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The Finkelstiens
The Finkelstiens vs Rock 'n Roll . SOVCD027 2006 SOVEREIGN
1. Rock 'n Roll
2. I Wish
3. I Don't Need This
4. Stick In The Mud
5. If We Believe
6. No Matter What...You Were There
7. I'm A Product Of A Jaded Generation (Sorry)
8. Let's Forget
9. Dark Days
10. Anything
11. Loved To Death
12. L.S.O.
13. It's True
14. Good Life

Pop/rock trio The Finkelstiens releases their new 14-track album 'The Finkelstiens vs Rock 'n Roll', which includes 'Good Life', which reached #2 on the 5FM Top 40, and the single 'Rock 'n Roll'.
The band had the following to say: "On our last album, we experimented with a heavier sound vocally and, in the process, we realized that it wasn't us. With these new songs we've gone back to what we feel we do best - upbeat pop rock. Of our three albums, The Finkelstiens vs Rock 'n Roll probably has the most diverse sound across the different songs. Across all the songs, however, we've tried to keep our pop sensibilities as the main focus and keep our melodies and hooks as catchy as possible.
We're not trying to re-invent any wheels in the process - we just want to keep refining our sound and keep making catchy music. We feel that we've taken a step in the right direction with this album ... Oh, and we stole melodies and hooks left, right and centre from just about every rock band that exists. Hopefully no-one will notice, but if they do, we'll just kill them."

The Finkelstiens EP ... SOVCD022 2005 SOVEREIGN
1. Ok
2. Fragile
3. Tomorrow
4. Scattered Memories
5. Please
6. By Hope
7. The Greatest Treasure
8. Remember
9. Broken
10. Desperately
11. My Own Anthem
12. Since You Left

Dawning Of A New Error .. SOVCD016 SOVEREIGN
1. Ahem
2. Find It's You
3. Geek
4. QQ Me
5. Have You
6. Sunshine
7. 1 & Only
8. Let It Go
9. Never
10. Waiting For You
11. Financing Bob
12. Today

skakels :

2007 06 16 - LFCC + The City Of Joburg presents Party In The Carpark '07: The Finkelstiens, Straatligkinders, Little Falls Christian Centre, Johannesburg, 14:00

2004 04 10 - Kaktus Oppi Vlaktes: Valiant Swart, Mandoza, Ddisselblom, Koos Kombuis, Brasse Vannie Kaap, Max Normal, Fokofpolisiekar, Godessa, Kobus!, Kristoe Strauss, Bed On Bricks, The Finkelstiens, Oudtshoorn - sien website vir program

2004 04 09-11 - Oppikoppi "I checked the level; the level is fine for me"- Easter Festival Festival met Dan Patlansky and the Mississippi Muthers, Jack Hammer, The Narrow, Valiant Swart, Prime Circle, Akkedis, Ravis Regis and Louis Mhlanga, The Finkelstiens, Piet Planter, Laurie Levine, Duck & Cover, Peepshow, Soil 7T7, Auriel's Habit, Stefan Dixon, Anika, Brixton Moord en Roof, Little Oblivion, Gordon's Suitcase, Loose Cannon, Northam, PTA -

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