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The Rudimentals
Set it Proper ........................... RUD 002 BOWLINE
1. Radio Skaweto
2. Testing 1...2
3. Rudi's Tale
4. Turning Up The Heat
5. Boo Jangles
6. Rudeboys
7. London Sux
8. Woodstock
9. Wear A Hat
10. Runaway Child
11. Runaway Dub
12. Rop

Skanking at a fine clip, Set It Proper is righteously rudeboy whilst adding an Afro lick to the group's inherently Ska-dancehall flavour, something which has forged favour with 1000's of fans in Cape Town.
Consisting of nine diverse parts, the Rudimentals' youngest member is 22, its oldest has been playing pro for 25 years and the band also consists of a former SA skateboarding champ, musician-philosophers and a fat horn section featuring UCT School of Music Masters.
Based on this diversity it is clear that the extroverted and talented individuals of The Rudimentals let it all hang tight - youth blends with experience into a fiery surge of sound associated with an uninhibited, universal appeal.
Ska is the fundamental predecessor of reggae with a trashy up-beat (made famous by Desmond Decker in the 50's and re-discovered by the likes of Madness in the 80's) and with its infectious beats has remained a resurgent music genre to this day.
The bizness of skank: Self-financed by the group, Set It Proper is produced by Rudimentals' trombonist, dreadlocked Ross Macdonald (22) a music genius who has been on stage since age 12 and acquired his Masters in Music at UCT last year.
As such, Set It Proper is both raucously rudeboy as well as musically refined with airy, spacey dub sitting alongside radio-friendly Ska-pop, a flash of reggae and jive hybrid which, at the risk of labeling, has been fashioned into a form of Afro-ska.
The first music video from Set It Proper is Wear A Hat and is set for national television upon release of the album.
About playing Live: "We have a passion for playing live. It's serious fun on stage as we have no idea what's going to happen next. Every performance is completely different to the previous one in the way we tackle a set. We hate nothing except staleness", says lead singer Teboes.

skakels :

2013 11 24 - Park Acoustics: Jack Daniel's Main Stage: Matthew Mole, Napalma, Mix n Blend, The Rudimentals, aKING, Mango Groove, BOS Acoustics Stage: Tyre Fire, Glen Hartmann, Grapes, The Oh So Serious, Ballistic Blues, Sannie Fox, Red Huxley, Chill Zone Stage: Kid Robot, Truant, Yanoss, Sassquatch, Mr. Sakitumi, Electronica Stage: Michael Lesar, Tommy Gun, Niskerone, Sunset Comedy Stage: John Vlismas, Mpho "Popps" Modikoane, Ndumiso Lindi, Voortrekker Monument, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 10:00, R120, R200, - Jack Daniel's - Park Acoustics - Voortrekkermonument - Brent Black Studios

2006 12 06 - Kit A Kid 4 School Live Concert: BVK - Brasse Vannie Kaap, Rudimentals, Rogue State Alliance, Godessa, Black Noise, Tumi (of Tumi & The Volume), DJ Papercut, Claire Phillips, Insense In Stereo & many more... Hosted by Oscar Peterson & David Isaacs (Joe Barber), Mercury Live, Cape Town, 21:00, Donations

2006 11 24 & 25 - Klipdrift Robertson Rocks Music Festival: Koos Kombuis, Fokofpolisiekar, DNA Strings, Valiant Swart, Lark, Bed On Bricks, Taxi Violence, Dirty Skirts, Hog Hoggidy Hog, The Rudimentals, Lukraaketaar, Southern Gypsey Queen, Delta Blue, Boulevard Blues, Skallabrak, Zinkplaat, Verismo, Dream Soda, The Allstar Funk Four, Corné & Twakkie From "The Most Amazing Show", The Robertson Show Grounds, Weekend Ticket, R180 - Klipdrift

2005 04 08 - The Gif Appel Festival: Slagyster, Trompie Is Dood, Plofmot, Rudimentals, Emo Kid Josh, Kallitz, Misdaad Kinders, Zinkplaat, Hidden Cellar, Stellenbosch, 19:00, R40
2005 04 09 - The Gif Appel Festival: Hog Hoggidy Hog, Half Price, Neshamah, Tonight We Die, Armour For Nightmares, Black India, Doppler Effect, Antipathy, Captain Stu & The Llama's, Impropriety, Lovehunter, Hidden Cellar, Stellenbosch, 14:00, R40 -

2005 04 26 - Freedom Fest: The Real Estate Agents, Half Price, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Fokofpolisiekar, The Rudimentals, special guest Black India, Grim Tiny, Warehouse, Kaapstad

2005 02 26 - The Knife Fight Festival 2005: The SlashDogs, Neshamah, Fokofpolisiekar, Impropriety, The Narrow, Emokidjosh, Tonight We Die, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Antipathy, Roswell Kings, ATFN, Toyland, Left For Dead, Cannon To A Whisper, Love Hunter, Pulled From Six Feet, Armor For Nightmares, The Rudimentals, 3 Arts Theatre, Plumstead, 12:00, R60

2004 04 08, 09 - Gif Appel festival: The Rudimentals, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Neshamah, Kallitz, Tonight We Die, Lovehunter, Plofmot, Zinkplaat, Trompie Is Dood, Half Price, Captain Stu, Misdaad Kinders, Black India, Antipathy, Doppler Effect, Emo Kid Josh, Impropriety, Armour For Nightmares, Slagyster, Hidden Cellar, Stellenbosch, 19:00, R40 - blunt -

2004 02 21 - The Knife Fight Festival: Ghost, Half Price, The Narrow, Sacraphyx, The Rudimentals, The Watermark High, Tonight We Die, Sibling Rivalry, Pet Flyz, Perfect Day, 7th Breed, Neshamah, Emokidjosh, Fokofpolisiekar, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Toyland + The final of the gun fight, The Lemon Connection, Bellville, 10:00, R50 -

2004 02 06-08 - Savanna Up The Creek Festival 2004: Arno Carstens' New Porn, Freshly Ground, Rudimentals, Flat Stanley, Delta Blue, Godessa, Albert Frost Trio, Happyfourtwenty, Boulevard Blues Band, Tumi & The Volume, Moodphase5ive, Wonderboom, Bed On Bricks, Jack Hammer, DNA Strings, Fokofpolisiekar, Hog Hoggidy Hog, African Rhythm Travellers, Breakfast Included, Comedy (Dave Levinsohn, Cokey Falkow, Alan Adams, Chris Forrest, The Most Amazing Show, Breede Rivier, Swellendam

2004 01 16 - Rudimentals, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Fokofpolisiekar, Half Price, DJ Cookbook playing Ska/Punk tunes, Dirty Dicks, Hout Bay, 20:00, R30

2003 06 05 - Hog Hoggidy Hog CD Release Party with special guests Rudimentals & Fokofpolisiekar, MC Cokey Falkow & DJ King Skasa, From PRetoria), 3 Arts Theater, Main Rd, Plumstead, 20:00, R30 - Wildfire Body Piercing Clinic - Circus Ninja

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