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Children's Favourites
kompilasie LP ................ MFP 1175 1966 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
Side One:
1. The Runaway Train - Jon Pertwee (Robison-Massey)
2. Do Re Mi - Jessie Matthews (Rodgers-Hammerstein)
3. Froggy Went A-Courtin' - Jon Pertwee (Trad.)
4. The Ugly Duckling - Jessie Matthews (Loesser)
5. My Grandfather's Clock - Jon Pertwee (Work)
6. In The Dark - Enid Heard (Frasier-Simpson-Milne)
Side Two:
1. Three Little Fishes - Jon Pertwee (Dowell)
2. Teddy Bears' Picnic - Jessie Matthews (Bratton-Kennedy)
3. The Fox - Jon Pertwee (Trad.)
4. This Old Man - Jessie Matthews (Trad. Gould-Coll.-Sharp)
5. I Know An Old Lady - Jon Pertwee (Mills-Bonne)
6. Christopher Robin Is Saying Prayers - Enid Heard (Fraser-Simpson-Milne)

Recording Produced By Norman Newell

Young children are not quite so fickle as their teenage brothers and sisters. Their fads come and go, but the songs we remember from our own childhood are still as popular as ever and look like surviving our children's children too. But, of course, there are new songs as well, adding themselves to the list of titles which children scribble down in such charming fashion to send in to their own radio request shows. In this delightful album we present the best of the old together with some of the newer additions to the children's favourites. They are all so well-known that your children will probably sing along with the record. 'The Runaway Train', 'Teddy Bears' Picnic', 'This Old Man' and 'I Know An Old Lady' are among the old established songs, the last named being forever associated with Burl lves, himself a children's favourite.
Films and shows have produced their quota of children's songs and 'The Ugly Duckling', which was brought to fame by Danny Kaye in the film 'Hans Christian Andersen', and 'Do Be Mi', from 'The Sound Of Music' are two prime examples.
Two of the voices you hear singing on this record are as familiar as the songs themselves. Jessie Matthews' voice, indeed, has a split personality, for many will always associate it with Mrs. Dale of the famous Diary, a part Jessie has played so successfully. However, not only the children will enjoy these songs because parents all over the country will remember with affection the young Jessie Matthews whose talented singing and dancing took her to the highest binnacles of success in the 1930's and 1940's.
She starred in stage productions like 'Charlot's Bevue' in which she achieved overnight stardom; 'Wake up and Dream' and 'Wild Rose', the 1942 revival of Jerome Kern's musical 'Sally'. Her films included 'There Goes The Bride'. 'The Good Companions' and 'Evergreen', the film version of C. B. Cochran's original stage hit.
Although Jessie Matthews has been in showbusiness for over 50 years, her talent still shines through. You will enjoy listening to Jessie on this children's record and you can also hear some of her greatest numbers on another Music for Pleasure record, MFP 1127, which presents the original recordings she made back in the days when she was Britain's favourite dancing and singing star.
Jon Pertwee's brand of humour has always been a favourite with children, his puckered-up impish face bringing a ready smile to the lips. Countless films and T.V. and radio series have been blessed with his presence. He is currently appearing in the West End hit 'There.'s a Girl in My Soup.' He appeared in both the stage production and film version of 'A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum' and played opposite Cilla Black in the recent record-breaking pantomime at A the Wimbledon Theatre. His popular radio series include 'ltma' and 'The Navy Lark', the latter now starting its eighth year! Jon brings all this humour to his singing and we are sure you, as well as your children, will sing and laugh along with him.
Completing the bill is talented Enid Heard of the Mike Sammes Singers, who brings out allthe charm of 'In the Dark' and 'Vespers' (Christopher Bobin is Saying His Prayers), to add the final touch to this delightful recording-'aimed at the children but enjoyable listening for us all. - Roger St. Pierre - omslag

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