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Tori Amos
American Doll Posse . CDEPC7017 2007 EPIC
1. Yo George
2. Big Wheel
3. Bouncing Off Clouds
4. Teenage Hustling
5. Digital Ghost
6. You Can Bring Your Dog
7. Mr. Bad Man
8. Fat Slut
9. Girl Disappearing
10. Secret Spell
11. Devils And Gods
12. Body And Soul
13. Father's Son
14. Programmable Soda
15. Code Red
16. Roosterspur Bridge
17. Beauty Of Speed
18. Almost Rosey
19. Velvet Resolution
20. Dark Side Of The Sun
21. Posse Bonus
22. Smokey Joe
23. Dragon

One of the most outspoken, creative singer/songwriters of our time returns with her ninth studio album and she's brought company. AMERICAN IDOL POSSE features Tori Amos in a way we,ve never heard her: as five distinc characters who combine to make a complete woman. The characters showed up when Tori began creating songs on her now famous Bosendorfer piano.
They include Isabel, (HisTORIcal), the most political of the bunch. She opens the album with "Yo George" and closes it with the anti-war anthem "Dark Side Of The Sun". Pip (ExpiraTORIail) swaggers her way through the driving "Teenage Hustling" and duets with another character Santa on the rollicking "Body And Soul".
And of course, there's Tori (TerraTORIles), who is front and centre on "Big Wheel" and the dreamy "Digital Ghost". Tori recorded the album in her own Martian Engineering Studios in Cornwall, England. AMERICAN DOLL POSSE is Tori's 9th studio album and the follow-up to THE BEEKEEPER...

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