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2022 09 03 - Metal4Africa: TERMINATRYX, Metronome, Cape Town, R150, R180, R200

TERMINATRYX - We Come In Peace (Modern-e-Quartet Remix) LIRIEK VID >>> (2022)

TERMINATRYX - Absinthium VID >>> (2021)

TERMINATRYX - SleepWalkers (iRONic Remix) VID >>> (2021)

TERMINATRYX - Celludroid 2021 Film Festival Trailer met "Venus Rising" Remix VID >>> (2021)

TERMINATRYX - The Love Song (Jekyll & Hyde Remix) VID >>> (2021)

TERMINATRYX - Holy (The Frixion Remix) LIRIEK VID >>> (2021)

TERMINATRYX - VIRUS: 3rd Wave (Live at Mayday!) VID >>> (2021)

TERMINATRYX - Shadow (Live) VID >>> (2021)

TERMINATRYX - Metropolis (F8 Remix) VID >>> (2021)

TERMINATRYX - Black No. 1 (Type O Negative Unplugged Cover Version) VID >>> (2021)

TERMINATRYX - Go! (Heist Edition) VID >>> (2021)

TERMINATRYX - MAYDAY! Free Live Show VID >>> (2021)

TERMINATRYX - Virus: 3rd Wave LIRIEK VID >>> (2021)

TERMINATRYX - Virus: 3rd Wave (Teaser) VID >>> (2021)

2021 04 02 - TERMINATRYX "Virus: 3rd Wave" SINGLE LAUNCH
vetseunLAAI AF
Virus: 3rd Wave CDS ...................... 2021

TERMINATRYX - PuriFire (ReWired version of the IN MISERY Remix) VID >>> (2021)
- HORRORFEST 'Ghost In The Machine' Theme Song

Our friend and SA alt music legend Paul Riekert (Battery 9) recently had a brush with death after a serious medical crisis.
To help assist with the exorbitant medical cost, we compiled this 3-track FIX THE MACHINE EP consisting of the Afrikaans Terminatryx songs Paul remixed / collabbed on across the years.
They include:
1. Masjien-Machine (Sementkop Remix by Battery 9) - From the 2017 Terminatryx "Remix v2.0" album
2. Suiker (special guest vocals by Paul Riekert) - Terminatryx 2020 pre-album single release
3. Siek + Sat (Artillerie Mix by Battery 9) - From the 2011 Terminatryx "Remix v1.0" album

All proceeds from this $9 EP will go towards Paul's medical fund and if you're able to contribute more, it will be greatly appreciated.

More details can also be checked out at

TERMINATRYX - "Holy" Live (with guests Francois Blom & Theo Crous) VID >>> (2020)

vetseunLAAI AF
Fix The Machine EP .......................... 2020
1. Masjien-Machine (Sementkop Mix by Battery 9)
2. Suiker (special guest Paul Riekert)
3. Siek + Sat (Artillirie Remix by Battery 9)

TERMINATRYX - Terminatryx (full 2008 self-titled debut album with lyrics) VID >>> (2020)

TERMINATRYX - "Metropolis" VID >>> (2020)

vetseunLAAI AF
Suiker CDS ........................................ 2019

vetseunLAAI AF
Blame CDS ........................................ 2019

vetseunLAAI AF
Destroy CDS ...................................... 2019

vetseunLAAI AF
Scars (Grimehouse Remix - ReWired) CDS . 2019

TERMINATRYX - Masjien-Machine (Sementkop Remix by Battery 9) VID >>> (2018)

vetseunLAAI AF
REMYX v2.0 ......................................... 2017
1. Metropolis (The F8 Moloch Remix)
2. Holy (The Frixion Remix)
3. Scars (Grimehouse Remix)
4. Masjien-Machine (Sementkop Remix by Battery 9)
5. Shadow (Industriezone Remix)
6. Gone (Khemical Krypt Remix)
7. Purifire (In Misery Remix)
8. Purifire (Isobel Acoustyx Version)
9. Outcast (Mr. Sakitumi Remix)
10. Medusa (iRONic Remix)
11. When Doves Cry

