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Victor van Wyk
Stemme van Verlange . VLCD 5210 2003 TRIO RECORDS
1. Foolish Dreams
2. Snare Van Verlange
3. Karnaval
4. Now It's Over
5. Rooi Motorfiets
6. Waarom Verlaat Jy My
7. New At This Hotel
8. Land Van Melk En Heuning
9. Mensekennis
10. The One Who Really Loves You
11. Groot Klomp Kabeljou
12. As Die Oupa Kom Sit In Jou Hare
13. Since You Left Me
14. Jy Het Haar Bruin Oë
15. Love Me Or Leave Me

My Keuse LP .................... VLP(B) 5034 VENUS/TRIO RECORDS
- Ek Kom Terug >>>

I'll Return LP ....................VLP 5020 1983 VENUS
Side A:
1. Touch Me
2. Poor Little Rich Girl
3. I'll Return
4. Sit Here And Cry
5. What Am I Living For
Side B:
1. All The Gold In California
2. She Wears My Ring
3. The Hurtin' In His Eyes
4. A Fool Forever
5. For Our Wedding

All The Gold In California / Sit Here And Cry 7" . VPS 117 1983 VENUS/TRC
Side One:
1. All The Gold In California (Composed by L. Gatlin)
Side Two:
1. Sit Here And Cry (Composed by T. Joshua, D. Bekker)

(From His LP "I'll Return" VLP 5020)

A New Day Broke LP ........... VLP 5016 VENUS
- A new day broke through all around me, I met the Master. -
Side One:
1. My Family
2. Peace In The Valley
3. I Will See Her Again
4. Gods Calling You
5. Known Only To Him
Side Two:
1. Stand By Me
2. The Love Of Jesus
3. Beyond The Sunset
4. I Met The Master
5. What Heaven Means To Me

Peace In The Valley / I Will See Her Again 7" . VPS 114 VENUS
Side One:
1. Peace In The Valley (T.A. Dorsey)
Side Two:
1. I Will See Her Again (V. van Wyk)

Produced by Gavin Gibb
Arrangements by Nic Labuschagne

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