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The Rockets (aka Wattevah) (Jerico)
The Rockets En Vriende
vetseunLAAI AF
Sonskyn ............................................. 2018
1. Sonskyn
2. Seer Kombers met Billy Paulson
3. Mahala
4. Helium
5. Jy Is My Liefling met Lawrence
6. Die Springbokke
7. Ek Het Jou So Lief met Jody Williams
8. Aggeneys
9. Ons Belofte Aan Mekaar met Lucinda
10. Trane Van Die Kaap
11. Jy Was My Alles met Monique M & Lawrence
12. Na My Bokkie Toe
13. Voete So Groot Soos 'n Rugbyveld met Billy Paulson
14. Pappa
15. Bokkie Ek Sallie Jokkie
16. Trane Van 'n Moeder met Lucinda
17. Vuurvliegie
18. D'is Party Time met Rappin' Donkey
19. Wie Hou Jy Vas Vanaand?

Love Songs............... RMECCD1002 2013 THE ROCKETS
1. Always On My Mind
2. Firefly
3. When I Fall In Love
4. Lovers Mix: Deep River Woman; Three Times A Lady; Say You Say Me; Penny Lover
5. Wildflower
6. Inside Of You
7. Flame In My Heart
8. That Was Yesterday
9. Love Songs Are Back Again; Let's Put It All Together; Oh Girl; Betcha By Golly Wow; Walking In The Rain With The One; I Love; Side Show; Have You Seen Her; You Make Me Feel Brand New; Kiss And Say Goodbye
10. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
11. I'll Never Hear The Bells
12. My Girl
13. The Lord Is Real (Time Will Reveal)
14. Dreaming Of You (BONUS)
15. You're My Everything (BONUS)

vetseunLAAI AF
Namakwa Daisy ............ CTS 5050 2011 CAPE TOWN SOUND
1. Ek Is Lief Vir Jou
2. Kaptien Medley: Kaptein; Is Jy Bang?; Baby Tjoklits
3. Namakwa Daisy*
4. Sproetjies Medley: Sproetjies; Ou Ryperd; Ruiter Van Die Windjie; Ek Verlang Na Jou; Sproetjies
5. Meisie Meisie Medley: Meisie Meisie; Liewe Lulu; Loslappie
6. Tjommies Medley: Monday Blues; Korrektiewe Dienste; Tokkelossie
7. Eden Medley
8. Ek Wil My Baby Hê Vanaand; Jy Soen

Fly High .................................. CTS 5044 CAPE TOWN SOUND
1. Fly High
2. Shay Laka Day
3. No No Song
4. Namakwa Daisy
5. Give Me Forever
6. UB40 Medley
7. Old Skool Club Mix
8. Moving
9. Get Real Medley
10. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
11. Back To The Old Skool Hits 2
12. Back To The Hits Cape Legend Style
13. Believe In My Love
14. Nee Nee Lied
15. Give Love On Christmas Day
16. Namakwa Daisy

Back To Our Roots .......... CTS 5024 2008 CAPE TOWN SOUND
1. Back To The Old School Hits
2. Give Me A Little More Time
3. Cape Jazzy Mix
4. Rise Up
5. Cape Town
6. Reggae Mix
7. Stand Up And Fly
8. Tavares Love Songs
9. Welcome To Cape Town Medley
10. Silky - Smooth Santana Mix
11. Cape Town (Hearty Breakfast Show Mix)
12. Give Me A Little More Time (R&B Mix)
13. Rise Up (Salsa House Mix)
14. Stand Up And Fly (Storm Mix)

The Rockets are back! With a fantastic new collection of famous Rockets-medleys and new radio tracks - a great collection of party hits!

Smile ................................ CTS 5016 2007 CAPE TOWN SOUND
1. Lady
2. You're My Everything
3. Smile
4. Always And Forever
5. Three Times A Lady
6. I Like Dreamin'
7. Something's Burning
8. Who's Foolin' Who
9. Christmas In Cape Town
10. Zoom
11. Dreaming Of You
12. Why Did You Say Goodbye
13. Kongo Kwela
14. Lady

Still Standing ................... DGR 1656 2006 DAVID GRESHAM
1. Still Standing
2. Wattevah
3. Leave Me Alone
4. Especially For You
5. That's How
6. Someday You'll Be Mine
7. Wattevah Boy
8. Throw Your Hands Up
9. Pop That
10. Music
11. Don't Need You
12. Mama
13. Beautiful Tonite
14. Happy Birthday
15. As My Guide
16. Jabulani
17. Reign Supreme
18. Ndisekhona
19. Phakamis' Izandla

Still Standing .................. LAV2006 CD1 LA VISTA RECORDS

Sweet Lady ................ BOWCD001 2003 BOWLINE

Bridge ............................... BAYCD 4 2001 TABLE BAY MUSIC
Gimme A Break! (Charlie Chaplin)
This Is My Song
Bridge Over Troubled Water met Alistair Izobell
Papa Papa (Richard van der Westhuizen), meng, Tully McCully
The House Of The Rising Sun
You'll Never Walk Alone
Smile (Charlie Chaplin)
Michael Row The Boat Ashore