vetseunLAAI AF
Ontvlugting (Escape) CDS .............. 2017

TERMINATRYX - Medusa (iRONic Remix) VID >>> (2017)

vetseunLAAI AF
Medusa (iRONic Remix) CDS ........ 2017

vetseunLAAI AF
Scars (Grimehouse Remix) CDS ... 2017

vetseunLAAI AF
Gone (Khemical Krypt Remix) CDS . 2017

TERMINATRYX - Ontvlugting VID >>> (2016)
- sien Die Kind Is Nog Jonger kompilasie LP

TERMINATRYX - Siek + Sat (Artillirie Remix) Live - special guest Paul Riekert (Battery 9) VID >>> (2016)
- VIDEO VAN DIE DAG 2021/05/24

Lucky 13: Anthology I ........................ 2015
1. Metropolis *
2. Scars *
3. Midnight (The Awakening Remix) **
4. Up To You ***
5. Shadow *
6. SleepWalkers (iRONic Remix) **
7. We Come In Peace ***
8. Virus (Axxon Remix) **
9. Outcast *
10. Gone *
11. Maciste Descends (Makabra Ensemble) **
12. Medusa *
13. Absinthium (Mr. Sakitumi Remix) **

* from the 2014 album "Shadow" ** from the 2011 album "Remyx v1.0" *** from the 2008 album "Terminatryx"

vetseunLAAI AF
Medusa CDS ..................................... 2015

TERMINATRYX - Gone VID >>> (2014)

TERMINATRYX - Shadow VID >>> (2014)

vetseunLAAI AF
Shadow ............................................... 2014
1. Metropolis
2. Holy
3. Scars
4. Masjien
5. Shadow
6. Gone
7. Purifire
8. Nothing
9. Outcast
10. Medusa
11. Shadow (Industriezone Remix)

TERMINATRYX - Obsession VID >>> (2012)

TERMINATRYX - Midnight (The Awakening Remix) VID >>> (2012)

TERMINATRYX - Virus (Uncensored) VID >>> (2011)

vetseunLAAI AFvetseun
REMYX V 1.0 ............... CDENT 015 2011 ENT ENTERTAINMENT
1. Venus Rising remix by - Industriezone (Austria)
2. CONsume remix by - Martin Degville & Lloyd Price - Sigue Sigue Sputnik (UK)
3. Virus remix by - Axxon (South Africa)
4. Midnight remix by - Ashton Nyte / THE AWAKENING (USA / RSA)
5. Sleepwalkers remix by - iRONic (South Africa)
6. Tabloid Android remix by - TERMINATRYX Acoustyx (South Africa)
7. Symbionik remix by - Sheep On Drugs (UK)
8. We Come In Peace remix by - Modern-E-Quartet (Greece)
9. Up To You remix by - NuL (South Africa)
10. The Love Song (Not A Love Song Remix) remix by - Jekyll & Hyde (South Africa)
11. Siek + Sat (Artillerie Remix) remix by - Battery 9 (South Africa)
12. Absinthium remix by - Mr. Sakitumi - Sean Ou Tim (South Africa)
13. Obsession (Holly Knight & Michael Des Barres cover) by - TERMINATRYX (South Africa)
14. Maciste Descends by - (TERMINATRYX movie soundtrack project) - The Makabra Ensemble
15. Siek + Sat (Undead On Speed Remix) remix by - TERMINATRYX - (South Africa)

