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Stoan Seate (Bongo Maffin)
The GrindStoan Project - The Rise Of "BaaDMan" . CDRBL 685 2012 UNIVERSAL
1. 4got Letlapa
2. Will U Be There
3. Ouparazzi Flash
4. Di Lighter
5. Remember The Glory
6. Heavenly Vibes
7. Opposites Attract
8. Love In A Second
9. Living For Tonight
10. Styleh
11. We Made It
12. Shut It Down
13. MaGangster a Kalawa
14. Pula

Heart Of Stoan ................. CSRCD 301 CENTRAL STATION
1. Inro
2. Metrosexual
3. Song 4 Luv
4. Black Stoan
5. Rubber Cheque
6. Katara Eo
7. Ne Ke Re Sorry
8. M'jondolo
9. Caller ID
10. Ka Shwa
11. A Dick Ted
12. Mama'z Soldier
13. Rock 6-2-6
14. Ka Shwa
15. Caller ID
16. Outro

Tseladimatlapa ................................. 2004
1. World met Zee Money
2. Bangene Bangene
3. Afrika Dogz Of War
4. Dreamin'
5. The Quest
6. What You See
7. Mo Tshware
8. Baby Baby
9. Where We Livin'
10. Stoan Vs Dogz Of War
11. Gauteng
12. Roots

Stoan Seate hails from the wonderful and sunny Mmabatho in the North West province where his musical talent started showing at the very tender age. It was in the mid 1990's that Stoan caught the eye of the one of the pioneers and fathers of kwaito music, Thebe who immediately granted him the opportunity of joining his band as a back up artist.
Soon thereafter in 1996, seminal African kwaito deejay and producer Oscar, put together a four member project called Bongo Maffin which became an instant success within the South African scene. Stoan brought his unique Tswana influenced rapping style to the project, which was a first in the S.A. music scene back then.
Due to his love of music and his wishes to contribute positively to the South African music industry, Stoan registered and formed a new label Staon AiG. The record label signed on the first act, DOGZ OF WAR, a four man member hip hop, kwaito group that has just released a debut album, Chenha Guluva.
Stoan as an artist has at the same time been working hard to kick starts his solo career under his label. He has recently finished his solo project called TSELADIMATLAPA (meaning ROCKY ROAD). The 12 track album is a masterpiece with a variety of incredible mind blowing tracks, which Stoan produced with a number of influential South African producers.

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