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The Best Of.Leon Schuster 2
film VHS/DVD 60min . MNETDVD-081 1992 M-NET

met Leon Schuster, Eddie Ekstein, Tolla van der Merwe, regisseur, Leon Schuster, produseer, André Scholtz

"This collection of candid-camera moments provides an hour of slapstick fun in the company of Leon Schuster, legendary South African funny man and improviser of real-life comic stunts and situations. The film is something of a highlights package of candid camera inserts and extracts selected from his earlier movies. The programme begins with a Wrestlemania event in which a disguised Schuster gives the much bigger champion a hard time in the ring, something clearly not appreciated by the mainly female audience.
Other highlights include Schuster "stealing" groceries from other people's shopping trolleys, playing a breakdancing metre maid, and pretending to be a tribal chief who will not allow white golfers to play on his land. Also watch out for an engaging segment in which children are convinced that a fluffy TV character, who has just jumped out of the television set, needs them to protect him from a bossy grown-up." -

The Best Of.Leon Schuster
film VHS/DVD 60min . MNETDVD-080 1992 M-NET

"LEON SCHUSTER is back with a bang in..."

met Leon Schuster, Eddie Ekstein, P.G. du Plessis, regisseur, Leon Schuster, produseer, André Scholtz

"This hour of slapstick fun stars South Africa's legendary funny man and improviser of real-life comic stunts and situations. Schuster changes his voice and his appearance to trick celebrities and members of the public into behaving ridiculously. And all the while, his all-seeing camera is there to record the outcome.
Schuster impersonates sporting figures such as rugby players Naas Botha and Danie Craven, pretends to be a society "lady" who insists crooner Bles Bridges give her a rose for attending so many of his concerts, and turns into Durbanite Abdul to get fishermen into a tangle and rightwingers into a frenzy.
There are many references to rugby and old South African politics. Schuster's comic conspirators include Eddie Ekstein, P.G. du Plessis, Jan Spies, and former heavyweight boxer Jimmy Abbott, and the skits involving talking chickens and Spies make this a must-see for fans of the candid-camera genre." -

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