Nosferatu DVD film/klankbaan . DVDENT001 2008 ENT ENTERTAINMENT/IRIS

In 1922 German director FW Murnau released Nosferatu - Eine Symphonie des Grauens, his adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, a tale of vampires and immortal love. Together with cinematographer Fritz Wagner they created a cinematic milestone of expressionist filmmaking, mesmerizing audiences well into the next century. The striking unforgettable lead vampire was played by Max Schreck.
In 2005 Paul Blom and Sonja Ruppersberg launched the annual South African Horrorfest Film Festival and at each event include a silent Horror classic film whilst performing a brand new original live soundtrack, created via their Industrial-Metal project TERMINATRYX.
Joining TERMINATRYX on stage were Matthijis Van Dijk (from Dawntreader on violin), Francois Blom (from Kobus! & VOD on programming & keyboards), Simon Ratcliffe (on upright bass, theremin & flute) and Sean Ou Tim (electronic percussion & samples) - the latter two artists both originally from the band Lark.
This special release, features this great new soundtrack together with additional TERMINATRYX material.

TERMINATRYX - "Siek + Sat" VID >>> (2008)

vetseunLAAI AFLAAI AFvetseun
1. Venus Rising
2. Consume
3. Virus
4. Midnight
5. Sleepwalkers
6. Tabloid Android
7. Symbionik
8. We Come In Peace
9. Up To You
10. The Love Song
11. Siek + Sat
12. Absinthium

Enhanced CD segment includes music video for Midnight and a web link.

TERMINATRYX - Midnight (New audio mix) VID >>> (2008)

First Fix - The pre-production sampler .

skakels : : :


2021 10 22 - TERMINATRYX, Horrorfest Interview, 19:00

2021 06 11 - TERMINATRYX, Static Desires,

2021 05 01 - TERMINATRYX May Day!, Youtube - Flamedrop Productions - Bothners

2021 04 02 - TERMINATRYX "Virus: 3rd Wave" SINGLE LAUNCH

20xx 12 19 - The Nightmare Before Christmas: TERMINATRYX, plus vele meer..., Gandalf's & ROAR

20xx 11 06 - TERMINATRYX, Mind Assault, The Damned Crows, A Murder, Mercury Live, Gratis

2015 05 11 - Welcome To The Carnival: TERMINATRYX, With Dawn, Coded, Beeldenstorm, Devilspeak, Megalodon, Conduit, Ohgod, Animus Fall, Subject To Slaughter, R50

2015 03 04 - Ministry, TERMINATRYX, The Slashdogs, Carfax Newtown, Johannesburg, R500

2015 04 02-06 - Witchfest 2015: Cannibal Corpse, TERMINATRYX, Insek, Mind Assault, Klein Koperaal Farm, Hartebeespoort, R910-R1400

2014 06 13 - TERMINATRYX "Shadow" VIDEO LAUNCH,, The Royal Banquet Event

TERMINATRYX will be taking on their next studio album (and 5th release to date) and need your help to make it a reality, your contributions rewarded with amazing perks from pre-release downloads, signed CDs, and custom TERMINATRYX-linked Wolf Clothing, to WildFire Piercings and Tattoos, TERMINATRYX decal guitars, executive producer credit, private live shows and much more.

The band enters a new sonic dimension with "Shadow", co-produced by renowned South African producer / engineer / mixer Theo Crous.

To get things rolling, we've made the album's title tracks available for FREE on Soundcloud! -

Music videos will also make a part of this campaign funding, and the album cover design will be handled by Dr-Benway.

Become instrumental in the creation of "Shadow", the exciting new studio album by South Africa's formidable female-fronted musical force, TERMINATRYX, by joining them with their Indie Go Go crowd funding campaign! Some super-cool perks are attached for contributors.
Head to for all details.


