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The V.O.D. Archives Vol. II - 'Return to the Great Abyss' - Live '93 & Europe '95-'96 DVD 180min . DVDENT002 2009 ENT ENTERTAINMENTvetseun
1. Welcome To South Africaaargh!!!
2. March Of The V.O.D.
3. Blunt Instrument
4. My Cat's Cock aka My Cat's Kcoc
5. Black Cathedral
6. Deathmarch
7. Don't Fear
8. Legions Of Deaf aka Legions Of Death
9. More Pain
10. Trojan Horse
11. Goodbye
12. The Path
13. Wrath Of Nemesis
14. Stormbringer
15. The Front
16. JMSP
17. A Beast Is Born
18. If I Had A Soul Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3
19. Religion
20. Doom
21. Funeral
22. Bloedrivier
23. Vir Zoe

The Godfathers of South African Metal - unleashed on DVD for the very first time! After a decade's silence, the long anticipated V.O.D. reunion tour hit South Africa in February / March 2009. This renewed focus on the country's most influential Metal band has led to the combining of their two home video releases from '93 & '96, plus two new featurettes on one 3 hour V.O.DVD. VOICE OF DESTRUCTION arose from a turbulent mid-'80s South Africa as an anti-establishment Punk/Hardcore band. By the late-'80s the ever evolving sound had reached its Crosscore height. It was however by the early '90s when its most potent and congruent line-up of Greg, Francois, Diccon and Paul took its final transformation into the Metal act in Africa to which every new band would try and measure up. Always one step ahead of all the hardcore, underground and extreme bands of its time, V.O.D. toured regularly around South Africa. Besides being the first South African Metal band to record an album abroad for their German record label, and embarking on a full European tour in '96, V.O.D. was also one of the first heavy local bands to produce an extensive home video with live footage and general madness ensuing in the year '93, leading up to their 2 year stint abroad. Welcome To South Africaaargh!!! - Live '93, as well as the extended documentation of their European adventure ('96) with additional unseen footage, has been resurrected for this DVD. Besides live footage in South Africa and all across Europe, studio sessions, music videos, on-&off-stage chaos, and life on the road, supplementary material include two new featurettes: A Brief History (a year-by-year rundown of the band's time-line), and Before The Storm (a look at the first rehearsal session after ten years, in preparation for the 2009 reunion tour). The definitive documentary on V.O.D. is currently in pre-production for a 2010 release. Vocalist Francois is also the voice of the band K.O.B.U.S., and drummer Paul one of the key members of TERMINATRYX] Format: DVD - Dual Layer (PAL) Running Time: 3 Hours a Flamedrop Production released by ENT Entertainment.

Bloedrivier Re-Release - 10th Anniversary Edition . CDENT 008 2006 ENT ENTERTAINMENT
1. Bloedrivier
2. Doom
3. A Beautiful Burn
4. Vir Zoe
5. Religion
6. J.M.S.P.
7. Goodbye
8. If I Had A Soul (Part 3)
9. Ring Of Brodgar
10. Needledive
11. Funeral
12. Data track

Bloedrivier............................. MR 026 1996 MORBID
1. Bloedrivier
2. Doom
3. A Beast Is Born
4. Funeral
5. Vir Zoe
6. Religion
7. If I Had A Soul (Part 3)
8. Goodbye
9. J.M.S.P.
10. Ring Of Brodgarvetseun
11. Needledive .

met Paul Blom, Francois Blom, Greg McEvan, Diccon Harper

sonder twyfel dié ondergrondse band in/uit suid-afrika. saam met 'n paar tapes en van die mees omstrede optredes het vod vir hulle 'n stewige naam gemaak lank voor die uitgee van hul cd, bloedrivier. dis nou nie die mees aanbiedbare wêreld musiek nie, nee, dis effens nader aan 'n vragmotor wat deur 'n wêreld musiek band ry, reverse en versnel. oorverdowende kitaar bas en mal dromritmes begelei die stem wat meeste van die tyd in 'n roggelende stem die lirieke skree. nie vir absoluut almal nie, maar vir almal absoluut. ... gaan na die sorgvuldige homepage toe vir alle inligting, prente, samples en derglike soort dekonstruksie goed.
hier onder 'n paar ander uitgawes deur vod, inligting uit internet... volg links..

vod homepage : morbid records : : bnrmetalpages : cah records : tarkusheavymetal : demoniachomepage : za@play-hard to the core : : deathlist(discog) : solardisk : inferno.dlreview :

