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Hier's Ons Weer
vetseunvetseunHIRE / HUURvetseun
film VHS/DVD 81min . MNETDVD-084 1950 SARMvetseun/M-NET

met Al Debbo, Frederik Burgers, Jan Jourdan, regisseur, Pierre de Wet

" That famed South African comedy duo from the 1950s and 1960s, Al Debbo and Frederik Burgers, team up again to good effect in this light-hearted comedy in which they play two bumbling private investigators-cum-security guards. Diddervogel and Van As are hardly likely to inspire confidence, but they are appointed to provide security for an entertainment club on its opening evening. However, they soon find themselves in the middle of a chase, pursuing two thieves who are trying to recover booty hidden in a haunted house thirty years before. Diddervogel is dead scared of ghosts - but the only place he and his partner can sleep is in the ghost house, in the room where the loot is hidden.
The orchestra of Hendrik Susan (including famous musicians Nico Carstens and Jurie Ferreira) and soprano Hanlie van Niekerk provide a wide range of accompanying musical interludes that vary from boeremusiek to classical music." -

Hendrik Susan En Sy Orkes
Die Konsertina Knor / Lente In Bloemfontein 10" . HS 7 HIS MASTER'S VOICE
Kant Een:
1. Die Konsertina Knor (Tienie Coetzer)
Kant Twee:
1. Lente In Bloemfontein (Tienie Coetzer) Sangdeel deur Jurie Ferreira

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