Kongo Kwela .................... BAYCD 2 2000 TABLE BAY MUSIC
1. Pata Pata
2. Kongo Kwela
3. Qongothwane (The Click Song)
4. Cream Crackers And Cheese
5. Mama Tembu's Wedding
6. Ikapa Kwela
7. Ice Cream And Suckers
8. Coffee And Donuts
9. Meadowlands
10. Shockwave
11. Up Our Sleeves
12. Happy Days
13. Pata Pata (Instrumental)
14. Kongo Kwela (R.E.D. Afrika Mix)
15. Pata Pata (R.E.D. Storm Mix)

The Rockets
Sizzling Summer Mixes . RMECCD1001 1997 THE ROCKETS
1. Summer Dance Mix: Strangelove; Rhythm Of The Night; I Just Don't Have The Heart; For Spacious Lies
2. Back II The Hits 5: Listen To The Vibe; Let The Music Play; If You Leave Me Now; I've Gotta Get A Message To You; I Wanna Wake Up With You; My Girl; We've Only Just Begun; Yesterday Once More; Dancing Queen; Parisienne Walkways; Love You Inside And Out
3. Sundowner Mix: These Tears; We Can Take It Slow; Change The World; I Don't Care Anymore
4. Stylistics Medley: The Miracle; You Make Me Feel Brand New; Betcha By Golly Wow; Let's Put It All Together
5. Bee Gees Mix: Stayin' Alive; Too Much Heaven; Night Fever; Words; Massachusetts; More Than A Woman; How Deep Is Your Love?; You Should Be Dancing; Tragedy
6. Spicy Jazz Mix: Just Another Day Without You; Close To You; Lovely Day
7. Boys II Men Medley: On Bended Knee; I'll Make Love To You; It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday; A Song For Mamma; End Of The Road
8. Summer Holiday Mix: Still; Heavenly Sent; Please Me
9. Manhattans Mix: Shining Star; Hurt; Kiss And Say Goodbye
10. Summer Groove Mix: Ndihamba Nawe; Thati'Sgubhu; Live My Life; Mhla'Uphel' Amandla

The Best Of The Rockets . FMCD 1044 MIKE FULLER MUSIC
1. Gimme A Break
2. Surrender
3. Situations
4. Oh La La La
5. Thank You, Thank You
6. Papa Please Come Back Home
7. Everlasting Love
8. Every Needs (A Holiday)
9. Jumbo

Check It Out! LP ................................ 1988
Kant Een:
1. Everlasting Love
2. Papa Please Come Back Home
3. Ain't No Accident
Kant Twee:
1. I've Got A Right
2. Don't Love Me For Fun
3. Baby Let Your Love Be True

Produced by Bones Brettell and Berni Millar

Pappa Please Come Back Home / I've Got A Right 7" . MFM 41 1988 MIKE FULLER MUSIC

No Ballads LP ............... RSL 1038 1987 PRINCIPAL

Thank You, Thank You / Jumbo Rumba 7" . MFM 31 1986 MIKE FULLER MUSIC

Oh La La La / Gimme A Break (Dance) 7" . MFM 14 1985 MIKE FULLER MUSIC

Caught Up In The Act / Good Thing Going 7" . PD 2064 1982 MIKE FULLER MUSIC/GALLO

Love Carnival / Africa Gold 7" . PD 2003 1981 MIKE FULLER MUSIC/GALLO

Carrie-Ann / Watching Over You Girl 7" . B 180 1979 BULLET

Something Ain't Right / Can't Sleep 7" . PS 1075 1979 POLYDOR

From the RSO Album "Turn Up The Radio" 2394 224

The Rockets
Your Love / The Way Of Love 7" . B 134 BULLET

Loving You / Love Lights 7" .... B 40 1975 BULLET

Pam / Oh Dear! 7" .......... SSC.1053 1969 CBS

In Orbit / Enchantment 7" . SSC.1027 1969 CBS

I'm Me / Everybody Needs Somebody 7" . SSC.1000 1969 CBS

Argie / Poor Man 7" ........... SSC 972 1968 CBS
- Justlike Ise Going To Top The Hit Parade
- Argie - by kind permission of The Cape Argus
Side One:
1. Argie
Side Two:
1. Poor Man

Itchy Fingers / Show Me 7" . SSC.940 1968 CBS

Walter Brown & The Rockets
I Know / Beside You 7" ......... R 300 1967 CBS

We Are All African People LP ..............

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Concert In The Park CD/DVD kompilasie - Situations
Cape Herald - Hit Parade kompilasie LP - Can't Stand These Lonely Nights; Queen Bee

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2015 03 14 - Die Karnaval (Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels, The Rockets, Salome, Tururu plus meer), Van der Stel Sportgronde, Woordfees, Stellenbosch, R30/R20

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