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King Hendrik
film DVD 92min . MNETDVD-219 1965 PRIMEDIA/M-NET

met Gert van den Bergh, Bob Courtney, Bernadette da Silva, Shirley Firth, Arthur Swemmer, Clive Parnell, Marié du Toit, Joe Stewardson, Vonk de Ridder, Gabriel Bayman, Tromp Terre'Blanche, produseer, regisseur, Emil Nofal

"This mid-1960s comedy explores the outrageous idea of a monarchy within South Africa. Stellendam, about to celebrate its 150th anniversary, is in trouble. A bypass to Cape Town is deflecting traffic and business, and the town's mayor Charles Buckley tells the local Member of Parliament, Koos de Wet, to rectify matters.
Koos declines, advising Charles to hire a public relations officer to find a story that will put Stellendam back on the map. Caroline, the town clerk's daughter, shows the eager publicist a document with a missing signature: Stellendam was never incorporated into South Africa and is still an independent entity. The PRO makes this scoop the next day's front-page news. Embarrassed, the South African prime minister tells Koos to persuade Charles to sign the document. But Charles refuses, then appoints a cabinet, crowns a king, and closes the bypass. What will happen next?" -

Sam Sklair - The Theme From Emil Nofal's King Hendrik / Linda Barry With Sam Sklair - Till He Says He Loves Me (Theme From "King Hendrik") 7" . 41.814 1965 RCA/VICTOR

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