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The Speed Of Dark ......... PEST004 2014 PESTROY

Pestroy mark 15yr anniversary with the release of their new album - 'Speed of Dark - Part 1'

Pestroy have been spreading the word and fighting the good fight for fifteen years, and remain one of the main pillars in the South African alternative music scene and "Kings of the Underground".

In a country starved of international attention, particularly in the alternative music genre, Pestroy have stepped up to the plate and have become the de-facto flag bearers of the home grown scene, giving local fans something to hang their hat on.

They've toured the entire country numerous times, played headline slots at all the major S.A. festivals and have played just about every conceivable venue in South Africa. They have performed alongside international acts such as Bring Me The Horizon, Pennywise, In Flames, Metallica, Every Time I Die, Pendulum, Enter Shikari, Rise Against, Funeral For a Friend, Alkaline Trio, Haste The Day, Blindside, Entombed, Dieselboy, Horse the Band and Deftones.

It's total entropy at a Pestroy gig. Their live performance has become legendary. Pestroy's stage presence, razor sharp sound and airtight technical prowess make them an event-organizers dream, or nightmare if you're trying to maintain a calm silence.

2013 marks a landmark in any bands career - surviving 15 years. To mark the date, Pestroy launched their new album at OppiKoppi Bewilderbeast. Speed of Dark will be released in two parts with the first single - 'The Flaw' being available for free download on the band's Soundcloud page. In conjunction with the first half of the album, the band has released never seen before images, footage, interviews and designs onto a limited edition USB which can be purchased through the bands Facebook page or at live shows.

15 years.
6 albums.
9 guitarists.
7 drummers.
1000's of gigs.
1 European tour.
1 broken floor polisher.
2 clubs we're banned from.
1 town we're banned from.
4 cycles of dreadlocks.
2 - The number of times the f**king cops have shut us down while playing.
1 marriage.
1 engagement.
9 broken bones.
1 detached retina.
4 people. The smallest show we've played.
65 000 people. The biggest show we've played.
100's of friends made.
11 enemies.
Half our lives have been spent playing in this band.
Countless memories have been made.
Countless memories have been lost.

Download the single The Flaw :
Facebook Fan Page:

Enemy Within ...................... SEED 103 SEED MUSIC
1. Think Tank
2. Cortisone
3. Open Minded
4. Enjoy The View (From Your High Horse)
5. eVictim / Evict_im
6. Adapt Or Die
7. Hogtied
8. Part(y) Monster
9. Shot In The Dark
10. Ctrl-Z
11. Flavour Flesh
12. Redrum
13. Necessary Evil
14. Untapped
15. 2 Min 8h.
16. Adapt Or Die (Remix)
17. Ctrl-Z (Remix)
18. 2 Min 8h. / H8 (Remix)

The Narrow/Pestroy Split . EGO017CD 2004 ALTER-EGO vetseun
Disk 1: The Narrow
1. Living Daylights
2. Crash Through
3. We Dream
4. Bring Down The Curtain
5. You Live (remixed by Tripwire)
Disk 2: Pestroy
6. 2 Min. H8 (another club hit)
7. That Song (remixed by Tripwire)
8. Re-Lie in Truth (remixed by Hubmodule)
9. Killswitch (remixed by Theo 'Focken Main' Crous)
10. Categories (raw and unplugged on UCT Radio)

Counter Attack .................................... 2004
1. Test the Ground
2. This Song
3. Counter Attack
4. Re-Lie In Truth
5. Proof
6. Trigger FXT
7. Se7en
8. Aim To Please
9. Bazooka
10. Killswitch
11. Categories
12. Hammer
13. Obligation
14. Counter Attack met DJ Redwood
15. Proof met DJ Cyberaeon

Skam .................................................... 2001
1. Skam
2. K-53
3. Sold Beauty
4. Tripwire
5. Touchwood
6. Sabotage Sindicate
7. Crack Whore
8. Urinade
9. Drift
10. Sick
11. Bent

Naive .................................................... 1999
1. Damaged
2. Son
3. From the inside
4. Halo
5. Wasted youth
6. Thee
7. Shunned
8. Pixie girl
9. Sugar

skakels : :

2008 02 29-03 02 - Ramfest - Beyond Boundaries 2008: Battery 9, K.O.B.U.S!, Van Coke Kartel, Taxi Violence, Fuzigish, aKING, Lark, The Awakening, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Foto Na Dans, Kidofdoom, Unit-R, Mind Assault, Pestroy, Rhuts, Chromium, Gadabout, Day Turns Night, Knave, Torment, Contrast The Water, Ashtray Electric, Spindle Sect, Failing Forward, Decimation Age, Antipathy, Yossariian, Falling Short, White Buzz (UK) - myspace - facebook -

2007 06 30 - Sun To Moon Rock Fest: Main Stage: Soil 7T7, NuL, L.A. Cobra, Jo Day, Max Normal, Pestroy, Francois van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar Unplugged), The Awakening, Wickhead, Runica, Dementia Stage: Fearfall, Hokum, Choke Hold, Deitys Muse, Mesadoth, RhütZ, SacriFist, Chromium, Kobus!, Warthane, Zeplin's, Pretoria, 13:00, R100

2006 07 01 - Sun To Moon Rock Festival, In Dreams, Deity's Muse, SHU, Dubway, SacriFist, Pestroy, Mind Assault, Wickhead, Misericord, 16Stitch, The Narrow,The Awakening, 384 Pretorius Street, Pretoria, 12:00, R60

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