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Sons Of Trout
Take Me To Your Fishmonger . WOND148 1998 ONE WORLD ENTERTAINMENT

Ticks On George ................. GWVCD 5 GALLO

Odd Times ............................... CDVM39 VALUE MARKETING
1. Extra Larry
2. 2Face
3. Odd Times
4. (021)
5. Otherside
6. Trip
7. Hollywood
8. Fashion
9. Three And A Half
10. Crown
11. Jeff
12. Fools
13. Day2Day

Fresh from a series of successful London concerts, South African band, Sons Of Trout, are planning to swim in local waters for a full forty days as they re-unite with followers countrywide during a National tour starting August 23. The long-awaited tour will coincide with the major music festival Oppikoppi and take in a spread of South African clubs and venues along the way, giving Sons Of Trout fans in every centre a chance to experience their live energy and the new songs off their recently released 'Odd Times'.
Odd Times is a feast. Current in every sense, as the album title suggests. It features their authentic, hip, Afro-urban sound that has won Sons Of Trout their loyal following, both here and abroad. It also delivers something new - an intense energy that really rocks and a musical intricacy that marks the arrival of a confident maturity. Arrangements are full and satisfying...somewhat surprising at times....and the lyrical content provocative and eclectic.

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2000 07 01 - Winston: State Of The Nation: Fetish, Ready D, Sugardrive, Nine, Sons Of Trout, Semisane, Springbok Nude Girls, 3 Arts Theatre, Cape Town - TicketWeb - 5FM - REAL

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