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Roger Sanchez
Release Yourself - Vol. 11 3CD . CDJUST 483 JUST MUSIC
Disk 1:
1. Luca Cazzoni - Reboot (Original Mix)
2. Blacktron - Deeplax
3. Jesse Garcia met Corey Andrew - Love Me Now (Peter Horrevorts Remix)
4. Orli & Da Ragnio - Laid Madshiado
5. Timo Garcia - Hawaii Five-O
6. Alik Leto - Musica (Brazilian Girls) (Original Mix)
7. Mirock - Why Am I Doing This?
8. Federico Scavo vs Erid - Capoeira (Miniking Remix)
9. Michael Anthony - Neff
10. Luthier - Chicas Latinas
11. DJ Monxa - I Love Tamisha
12. Roger Sanchez met Baggi Begovic & Mitch Crown - T.I.H. (Main Mix)
13. Afroboogie - Make It Funky (Original)
14. Plastik Funk & Paul Gardner - We Make The Sound (Paul Gardner Mix)
Disk 2:
1. Mync met Alex Peace - Housenation Anthem (Original Mix)
2. Kid Shakers - It's Movin (Original Mix)
3. Benny Royal - Toxic Waste
4. Smokingroove - Speaker Box
5. Will Clarke & Dirty Secretz - Hazlo (Dirty Secretz Re-Rub)
6. Roger Sanchez met Mobin Master & Mc Flipside - Worldwide (Accapella)
7. Alexei, Carlos Kinn & Ray Md - Earthquake (Original Madness Mix)
8. DJ Jose- Pre. J.K. - Music (Sound De-Zign Clubmix)
9. French Government - Balkanize Me
10. Greg Stainer - 1104
11. Michael Anthony - Undulate And Quaver (Original Mix)
12. Rene-- Amesz & Brian Loui John - Let Your Soul Fly Free (Amesz Rework)
13. French Government - Collins Avenue
14. Nick Thome - Spin (Original Mix)
15. Dirty Secretz - Discopolis
Disk 3:
1. Timo Garcia - Hawaiis Five-O
2. Federico Scavo vs Erid - Capoeira (Miniking Remix)
3. Luthier - Chicas Latinas
4. Roger Sanchez met Baggi Begovic & Mitch Crown - T.I.H. (Main Mix)
5. Afroboogie - Make It Funky (Original)
6. Mync met Alex Peace - House Nation Anthem
7. Benny Royal - Toxic Waste
8. Smokingroove - Speaker Box
9. French Government - Collins Avenue
10. Dirty Secretz - Discopolis

Release Yourself - Vol. 9 2CD . CDJUST 398 JUST MUSIC
Disk 1:
1. Todd Terry pres. Kimyon & Naja Rosa - Running Faster (Let The Train (Kimyon's Original Mix)
2. Desy Katerina & Heikki L. - Dreamland (Original Mix)
3. Manoo & Francois A - Souvenir (Original Mix)
4. Oscar P met Marcus Pearson - Violet (Gianlucca Motta & Max Castrezzati
5. Sabb - 22 Years (Original Mix)
6. The Cube Guys & Landmark - No Me Puedo Controlar (Landmark Biokosmos Mix)
7. Ralph Laurentius met Kal El - Her Name Is (Original Mix)
8. Compuphonic - Analog Sparkles (Solee Remix)
9. DJ Joe K - Free The Night (Yvan & Dan Daniel Remix)
10. DJ Tarkan & V-Sag - Sea Through (Original Mix)
11. Jamie Matrix - Splinter
12. Fehrplay - Meow
13. Roger Sanchez - Lost (A Capella)
Disk 2:
1. Tim Berg - Bromance (Avicii's Arena Mix)
2. Dion Mavath - Wait So Long (Chris Moody Remix)
3. Bobby Burns & Afrojack - Ghettoblaster (Original Mix)
4. Mixin Marc & Lex Da Funk - Rule The Generation (Original Mix)
5. DJ Disciple met Dawn Tallman - World Wide Party (Dom Capello Remix)
6. Roger Sanchez - 2Gether (Original Club Mix)
7. Jean Claude Ades vs. Lenny Fontana met Tyra Juliette - Night Time (Main
8. Afrojack - Esther (George F vs. Eran Hersh & Darmon Blow Remix)
9. Suzanne Palmer - Big Love (Etienne Ozborne & Peter Brown Remix)
10. Motta's Track - Hands Up (Gianluca Motta WMC Cuban Mix)
11. Danny Dove met Lewis Cutler - One Life (Original Mix)
12. Dim Chris met Amanda Wilson - Sometimes (Johan Wedel Remix)

