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Paul Petersen
A Warm Heart ....................... CTS 5021 CAPE TOWN SOUND

Call Me ................................... CTS 5021 CAPE TOWN SOUND
1. I Only Want To Be With You
2. The More I See You
3. Call Me
4. I Wish You Love
5. I Only Have Eyes For You
6. Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World
7. Gonna Get Along Without You Now
8. The Windmills Of Your Mind
9. Oh Pretty Woman
10. Patricia
11. You Dressed My Heart In Blue
12. Come Softly To Me

Lansdowne Rd ...................... CTS 5014 CAPE TOWN SOUND
1. Do It For Love
2. Be My World
3. Slow Dancing
4. I Can't Wait For Summertime
5. Easy To Walk Away
6. Bad Girl
7. Summer Nights
8. I Just Wanna Dance
9. Shine On
10. Love To Be In Love With You
11. Dance With Me
12. Only If You Want It
13. Juicy Sweet Apple Pie
14. I'll Keep On
15. So Many Times
16. Groovy Times
17. Loving Arms
18. You Dressed My Heart In Blue
19. Sweet Mama
20. Lansdowne Rd

Sunshine In My Soul ............ CTS 5004 CAPE TOWN SOUND
1. Doing It All For You
2. Easy To Walk Away
3. Wild Horses
4. Do It For Love
5. Turn To The One You Love
6. Summer Days/Summer Nights
7. Love To Be In Love With You
8. Be My World
9. So Many Times
10. Sunshine In My Soul
11. Groovy Times
12. Come Softly To Me
13. Oh Pretty Woman
14. Magic Man
15. Be There For You
16. You Dressed My Heart In Blue
17. Golden Moon
18. In God's Hands
19. Lansdowne Rd

PAUL PETERSEN was the voice behind the hit 'Shine On' by super group SPIRITS REJOICE and the guitar behind 'Paradise Road' by sister group JOY. After that he led his world music band CAPE TOWN in Nashville, while living and working in America.
On his return to South Africa, Paul launched the Cape Town Sound Studios in CT with Patric van Blerk & Nic Hazell and recorded his first ever solo album: 'Sunshine In My Soul'.
Paul has played and recorded with a host of international and local musical giants - and now it is his time to shine.

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