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Leading Lady

Showmax: Leading Lady - 2015

vetseunLAAI AF
film DVD ........................... 2015

met Katie McGrath, Bok van Blerk, Gil Bellows, Brümilda van Rensburg, André Stolz, Eduan van Jaarsveldt, Craig Palm, Mary Twala, Jana Strydom, Tina Kruger, Carien Botha, Ruby Carr, Melt Sieberhagen, Morné du Toit, Ilze du Plooy, dirigeer, Henk Pretorius, skryf, Henk Pretorius, Tina Kruger

An idealistic British drama school teacher, Jodi Rutherford, persuades a cynical South African farmer to prepare her for a role in a major film as an Afrikaans war heroine. In return Jodi undertakes to direct the annual concert on the Willemse farm. Jodi's interaction with the quirky small town citizens and the stubborn Kobus, teaches her that: "there is more to life than lights... camera... and action!"

klankbaan .................. CDJUST 726 2014 JUST MUSIC
1. Soutwater - Bok van Blerk
2. Same Parts, Same Heart - Matthew Mole
3. Couch Potato - Shortstraw
4. Autumn - Matthew Mole
5. Take Yours, I'll Take Mine - Matthew Mole
6. Mr. Mixed Heritage - Danny Ross
7. My Angel - Bok van Blerk
8. We, In You Confide - Matthew Mole
9. I'm Forgiven - Simeon
10. Free & Untorn - Matthew Mole
11. Leading Lady Intro - Benjamin Willem
12. Bok Meets Belle - Benjamin Willem
13. Africa - Benjamin Willem
14. Royal Dinner - Benjamin Willem
15. The Play - Benjamin Willem
16. Leaving South Africa - Benjamin Willem
17. Back To Africa - Benjamin Willem
18. Can You Feel It? - Benjamin Willem
19. Take Yours, I'll Take Mine - Matthew Mole

"An actress from Britain. A Boer from Brandfort. A town destined for Hollywood."


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