2014 04 13 - Blood Moon Celebration: Free Download of frist single "Shadow" at

2010 06 05 - The Revolution Starts Here: TERMINATRYX, Axxon & DJs, Phoenix Lounge, Claremont, Cape Town

2010 12 20 - TERMINATRYX NOSFERATU Live Soundtrack and DVD LAUNCH, Lark, Dawntreader, K.O.B.U.S., V.O.D, Gandalf's complex

Saturday 20 December, 9pm @ R.O.A.R.
(299 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town), R30

The unique & historic TERMINATRYX DVD is a South African first, and will be launched on Saturday 20 December, combined with the launch of the dark & luscious Path Of Sin Fetish Calendar.
TERMINATRYX and THE WARINSANE will be performing live, giving the audience a barrage of electronically infused Industrial-Metal, and Heavy Metal respectively.
This all-encompassing alternative event will go down at the R.O.A.R. / Gotham / Gandalf's complex with multiple dance floors (and of course the two live bands), encompassing everything from Industrial and Metal to Gothic and EBM.
Don't be shy to dress the part!
(Expect the customary drink specials)
Five months after the critically acclaimed self-titled TERMINATRYX album release, this unique phenomenon in the South African music scene has again gone an unpredictable route.
The 2-hour "TERMINATRYX / NOSFERATU" DVD is as unconventional as this Cape Town based, female-fronted Industrial-Metal band. The DVD does not only contain music videos, live clips, and photo galleries, but also includes the dark short film imPERFECTION (made by the band and featuring their music).
Besides the engrossing music contained therein, the crown jewel of this distinctive package is the inclusion of the full 1922 silent vampire classic film NOSFERATU, with the new original TERMINATRYX soundtrack as performed live at its 2006 South African HORRORFEST Film Festival screening (with very special guests from the bands LARK, DAWNTREADER, K.O.B.U.S. & V.O.D).
This is the first time an alternative/extreme S.A. band has release a DVD containing a movie with their soundtrack.
The reversible DVD cover allows you to display either TERMINATRYX or Nosferatu.
The PATH OF SIN Fetish Calendar
Path of Sin is South Africa's premium online Fetish, Bondage, Goth and Metal leather accessories store.
The Path Of Sin 2009 Fetish Calendar promises to be the sexiest calendar of the New Year, the calendar feature international Fetish/Alternative models like:
- Lilith Ave Satanas (Bizarre Mag,, Viva La Bam, etc)
- Kindra RavenMoon (Gothic Beauty, Elle - Canada, Satanic Sluts, etc)
- SinWhore (Bloody Vixens, Deadly Creations, Satanic Sluts, etc) ...and many more models in various stages of dress and undress.
Please note this calendar has an age restriction of 18 (nudity and suggestive content)
TERMINATRYX DVDs, CDs & T-shirts, and PATH OF SIN calendars will be on sale at the venue.

Facebook Event:
Official TERMINATRYX site:
TERMINATRYX Facebook Group:
Official PATH OF SIN site:
R.O.A.R. Facebook Group:
TERMINATRYX on-line CD orders:


TERMINATRYX (pronounced: "terminaytrix")
DVD Launch: 20 December @ ROAR, Lower Main Rd., Observatory, Cape Town
(in conjunction with the Path Of Sin fetish calendar launch)

Five months after the critically acclaimed self-titled TERMINATRYX album release, this unique phenomenon in the South African music scene has again gone an unpredictable, unconventional route.
On Halloween 2008 TERMINATRYX released their first DVD, "TERMINATRYX / NOSFERATU". For the first time ever in South Africa an Alternative/Extreme band fuses with an historic cinematic classic.
This 2-hour package does not only contain music videos, live clips, biogs, photo galleries and extras as expected, but also includes the dark short film imPERFECTION (made by the band and featuring their music). vetseun
Besides the engrossing music contained herein, the crown jewel of this distinctive package is the inclusion of the full 1922 silent vampire classic film NOSFERATU, with the new TERMINATRYX soundtrack as performed live at its 2006 South African HORRORFEST Film Festival screening (with very special guests Sean & Simon from LARK, Francois from K.O.B.U.S. & V.O.D, and Matthijs from DAWNTREADER).
The blend of Industrial soundscapes, ominous vocal moods, and dark energy also includes instrumentation ranging from upright bass, woodwinds, and theremin, to live percussion samples, sound FX, electric violin and metal guitars - breathing new life into this phenomenal, timeless motion picture of vampires and immortal love.
This is the first time a South African band has released a DVD containing a feature film with their soundtrack, furthermore expanding the TERMINATRYX identity as far from lackluster.

