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The ICENI Children's Choir
Nursery Rhyme Time LP . MFP 54516 1973 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
Side One:
1. Girls and Boys
2. Animals l
3. Food
4. London
Side Two:
1. Animals ll
2. Sing High Sing Low (Alphabet)
3. King and Queens
4. Counting
5. Trees and Flowers

wrth Derek Hammond-Stroud, Audrey Attwood and The ICENI Children's Choir
Conducted by Norman James
Sing High, Sing Low and One,Two, Buckle My Shoe composed by Gordon Langford
All other nursery rhymes arranged by Gordon Langford

When it is Nursery Rhyme Time, there are hundreds of songs to choose from, but we have chosen mostly well-known ones, with one or two unusual verses which tickled our fancy. There is something here for children of all ages; they begin by just listening, and perhaps adding their own sound effects. Then they will join in the simple tunes like 'Ding, Dong, Bell', and soon they will know the words even of the long ones telling a story like 'A frog he would a-wooing go'. There are plenty that can be acted, like 'Here we go round the mulberry bush', and there are two rounds, with Derek Hammond-Stroud to explain how to sing them. There is an Alphabet song, and as we have written some new words for this, we have printed them here.
Parents as well as children will be delighted by the presentation of the Nursery Rhymes, which are sung simply, accompanied by a small orchestra in enchanting arrangements by Gordon Langford. - omslag

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