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Sam Sklair
Funny People 2
vetseunvetseunHIRE / HUUR
film VHS/DVD 86min . 1983/2002 MIMOSA FILMS/STER-KINEKOR
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Dance Date '71 LP .............. 38-276 1971 RCA/VICTOR

Gumboot Dance 2 LP ......... 38-266 1970 RCA/VICTOR
Side One:
1. Kilimanjaro (Glazer/Davashe)
2. Kwela Spokes (Spokes Mashiyane)
3. The Retreat Song (Makeba)
4. Zimbabwe (Sklair)
5. Riksha Boy (Carstens/De Waal)
6. Lucky Seven Kwela (Sklair)
Side Two:
1. Gumboot Dance No. 2 In E Sharp Major (Sklair)
2. Voom Ba Voom (Carstens/De Waal)
3. Fanagalo (Roering)
4. Sadie's Shawls (Carstens/De Waal)
5. Africa (Segal/De Waal)

Arr., prod. and cond. by Sam Sklair

Composer- instrumentalist- arranger- conductor. Born in England, he has lived in South Africa for many years. He has long been interested in the music and rhythms of Africa, and has written musical scores for many fllm, radio and television documentaries. He is today looked upon as one of the country's foremost authorities on the subject of African music. This, allied to his many other talents, makes him the one person equipped to have undertaken a record such as this. In addition to arranging and conducting this happy blend of Africa and the West, Sam himself plays all the African instruments on this record. Quite an achievement!

Dirkie - Al die treffers uit die oorspronklike klankbaan
klankbaan LP ......................... BRS 259 BRIGADIERS MUSIEK
- 'n Mimosa Film
- Jamie en Wynand Uys
- Jannie Pelser
- Die Serenata Sangers van Wilhelm Fairley
- Philip Levy op die klavier
- en die oorspronklike klankbaantreffer
- Gekomponeer, gerankskik en gedirigeer deur Sam Sklair
- Vrygestel deur Ster Films

Spectacular LP ...................... 38-154 1969 RCA/VICTOR

Pop Goes The Gumboot LP ............ 1969 RCA/VICTOR

Zulu Warrior / Phata Phata 7" . 7N.25488 1969 PYE

Dance Time '69 LP .............. 38.032 1968 RCA/VICTOR

Gumboot Dance LP ............ 38.030 1968 RCA/VICTOR
Side One:
1. Zambesi (Carstens, De Waal)
2. Meadowlands (Vilakazi)
3. Skokiaan - MP3 >>> (Msaarurgwa)
4. Tula Baba (Egnos, Gray, Domingo)
5. Wimoweh (Linda)
6. Gumboot Dance (Trad. Arr. Sam Sklair)
Side Two:
1. Swingin' Safari (Bert Kaempfert)
2. Hamba Kahle (Herb Friedman)
3. Phata Phata (Trad. Arr. Sam Sklair)
4. The Click Song (Miriam Makeba)
5. Kwela Mars (Sam Sklair)
6. Zulu Warrior (Trad. Arr. Sam Sklair)

Dance Date '68 LP .............. 38-001 1968 RCA/VICTOR

Dr. Kalie
film DVD 98min .................. 1968 KAVALIER FILMS/STER FILMS/M-NET
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met Murray Campbell
A Go-Go LP ..................... ORL 6004 1967 WORLD RECORD CO.
- Murray Campbell with the Sam Sklair Orchestra and Chorus -
Side One:
1. Medley: Sunny; Monday, Monday; There's A Kind Of Hush
2. Music To Watch Girls By
3. Medley: Remember When; Winchester Cathedral; The More I See You
4. Save Those Wedding Bells For Me
5. Medley: Spanish Nights; Born Free; Lovers' Concerto
Side Two:
1. Medley: LaBamba; Spanish Eyes; Guantanamera
2. Theme From "The Sand Pebbles"
3. Medley: Lara's Theme; What Kind Of Fool Am I
4. This Is My Song
5. Medley: Mame; Mack The Knife; Hello, Dolly!

Can't Take My Eyes Off You / Bon Soir Dame 7" . ORS 608 1967 WORLD RECORD CO.

All The Way To Paris / Tanya's Theme 7" / DVD . 41.859 1966 RCA/VICTOR
Side One:
1. All The Way To Paris (Sklair/Casanova)
Side Two:
1. Tanya's Theme (Sklair/Casanova)

met Mervyn John
Sê Waarom / ... 7" ................ PY 106 1966 PYE
Kant Een:
1. Sê Waarom (Oh My) (Spector/Nicholas/John)
Kant Twee:
1. ...

"Tokoloshe" (The Evil Spirit) klankbaan LP . 1965
dirigeer, Peter Browse

Tokoloshe / Lucky Seven Kwela 7" . TS 76 TEAL

Sam Sklair - The Theme From Emil Nofal's King Hendrik / Linda Barry With Sam Sklair - Till He Says He Loves Me (Theme From "King Hendrik") 7" . 41.814 1965 RCA/VICTOR

Dance Date LP .................. NPTN 3415 MUSIC FOR LEISURE

Sam Sklair's Mexican Brass Ensemble
A Taste of Tijuana 7" EP ...... PIC 1112 PREEMA
Side One:
1. Greenbeans
2. Daar Lê Die Tequila
3. Tasta
Side Two:
1. Tijuana Sarie
2. Trumpet Volenteer
3. Hasta

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RSG: Memoriefabriek - Vergete Treffers 2CD kompilasie - Zulu Warrior; Meadowlands

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