TERMINATRYX / NOSFERATU content includes:

A special press launch will be held.
For any additional information, stills, interviews etc., contact TERMINATRYX on:

Other web links:

supported SHEEP ON DRUGS from the UK this past weekend, and will be doing the same with European act VNV NATION during their Cape Town stop-over at the Goth Industrial Gathering 2008, this Friday.

Friday 22 Augustvetseun

TERMINATRYX and VNV NATION (plus Ankst & Winter Soul) at The GOTH INDUSTRIAL GATHERING (Tafelberg Tavern, off Hope Street, Gardens) - doors open 7pm / first band on at 8pm sharp!
Booking info:
Facebook Event:
TERMINATRYX CDs and T-shirts will be on sale at the venue, with WildFire Tattoo or Piercing vouchers for the first 10 items sold!
The TERMINATRYX track "Up To You" will be on the cover CD of the next Purity Magazine, incl. a Q&A with lead vocalist Sonja.
The self-titled TERMINATRXY album is available in stores, including indie shops like Mabu Vinyl, High Five, The African Music Store, & Revolution Records in Cape Town, and High Fidelity in Gauteng.
On-line album orders: :
TERMINATRYX Facebook Group: http://www.facebook....

Join TERMINATRYX on Friday 4th JULY at the legendary LABIA Theatre for the launch of their long anticipated album - on stage and on the big screen!

This Double Feature of a different kind will see the TERMINATRYX multi-media audio-visual live performance followed by a free sneak preview of the forthcoming werewolf movie SKINWALKERS, two weeks before its official countrywide Ster Kinekor cinematic release.

The key configuration of Sonja and Paul (also of V.O.D, F8, and ex-KOBUS) will be joined on stage by additional musicians Patrick (Mind Assault) and Ronnie (ex-Grämlich & -Revellus). Seats are limited for this once-off double feature spectacular - booking essential.
Booking opens from 1 July at The Labia Theatre (021 424 5927) - or e-mail for more info (

TERMINATRYX CDs and merchandise will be on sale + WildFire tattoo and piercing vouchers with the first 10 albums sold.

The Labia is a licensed venue and drinks from the bar can be taken into the theatre.

TERMINATRYXalbum was released by ENT Entertainment mid-May 2008 - if your record store does not stock it, demand it!
Distributed by IRIS - catalog # CDENT 010

Also available from indie stores like High Fidelity (JHB), Mabu Vinyl (CT) and on-line stores including: (also takes international orders)
TERMINATRYX (pronounced: "terminaytrix")

