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Fratse in die Vloot
film DVD 78min . MNETDVD-098 1958/2009 M-NET

met Al Debbo, Fred Burgers, Vera Gibson, Douglas Fuchs, Kristo Pienaar, Taffy Kikillus, Willie van Rensburg, Pieter Treurnicht, regisseur, Pierre de Wet

"Twee kabaretkunstenaars met vlootuniforms as kostuums doen hulle voor as admirale in die vloot om voorkeurbehandeling te kry. Maar gou is dit duidelik dat dié twee nie veel weet van vlootprosedures nie. 'n Lekker dolle komedie." -

"South African slapstick comedy duo Al Debbo and his stocky sidekick Fred Burgers star in another madcap caper, the sequel to Dis Lekker Om Te Lewe.
Forced to leave the army at the end of the previous film, Stoffie and Fanie enlist in the navy in Simon's Town. The two down-on-their-luck performing artists can't wait to go to sea, so when they are roped in as stewards on a ship headed for Angola, they tell everyone, including a crook who is trying to smuggle stolen diamonds out of the country.
Before long, the dilly duo are trying to cope with life on board and life on shore, where they keep on bumping into a pretty girl who wants to divest Stoffie of his suitcase. This comedy culminates in a wonderfully amusing stage scene in which the comedians pretend to be ballerinas in order to evade a clutch of villains." -

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