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Stefan Dixon
For No Apparent Reason . UMGCD 115 2012 ONBEKEND
1. Let's Build A World
2. Over And Over
3. Some KInd Of Hope
4. You Are Mine
5. I'll Fix Everything
6. One
7. My Hands Are Tied
8. Mia
9. Today We Fight
10. Wake Up
11. What I Want
12. For No Apparent Reason

Stefan Dixon Releases Superlative Debut Album

Universal Music has announced the release of Stefan Dixon's impressive debut-album, For No Apparent Reason. The brilliant full-length record is currently in stores - countrywide.

Stefan Dixon is a true musician. He lives for the joy of creating music and lives on the road. This incorruptible love for creating music underpins every track on his brilliant debut-work.

Dixon's music can best be described melodic/acoustic/pop/afro/folk/rock. And it comes as no surprise when taking Dixon's musical influences into account - he lists The Dave Matthews Band, Vusi Mahlasela, Paul Simon, Michael Jackson and Bright Blue as major influences on his music. Dixon even has the opportunity to collaborate with the legendary Vusi Mahlasela on his track 'You Are Mine,' which was an absolute carreer highlight for him, as Mahlasela is one of his childhood heroes.

The title of the album has been travelling with Dixon for several years now... and not for no apparent reason. It alludes to his recurring theme of making sense out of his journey - "I can't count the amount of times where I've felt that whatever I'm doing just doesn't make sense. But the more I gig, the more I'm on the road, the clearer it all gets. I only doubt myself once or twice monthly these days. It used to be a daily occurrence," he explains.

The music on For No Apparent Reason validates his quest for meaning - the tracks are strong, emotive artworks infused with beautiful melodies and his soulful, insightful lyrics are infused with a musical gift so profound that it borders on genius.

The reason is apparent - talent like Dixon's deserves to be heard. And South African audiences now have the pleasure of getting to know the prolific Stefan Dixon's music.

skakels :

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