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2021 05 08 - Zamar, The Bordienghuis Theatre, 19:00, R150

Dance Like David ............ LBMD062 2011 LOUIS BRITTZ MUSIEK
1. Leeu Van Juda/Ons Koning Kom!
2. Sing To The Lord
3. Dance Like David
4. Gebed
5. You Raise Me Up
6. King Of Kings
7. Agnus Dei
8. Pie Jesu
9. Song Of Celebration
10. As A Deer
11. Jesus, Name Above All Names
12. I Will Serve No Foreign Gods
13. How Great Thou Art
14. Amazing Grace
15. He Is Excalted
16. Here Is Love
17. Christmas Joy
18. Jesus Loves Me

Zamar is the Hebrew word for celebrate with the plucking of strings and very accurately describes what this phenomenal instrumental group is about. When you listen to Zamar play, the energy and feeling of every song is so realistically captured that it moves you in a way you never thought music could. It is music that speaks to the heart and not a single lyric is needed.
Zamar is no newcomer and Dance Like David is the last in a series of three albums that they already have under the belt. It is also no surprise then to hear about the heights this group of vibrant musicians has reached so far. Zamar has been playing for various celebrities and at many occasions, but none as glamorous as the wedding celebrations of SAs own princess, Charlene Wittstock, after she requested them specifically. Zamar is made up by the beautiful Veronica Bell (on violin), the Russian beauty Lyudmyla Heath (on accordion), and the lovely Danica ONeill (on percussion), the handsome Brian O'Neill (on guitar) and the legendary Ignatius Kloppers (on bass). Dance Like David is a wonderful album and each song will capture your emotions and send you on a journey to places you have never seen before. It is instrumental gospel, like you have never heard before.

Best Of Broadway ........... LBMD041 2010 LOUIS BRITTZ MUSIEK
1. Some Enchanted Evening
2. Grease Reprise
3. I Dreamed A Dream
4. If I Were A Rich Man
5. Lion King Reprise
6. Mama Mia Medley
7. Cabaret!
8. Any Dream Will Do
9. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
10. Memory
11. West Side Story Reprise
12. Summer Time
13. Takes 5
14. Hic-Up Song
15. Tico-Tico

Spell On You ................ CDEMIM 175 2005 EMI
1. Tell Me
2. Spell On You
3. Sabre Dance
4. Smooglanka
5. Two To Tango
6. Jy By My
7. Czardas
8. Chornobryvtsy
9. Ode To Ireland Medley
10. Kinders Van Die Wind
11. Nazdarovje Medley
12. Ek Verlang Na Jou
13. Fly Me To The Moon
14. Spell On You (Dance mix)

is Veronica (viool), Lyuda (trekklavier, stem), Hilandi (kitaar, stem), Anjulie (dubbelbas), Doné (perkussie)

Song of Celebration ....... CDMER 020 2005 MERCHANT/BOWLINE
1. Czardas
2. Smooglanka Hungariun Dance
3. Milonga
4. Sing A Song Of Celebration
5. Hava Medley
6. Jerusalem
7. Acoustic Bash
8. Boere Medley

flyers :
2006 28 Oktober - Zamar, Dorpstraat Teater, Stellenbosch, R70
2006 28 Oktober - Zamar, Die Durbanville Kunskafee
Paarl-Cultivaria-fees, 21-25 September
met Mel Botes, Anna Davel, Chris Chameleon, Laurika Rauch, Dozi, Mathys Roets, Wolfgang Riebe, Kevin Leo, Zamar en Anna Davel, Coenie de Villiers, Theuns Jordaan, David Kramer
2006 13 September - Koos Kombuis met Zamar, Dorpstraat Teater, Stellenbosch
2006 12 September - Koos Kombuis met Zamar, Dorpstraat Teater, Stellenbosch
2006 30 Augustus - Zamar, The Barnyard Theatre, Mosselbaai, R90
2005 08 15, Die Boer, Durbanville Zamar

skakels :


20xx - Boheem! Anna Davel & Zamar

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