Release Yourself - Vol. 8 2CD . CDJUST 322 JUST MUSIC
Disk 1:
1. Silky Sunday Friend (Original Extended)
2. Tuccillo Tu Novio No Quiere
3. Jaiden Nevada Sunday Skool Vocal Mix (Nick Holder 08 Mix)
4. Faithless met Cass Fox Music Matters (Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix)
5. Spellband Isolator
6. Mike Monday Stargirl (MM Club Mix)
7. Christos Kedras Sweet Temptation (Martin East Mundial Mix)
8. Sebastian Davidson La Music L'Amour (Manuel De La Mare Remix)
9. Scope & Leigh Morgan Isle of Indigo
10. Pash & Norm pres Deep Touched Your Hands
11. Luomo Tessio (Stimming Mix)
12. Joris Delacroix Maeva
13. Justin Martin The Fugitive (Winners Circle Mix)
14. Veerus & Maxie Devine Silencism (Medley Leave In Silence)
Disk 2:
1. Terry Vietheer & Per QX Old School, Nu School
2. Roger Sanchez met Terri B Bang That box (Avicii vs Philgood Bang That Vocal Mix)
3. Chris Kaeser The Rhythm Of The Beat
4. Menini & Vianni met Christian Key Dark Beat (Criminal Vibes Remix)
5. Nick Corline Orfeu (Andy F Mix)
6. Jesse Garcia Let Me Hear Ya Go
7. The Transatlatins met India I Can't Live Without Music (Chris Moody & Marcelo Oleas Remix)
8. Abel Ramos & Miss Melody Rotterdam, City Of Love
9. Boza We Stomp
10. Tiko's Groove met Mendonca do Rio Me Faz Amar
11. Hool & Zenker This Track Is Burning
12. Lex da Funk Hook Phenomena vs Subway Rockers Call Me (Gianluca Motta Original Percapella Tool)
13. Martin Accorsi This Is How We Do
14. Robbie Rivera met Laura Vane In Too Deep (EDX Mix) vs Mobin Master & Hess met Karina Chavez World

Come With Me ................ CDJUST 147 JUST MUSIC
1. Turn On The Music
2. Take A Chance
3. Not Enough
4. Lost
5. Again
6. Hot 4 U
7. Free
8. Reasons met Omar
9. I'm Yours met Alejandro Sanz
10. Don't Tell Me It's Over
11. Soledad

Roger Sanchez's hot new album was written and recorded, for the most part, at Roger's own private studio on the inspiring Spanish island of Ibiza. Come With Me is an autobiographical journey into the inner sanctum of a long-standing clubland legend. Five years since his critically acclaimed debut album, First Contact, was unleashed, and two and a half years in the making, Come With Me paints an authentic soul-soaked picture of the man behind the music.
Comprised of 11 enchanting lyrical compositions that help further cement the Grammy award-winning artist's status - not only as a DJ and producer, but also as a songsmith and vocalist - the upfront album is built solidly upon sensational production and classic songwriting skills.
"Come With Me is a very emotional album," reflects Roger. "It tells the story of my life over the past couple of years, and within that overriding theme every song tells its own tale. It's what I am about and it's a part of who I am. It starts off in the clubs and travels back, to my home and to my heart. A real journey, you know, through relationships, around the world..."
Come With Me cohesively blends a heavenly range of beats and rhythms - including intense Spanish and Latin influences - into a totally new experience. From its opening club anthem, Turn On The Music, featuring the funk/soul vocals of GTO, which sets the tone as an infectious debut single, the album abounds with electrifying collaborations and vocals.
From the strobe-lit, smoke-filled dancefloors of the world's most momentous underground clubs through to his farreaching radio shows and TV appearances, Roger is constantly evolving and relentlessly pushing the boundaries of dance music culture.