Xxx Video Vixens Xxx VHS . MRV 01 1996 MORBID
1. Doom
2. Funeral
3. Religion

Voice Of Destruction EP .... MR 021 1995 MORBID
1. If I Had A Soul (Part 1)
2. If I Had A Soul (Part 2)
3. Needledive
4. Jou Ma Se Poes

met Paul Blom, Francois Blom, Greg McEvan, Diccon Harper, (Johan de Jager)

finale. dead. EP (Demo V) . MRxxx 1994 MORBID
1. A Beast Is Born
2. Doom (Instrumenteel)
3. If I Had A Soul (Part 1)
4. If I Had A Soul (Part 2)

Welcome To South Africaaargh!!! : LIVE '93 . VIDEO 01 FLOWER POWER
1. Black Cathedral
2. If I Had A Soul (Parts 1 & 2)
3. Trojan Horse
4. Stormbringer
5. Don't Fear
6. Wrath Of Nemesis
7. Goodbye
8. The Path
9. The Front
10. Blunt Instrument
11. My Cat's Cock
12. Legions Of Deaf
13. V.alve O.ver D.rive
14. Deathmarch
15. Hippy Song
16. J.M.S.P.
17. Macho Man
18. March Of The V.O.D.
19. Interviews throughout
20. Interviews throughout

VOD 91-94 EP/If I Had A Soul EP (Demo IV) xxx 1993 ?INHOUSE RECORDS?
1. If I Had A Soul (Part 1)
2. If I Had A Soul (Part 2)
3. Welcome To South Africaaargh!!!
4. Goodbye
5. Black Cathedral
6. The Front
7. Blunt Instrument
8. Wrath Of Nemesis
9. Don't Fear
10. Legions Of Deaf
11. Trojan Horse
12. Stormbringer
13. Black Cathedral Pt. 1
14. The Path
15. Don't Fear
16. My Cat's Cock
17. March Of The V.O.D.
18. Goodbye

kompilasie van EPs plus If I Had A Soul, wat op die The Death of Africa kompilasie verskyn het.

Black Cathedral (Demo III) TC . MIHHC154 1992 INHOUSE
1. March Of The V.O.D.
2. Stormbringer
3. Goodbye
4. My Cat's Cock
5. Trojan Horse
6. Don't Fear
7. Legions Of Death
8. The Path
9. Valve Overdrive
10. The (Other) Path
11. Black Cathedral
12. Blunt Instrument
13. Wrath Of Nemesis
14. The Front
15. Welcome To South Africaaargh!!!

The Seventh (Demo II) tape . 1990/1992
1. March Of The V.O.D.
2. Stormbringer
3. Goodbye
4. My Cat's Cock
5. Trojan Horse
6. Don't Fear
7. Legions Of Death
8. The Path
9. Valve Overdrive
10. The (Other) Path

met Niel 'Thunder', Stewart Hendry, Greg McEvan, Radley Clack

Snail Little Man, Slowly, Oh So Slowly / Dead (Demo I) TC . 1988
1. Death March
2. The Front
3. From Me To You
4. Cruel Science
5. Snobpunx
6. Anti-Oi
7. Lazy Bastards

Niel 'Thunder' - dromme, Stewart Hendry - stem, Greg McEvan - kitaar, Radley Clack - bas

A Wot (Demo) TC ....... 1986

The Death of Africa kompilasie (1992) : If I Had A Soul


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2015 04 02-06 - Witchfest 2015: Cannibal Corpse, TERMINATRYX, Insek, Mind Assault, Klein Koperaal Farm, Hartebeespoort, R910-R1400

Finally this month the "VOD Archives Vol. II: Live '93 & Europe '95-'96" DVD will be released!

The 3hr DVD contains the classic "Welcome To South Africaaargh!!! - Live '93" and the European documentation over '95-'96 (Originally only released in Europe, USA & Japan as "XXX Video Vixens"). Here it also features additional Euro tour footage never seen before.

Two additional featurettes include an interview with Francois, Diccon and Paul tracking the VOD history from the mid-'80s to the 2009 reunion tour; and a look at VOD's first rehearsal together after a decade in preparation for the South African reunion tour.

It will be available at soon and more info will follow on its availability elsewhere.

2009 March
Ten years after disbanding the legendary South African metal pioneers Voice Of Destruction (also referred to as V.O.D.) will embark on a once-off South African reunion tour during March 2009.

