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The Flyer
film DVD 92min ........... 2005 IMG/STER-KINEKOR

"to escape his past, he had to reach for the sky"

met Gizelle Abrahams, Shahier Davids, Brett Delport, Marcel van Heerden, Ian van der Heyden, Kim Engelbrecht, Jarrid Geduld, Craig Palm, Marvin Pasqualie, musiek, Phillip Miller, produseer, Jeremy Nathan, Joel Phiri, Michelle Wheatley, regisseur, Revel Fox, skryf, Revel Fox, Philip Roberts

"The Flyer is the heartwarming story of a young street kid who discovers a passion that will change his life forever. Kieren Jordaan is up to no good with his delinquent gang buddies when destiny intervenes. While trying to pick pocket an old trapeze trainer, Anders Larsen, our athletic Kieren gets caught and Anders drags him back to a warehouse and makes him work off his crime.
Kieren scrubs and polishes the floors as he watches Anders trapeze artists fly. He observes them practice their intricate moves as they grace the sky and walk on air. His imagination has been captured. He has the right physical makeup to tackle this world and he has the passion of a true artist. Kieren pays off his debt but does not want to leave. He wants in but he knows his gang friends would never approve. When something in the gang goes horribly wrong Kieren is forced to flee and it is here, in this world of the flyers, that he seeks refuge.
Under the guidance of his new found mentor Anders, Kieren's raw talent takes flight. But later on in life, when his old gang buddies catch up with him, Kieren must fight for his dreams and his destiny.
Don't miss "The Flyer" - the triumphant tale of one boy who reaches beyond his place in the world to follow his heart's desire."

"It's 1990. Kier, a street kid, robs an old man, Anders, of a briefcase. Kier, too, does acrobatics hanging from street signs. The gang he's part of is lead by Spies. Anders manages to track Kier down and retrieve his briefcase. To make up for the money stolen, he takes Kier to his circus school and makes him sweep up. Kier decides he wants to become a trapeze artist - to 'fly'.
At the same time, he and Spies rob a house. Spies ends up in jail.
Ten years later. Kier is learning to do a special catch, the Quad. A journalist does a story on the fact. At the same time, he meets Spies again who now owns the Kit Kat Club, and is still into crime. Spies introduces him to Mickey, a classically-trained ballet dancer who works at the club. He falls in love with her. Bad news: his training's going to pot, and Anders is upset. Jacques, a circus agent from Paris, comes to Anders looking for trapeze artists. Anders recommends Kier. Kier arranges to do the Quad catch at the waterfront, but doesn't make it. Jacques isn't interested, but Kier decides to go to Paris under his own steam to show them what he can do. Anders receives a parcel. In it is a video of Kier doing a successful Quad catch." -

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