Release Yourself - Vol. 6 2CD . CDUSM1393 SHEER
Disk 1:
1. Love Song
2. Oh Well
3. Light
4. Expasions
5. All By Myself
6. Imperfect
7. Hypnotize
8. Sex In The Morning
9. Shades
10. Who's Afraid Of Detroit
11. God Is Love
12. Something For The Floor
13. Missing
14. Kismic Love
Disk 2:
1. Cool It
2. Uma Historia De Ifa
3. Push The Feeling On
4. Dark Beats
5. Hypnotize
6. Symphony Of Love
7. All About House Music
8. Your Mind Is Twisted
9. Move Your Body
10. Can You Relate
11. I Need Someone
12. Message
13. Dirty Sound
14. Free My Love

Release Yourself - Vol. 5 . CDUSM1386 SHEER
Disk 1:
1. Noctrunal - Klement Bonelli
2. Life Ain't Easy - Wayne Martin
3. Tear In My Eye - Bravo Mike
4. Just Like Elixir - Grand Witness
5. Untitled Love Affair - Demarkus Lewis
6. You Are - John Lucas
7. I Can't - Index
8. I Need Love - Muzzaik Productions
9. Cabbage Juice - Timmy Vegas
10. Feel The Music - Belocca & Soneec
11. Clear Sky - Kayot
12. Whatever Makes You Happy - Urban Soul
13. Amphytrion - Tiger Stripes
Disk 2:
1. Tom De Neef - Adobe
2. Red Carpet - Alright (Tom de Neef's TDN Re-Dub)
3. David Vendetta & Keith Thompson - Break 4 Love 2006
4. Elio Riso - Be Mine
5. Kid Massive - Get Down (Beatchuggers Remix)
6. The Cube Guys - There's A Woman
7. David Vendetta met Akram - Unidos Para La Musica
8. Max Graham - Crank (DJ Simi & Masterkeys Remix)
9. Outwork met Mr. Gee - Elektro (The Cube Guys Delano Remix)
10. Who's Who? - Sexy Fuck
11. Starkillers - Discoteka (DJ Dove Show And Prove Remix)
12. WVP pres. Fresh & Juicy - Blow That Door (Original Vox Mix)
13. Adrian Martin & Santiago - My Friend
14. Nick & Danny Chatelain meets BIAS - Love Lies (Original Mix)
15. Max Linen - Back to Mine (Martijn Ten Velden's Bondage Workout)
16. John Creamer & Stephane K. met Nadia Ali & Olav - Something to Lose

Like the S-Man's DJ sets and radio show, Release Yourself Vol. 5 embraces many styles in house music, with a lot of upfront and exclusive material, new talent and the usual suspects. The pre-party side sets off with French deep house don Klement Bonelli, setting the chilled vibe, followed by 12 top notch deep house productions from the likes of: Tiger Stripes, Timmy Vegas, Kayot, Bravo Mike, Urban Soul, Scars & Deelaa and many more. Play this side first for an exceptional warm-up experience, followed by...
The party side: A jam-packed 16-track mix with the S-Man in full control behind the CDJ's . Kick-off is from Stealth family member Tom de Neef with his latest smash "Adobe", followed by his exclusive re-edit of "Red Carpets - Alright". Furthermore, Stealth recording artists The Cube Guys are well represented with two productions. Their remix of "Outwork met Mr. Gee - Electro" was THE Miami anthem for many house dons this year and their hot new single "There's A Woman" is also included.
Nick & Danny Chatelain, who made name for themselves with "It's Killing Me" also represent with their latest bomb "Love Lies". Yet another exclusive is by David Vendetta with his new killer "Unidos Para La Musica" with Akram on the mic. Also expect the latest sweaty and sexy big room jams from: Who's Who, Elio Riso, Max Graham, Starkillers, John Creamer & Stephane K. and many more.

Release Yourself - Vol. 4 2CD . CDUSM1372 2005 SHEER/5FM
Disk 1:
1. Breathe Me
2. Better Love
3. This World
4. This Song Is For You
5. Journey's Prelude
6. Bright Like A Star
7. Kana
8. No More Believe
9. Inside My Soul
10. Te Quiero
11. Boa Viagem
12. Sonice
13. Sweet Love
14. Feeling Blue
Disk 2:
1. Tempa Da Solo
2. Breathe Again
3. After Midnight
4. Babylon
5. You Should've Said
6. Raindance
7. Save Our Souls
8. 8 Letters
9. Let The Sun Shine
10. I Like Old School
11. Music Is Your Life
12. Let's Get Happy
13. La Noche
14. Nocturnal
15. Lotta Love
16. Rise

Turn On The Music ............. UL 1351-2

Presents: Release Yourself .............

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