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Watkin Tudor Jones Jnr.
(Ninja; WAD:e; MC Totally Rad; Waddy Jones)
(Die Antwoord, MaxNormal.TV, Fuck'n'Rad, The Constructus Corporation, The Original Evergreen)
The Fantastic Kill ............. FKE001 2005 AFRICAN DOPE/LOOPHOLE
1. Super Evil
2. You Are Ok
3. Infinite Kif
4. Bang on the Drum
5. Straight Outa Randburg
6. Burning Desire
7. The Organ Grinder
8. Y Front
9. Fright Biter
10. Visitor
11. Swiss
12. Tam Tam and Lulu
13. Reprogram
14. Sun on my Face
15. World Champion

is MC Totally Rad, DJ Fuck (Sibot) met Sean Ou Tim

Enigmatic mc/ multimedia artist and toymaker Waddy Jones is one of SA's quirkiest and most high profile un-dependent artists. A self-styled pop-terrorist, if he's not pushing the boundaries of SA music, he's definitely pushing the mainstream's buttons with some seriously provocative rhymes. -

Memoirs of a Clone ..... CHAM 001 2001 CHAMELEON RECORDS
1. Good Old Fashion Loving
2. You Talk Too Loud
3. Max Normal
4. If You Don't Feel It
5. Watkin Tudor Jones
6. Precious Things
7. Doing Nothing
8. On the Real
9. Memoirs of a Clone
10. Be Kind to Animals
11. Sleepy Head
12. It's All Over
13. Shaboom

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Krushed & Sorted Re-Hash: African Dope's Greatest Hit kompilasie - Super Evil (2005)
Student Life - The Hottest Summer Tunes kompilasie - Super Evil (2004)

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