Godfathers of South African Metal Voice Of Destruction was formed in 1986 by guitarist Greg McEwan Marriot, dominated the scene during the South African metal explosion of the 90's, setting a high standard of originality and live performance which immitators and newcomers attempted to follow.

The band performs in and around their native Cape Town, steadily building a loyal following. The demo Snail my Little Man is released in 1988.

By 1991 the band's fanbase grows by leaps and bounds with the release of the very popular The Seventh. 1993 sees the release of the classic If I Had A Soul - Parts 1 & 2 and is followed by the Black Cathedral album, cementing their position as the most popular & influential metal act nationwide.

A slew of newcomers and immitators follow and the South African 90s metal explosion begins.V.O.D. continues to dominate the scene throughout the first half of the decade, constantly on tour, performing to capacity audiences. Finale Dead is released in 1994.

In 1995 V.O.D. signs to German record label Morbid Records and in a pioneering move temporarily relocates to the UK to expand their horizons and fan base. Furthermore the move serves to ensure capturing the band's essence and sound in a production environment not ignorant of its particular requirements.

In 1996 the now legendary Bloedrivier album was recorded at famed Academy Studios (known for it's production of many a classic Heavy Metal album) in Yorkshire, England.

The album release is followed by a full European tour in 1996 covering the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Austria & England. Tour mates are Katatonia (Sweden) and In The Woods (Denmark).

*Bloedrivier saw wide European distribution but was only available to South Africans through import. In 2006, the 10th Anniversary of the album, a special edition is released locally through ENT Entertainment. Titled The VOD Archives Vol.I - Bloedrivier Special Edition the album includes a host of bonus material.

Upon their return to SA the band perfoms a thunderous two consecutive nights at the 1998 Oppikoppi festival. In 1999 V.O.D. performs their last live show at the Woodstock Festival after which the various members goes on to pursue their individual careers, notably vocalist Francois Breytenbach Blom with the 2008 SAMA award winning band K.O.B.U.S.

...vocalist Francois Breytenbach Blom - K.O.B.U.S.
...drummer Paul André Blom - TERMINATRYX.
...bassist Diccon Harper - Pagan Altar (UK)
...guitarist Greg McEwan Marriott - The Footprint, editor

Since disbanding in 1999 the group had constantly received requests to perform again but due to either geographic division or the individual commitments of the four members a reunion seemed unlikely. But now a limited timeframe is available - March 2009, one month during which the four members are all free to regroup and commit to a nationwide reunion tour.

Voice Of Destruction Reunion Tour 2009
2009 02 27-03 01 - V.O.D., Ramfest, Worcester
2009 03 06 - V.O.D., Zeplin's, Pretoria
2009 03 07 - V.O.D., The Doors, Edenvale
2009 03 27 - V.O.D., Klein Libertas Teater, Stellenbosch
2009 03 28 - V.O.D., The Assembly, Kaapstad

This will be the last chance to witness the frenetic energy of the legendary V.O.D. live.
The tour marks the 23rd anniversary of the band's formation and is accompanied by the release of their 2nd retrospective compilation: The VOD Archives Vol.II - Return to the Great Abyss.

The release will feature a collection of V.O.D. classics, among them the epic If I Had A Soul saga, Black Cathedral and March of the V.O.D. as well as a DVD collection of rare music videos and historical footage.

VOD home
VOD on Facebook - info, photos, videos & more


Voice Of Destruction Reunion Tour 2009
2009 02 27 - VOD, Ramfest, Worcester
2009 03 06 - VOD, Zeplin's, Pretoria
2009 03 07 - VOD, The Doors, Edenvale
2009 03 27 - VOD, Klein Libertas Teater, Stellenbosch
2009 03 28 - VOD, The Assembly, Cape Town

2009 03 06 - VOD, Zeplin's, Pretoria
2009 03 07 - VOD, The Doors with special guest Agro, Edenvale, R50
2009 03 28 - Final Performance Reunion Tour 2009: Voice Of Destruction with special guests Mind Assault, Assembly, Cape Town

2009 02 27-03 01 - Ramfest III: Lark, Fokofpolisiekar, aKING, Battery 9, Bed On Bricks, Taxi Violence, Van Coke Kartel, The Dirty Skirts, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Foto Na Dans, Die Antwoord (aka MaxNormal.TV), V.O.D, Kidofdoom and many more Reggae, Electro and Metal Acts plus 2nd SA Air Guitar Championship, Nekkies Resort, Worcester, Cape Town - - - Hunter's



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