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Cape Town Effects

Hosh-Hosa met El Nino, Jaak, KONFAB, Tebz VID >>>

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CD/DVD kompilasie ......................... 2013 PIONEER UNIT
1. All Rise met KONFAB, El Nino
2. Hosh-Hosa met El Nino, Jaak, KONFAB, Tebz
3. Hands Up met Jaak, El Nino, Ben Sharpa, KONFAB, Tebzvetseun
4. Kaapse Koens met Jaak
5. Gevaar Ingozi met Jaak, El Nino, KONFAB, Tebz
6. Assembly Line met Ben Sharpa & KONFAB
7. Wind And Dust
8. The Son's Raise met KONFAB
9. Kodi Ya Malla met Tebz
10. Tsebo met Tebz, Ben Sharpa, El Nino
11. Punt Van Ingang met Jaak, KONFAB
12. N|uu met Jaak, Tebz
13. Qhapela met El Nino

At a time when the frontiers between hip hop, IDM, EDM and bass music are dissolving into a musical magma where new directions constantly emerge, Cape Town Effects presents a vision of the sound of tomorrow, a true mash-up of hip hop, dub, electronica, dubstep, trap and other influences.
The project aims to create an original sound on to which the best emcees from Cape Town - who have nothing to envy from their European or American counterparts - will lay down uncompromising rhymes that contain sharp observations with local and global resonance.
Also contains 'Mother City Blues', a documentary by Arno Bitschy that is a portrait of Cape Town, South Africa's Mother City. It shows the perspective of three men, three rappers and their city. Three perspectives full of anger, love, disillusion and hope. The blues of those who carry the heavy burden of the past.

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