The long awaited TERMINATRYX album is set for a May 2008 release through ENT Entertainment, South Africa - distributed by IRIS (cat. no. CDENT 010).
The TERMINATRYX sound is a unique one in the South African musical milieu with the combination of striking vocalist Sonja Ruppersberg and the music of extreme music veteran Paul Blom (V.O.D, F8, and SAMA winners K.O.B.U.S.) blending into an Industrial-Metal soundscape rarely found in this country.
In addition there are many musical elements subtly filtering through across the diverse songs, from Alternative-, Hard Core- and Punk flavours, to Electronic-, Dark Wave- and Gothic hints.vetseun
From the start TERMINATRYX never attempted to sound like anyone out there, developing a sound all their own with inspiration coming from cinematic moods rather than other musical references.
The undercurrent of the fusion-, symbiosis- and corruption of man & technology is illustrated and supplemented with subjects ranging from socio-political issues, individualism & independent thought, consumerism, a critical tirade in Afrikaans, a love song alternative, biological- and viral infection, alien visitation, instrumentals and more.
Reacting on the state of the world (and beyond), there is no mincing of words.
With a natural aversion to cheap commercial sentiments and a blind consumer society, TERMINATRYX is truly a unique South African audio adventure, looking at the world with a satirical eye as they take the listener through a juxtaposed range of sonic intensity and calm, merging technology with the organic in a David Cronenberg vs H.R Giger trip.
Produced by Paul, the track elements were re-recorded in February 2008 at Flamedrop Productions (with many of the original segments recorded since 2003 retained).
All of the songs are original creations with Sonja and Paul also acting as executive producers.
Early March 2008 Paul joined Simon "Fuzzy" Ratcliffe across a 10-day period at Sound & Motion Studios where mixing commenced. The final mastering was done late-March.
Fuzzy also guests on the instrumental track ABSINTHIUM with upright bass and a variety of exotic flutes, adding an organic emotional element to the predominantly electronically programmed backbone of the track.
Another guest includes original guitarist Tom Somers with lead segments on SLEEPWALKERS and WE COME IN PEACE.
Jenna Bird added a few well-placed bars of piano on SIEK+SAT.
A German nursery rhyme narrated by Christina Storm opens the song MIDNIGHT.
Exclusive audio samples of selected new recordings from the album (as well as demo versions) can be heard at these on-line destinations:

SIEK+SAT > (the only Afrikaans song - translated as Sick + Tired)
CONsume >
MIDNIGHT (music video) >

The album cover pictures were shot by Graham Abbott (of One Productions), with design, art-direction & post-production by Paul.
The video clip MIDNIGHT is included as an enhanced CD segment on the album (as well as a web link). The video features clips from F.W. Murnau's silent German classic Nosferatu.
TERMINATRYX also created an original soundtrack for Nosferatu with collaborators from Lark, performed live to the screen at the 2006 South African HORRORFEST Film Festival (a DVD of which will be released in vetseunOctober 2008).
At the 2007 Fest they gave The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari the same mood-drenched treatment, while the TERMINATRYX live soundtrack for the 2008 HORRORFEST will be the legendary Häxan (again with special guests -
The Midnight video clip (and others) are also at Two versions can be found here, with either the new audio track or the older demo version.

Album launch shows are set for May 2008:
Flamedrop- & VanniePadaf Productions will host the co-operative Gauteng shows
Friday 30 May at Zeplin's Rock Shack in Centurion (with RUNICA and PLASTICOMA, + DJ SINISTER) - /
(Facebook Event:
Saturday 31 May at Back2Basix at the edge of Melville, Johannesburg (with RUNICA and DJ SINISTER) -
(Facebook Event:
The Cape Town launch will be on Friday 13th June (venue tbc).
Updates will appear on the website and other profile pages.
CDs and merchandise (incl. T-Shirts) will be on sale at the shows.
While Paul handled all of the album's instrumentation, additional musicians will be incorporated for live shows, with a synched up video projection accompanying the music set to give the audience a unique audio-visual experience.

SONJA: Lead & Backing Vocals
PAUL: Guitars, Bass, Drums & Programming, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
PATRICK: Guitar for live performances
RONNIE: Drums for live performances

In a televised talent show-, and mock reality drenched commercial media decline, TERMINATRYX is not merely a breath of fresh air, but a long awaited new direction out to rattle the cage just enough to make a saturated public stand still and think, "hey, there's more to it than this..." - even if for only a moment.
But as we know, a moment can be a multitude of infinities - depending on the way you look at it.
Foreign distribution and licensing is underway.
To arrange for interviews and hi-res images:
For more info:
Contact / Press / Media / Booking / Merchandise:
TERMINATRYX chooses WILDFIRE Tattoos & Piercing (

2007 10 13 - Kobus! special guests TERMINATRYX, Mercury Live - Red Fox - RHYTHM RECORDS

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