinctiveness in Cape Town.vetseun
The CD is the culmination of the acclaimed Goemarati concert series which took place at venues across Cape Town in 2007. Funded by the Provincial Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Goemarati is part of the Cape Town Partnership's Creative Cape Town strategy which creates opportunities for the promotion of local content and develops marketing and sales opportunities for musicians.
Andrew Boraine, Cape Town Partnership Chief Executive says: "Creative Cape Town is a social, economic and spatial strategy of the Cape Town Partnership to promote an active, vibrant and diverse central city by using culture to accelerate urban regeneration. Goemarati is one of the strategies through which we achieve this by hosting events that attract people from diverse backgrounds into the city. Goemarati is our hip 'made in Cape Town' brand. Attached to the project is a new website, which promotes and sells local music, film, literature and other interesting products."
The CD features 13 artists, from music legends like Robbie Jansen to previously unreleased artists like Jonathan Rubain and Nicole Moody and young stars like Teba Shumba. The diverse, but uniquely Cape Town tracks range from a Khoisan Symphony and a reggae hit, to a Xhosa poem and an Afrikaans anthem.
Iain Harris, Managing Director of Coffeebeans Routes the music agency commissioned by Cape Town Partnership to develop Goemarati and produce the album explains: "Goemarati brings together the diverse sounds and textures of Cape Town. It is an example of the musical and lyrical talent of Capetonians. It will open up new income generating streams for many artists who are struggling to get their big break as a result of a lack of infrastructure and the geographical barriers within the music industry.
"Cape Town has a rich variety of genres and artists. Creative Cape Town, through Goemarati, aims to cultivate this music talent to the level where artists can more easily access national and international stages," says Harris

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