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vetseunLAAI AF
Feral Pigeon From Hell . 2015
1. Satan Is A Pigeon And He Is Impregnating Me
2. I'm A Man, And I Just Gave Anal Birth To Satan's Son In My Grave
3. Post Birth Pigeon Abortion And Placenta Feast

vetseunLAAI AF
Total Disrespect For Life . RSA 2012 2012
1. Fuck You (Intro)
2. Dynamite Suicide
3. Fucking Indian Burial Gravesite Corpses
4. Last Fucking Breath (Outro)

vetseunLAAI AF
You Are Going To Fucking Die . RSA 2011 2011
1. Suffocation VS Cyanide
2. You Better Be Sure I'm In That Coffin Before You Nail It Shut!

vetseunLAAI AF
Bonnie Tyler Ist Fucking Black Metal Bonnie Tyler Is Back In Black Leather Bonnie Tyler . RSA 2010 2010
1. Daar Is My Bonnie
2. I Am Bonnie Tyler...

vetseunLAAI AF
Graven Burials . RSA 2010 2010
1. Onheilige Twee
2. Vomitting My Liver Out, So I Can Feast On It Again Later... Because I Am Stuck Here In My Grave
3. Aangeval Deur 'n Demoniese Brommer Terwyl Ek 'n Moerse Spuit Kak Wou Vat In Die Kakhuis
4. 'n Wolf Het My Graf Oop Gegrawe En 'n Toffie Braak Op My Gesig Uitgedruk
5. Satan Stole My Scooter After I Died, Made Tire Marks On My Tomb... And Used My Face As A Seat
6. Drowning In Graves Maggots And Corpses... That All Look Like Me... And Want To Play With Me... Forever

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