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New Holland
Exploded Views ................... RR102 2009 RHYTHM RECORDS
1. Freedom Day DJ Teezo
2. Te Son
3. In Silence
4. These Are The Best Days
5. This (is) Home
6. Hiatus
7. Hurricane
8. Little Less Lonely
9. Thank You Gautama
10. Something To Believe In
11. A Collection Of Relatively True Statements
12. No Disguise
13. 21

01 ........................................... DPK008 2008 DE PLATE KOMPANJIE
1. Uhuru
2. Dire Eyes
3. Inside Out
4. I Want You My Baby
5. Rock & Roll
6. Shine
7. City Lights
8. Great Divide
9. Waiting Waiting Craving
10. Cold Dagger
11. Only Thing You Own

skakels :

2015 05 24 - Park Acoustics Jack Daniel's: Jack Daniel's Music Stage: Adventure Man, Sons Of Settlers, Stelth Ulvang, New Holland, Desmond & the Tutus, DJ Michael Lesar, Cabin Fever Dance Floor, Sunset Comedy Stage: Glen Biederman-Pam, Simmi Areef, Vittorio Leonardi, Fort Schanskop, Eeufees Road, Groenkloof, 11:00, R100, R120, - Jack Daniel's - Park Acoustics - Voortrekkermonument - Jack Black - Brent Black

20xx 09 06 - Rock The Boat with a little help from my friends: Die Heuwels Fantasties, New Holland, Foto Na Dans, Black Handed Kites, Klein Libertas Teater, Stellies, R80, R100


New Holland - First Single - "Something To Believe In"vetseun

Free Download from

New Holland
will be releasing their new album "Exploded Views" on 21 September 2009.

The first single "Something To Believe In" off the album is available for free download now at This catchy new track with it's contagious pop flair will have you push the repeat button, gearing up for more towards the release of New Holland's long awaited second album.

"Something To Believe In" is currently being submitted to all relevant commercial and campus radio stations and will be playlisted nationwide within the nexttwo weeks.

The full album "Exploded Views" will be available in music stores nationwide from 21 September - the album will also be available for download at at R7 a track.
New Holland arrived on the SA rock scene in December 2007. Since then their impeccable revel rock has triumphed everywhere they've played, bringing with them a wall of devoted fans that now are hankering for more. Come September 2009 the party loyal will be richly rewarded when the band returns, freshly signed to Rhythm Records, with an album that is set to push them well beyond their Bellville borders.

With new management, LX Music Management, and also now signed to Red Fox Bookings, New Holland will introduce the new album on a nationwide tour in October.

Something To Believe In Lyrics:

I've got a feeling, Something To Believe In.
With both my feet on the ground. Making a major sound.
I used to be a fighter, now I'm so much lighter.
Just want a normal life, without the nine to five.

In my life I've done so many different things.
Only truly feel happy when I get a chance to sing.
The words I want to say to you finds its vessel in the notes of my heart.
More feeling than meaning, it all started with a thought.
The creative spark is an illusive thing,
wishing won't help if it ain't happening.
It's not where you are, but where you want to go.
So open your heart and make a tone, let's go!

I know that some will judge me, but my message will endure.
I guess that I am lucky, since my music will be heard.
I consider your opinion, but at the end of the day...
I'm not doing it for you.
I've got nothing to prove.
I'm free!

2009 03 27 - Paarl Jam: Zinkplaat, New Holland, Ysterkoei, The Watership Downs, Town Hall, 19:00, R60, R75

2008 12 - Bellville Rock City - RHYTHM RECORDS - PUNKSKELM - The African Attachment - SMD
2008 12 05 - Van Coke Kartel & Ashtray Electric - Official Bellville Rock City CD/DVD LAUNCH, Durbanville Kunskafee, Durbanville, R30, R45, 17:00 - '12 Mile Stone' documentary will be screened at 20:00
2008 12 06 - Fokofpolisiekar & KOBUS! - Official Bellville Rock City CD/DVD LAUNCH, Assembly, Harrington Street, Cape Town, 21:00, R50, R70 - '12 Mile Stone' documentary will be screened at 22:00
2008 12 12 - aKING, Ashtray Electric, New Holland - Official Bellville Rock City CD/DVD LAUNCH, Mercury Live, Cape Town, 20:00, R50 - '12 Mile Stone' documentary will be screened at 21:00

2008 10 28-30 - Die Sterrefees/2008: Anton Goosen, Dewald Louw, Etienne Terblanche & Dikazzins, middelklAs, New Holland, Semyazah, Willim Welsyn en die Sunrise Toffies, Zinkplaat, Cotten-Kola + many more, Karnmelkspruit, Lady Grey, Eastern Cape, R165

2008 12 18 - Groot Gees Rock Fees III: Die Heuwels Fantasties, Die Helde, Foto Na Dans, Straatligkinders, Reaanrottweiller, Tidal Waves, City Bowl Mizers, éF-éL, New Holland, Zinkplaat, Captain Stu, The Pretty Blue Guns, Mr. Cat & The Jackal , Pitty The Fool, Willim Welsyn & Die Sunrise Toffies, Die Kloof Lanks Stables, 13h00


2008 12 - DPK bied aan Die MK 3de Avontoer: Foto Na Dans, Straatligkinders, Tidal Waves, Captain Stu, Zinkplaat, New Holland, City Bowl Mizers, éF-éL, The Pretty Blue Guns - De Plate Kompanje - Tassenberg - MK - www, -
2008 12 03 - Tidal Waves, Pretty Blue Guns, Back2Basix, 20:00. R 40
2008 12 04 - Pretty Blue Guns, "Studio 1", MK, 19:00
2008 12 04 - Tidal Waves, Pretty Blue Guns, Tings 'n Times, 21:00, R 40
2008 12 05 - Foto Na Dans, New Holland, Pretty Blue Guns, Gecko Bar, Hermanus. 20:00, R 40
2008 12 05 - Zinkplaat, Willim Welsyn & die Sunrise Toffies, Filly Fusion, Plettenbergbaai, 20:00, R40
2008 12 06 - Foto Na Dans, New Holland, Pretty Blue Guns, Filly Fusion, Plettenbergbaai, 20:00, R40

2008 08 29 - DPK bied aan ge[ROOS]ter Rock Festival, Foto Na Dans, New Holland, Die Helde, The Pretty Blue Guns, Ben-Nevis & Wenner van [Music On The Rocks], 18:00, R40 - DE PLATE KOMPANJIE - Liqui Fruit - Trouvrou -

2008 06 - Ubuntoer II - Rock Against Racism: Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde - De Plate Kompanje - Fender - UJFM - NWU - Chatta Box -
2008 06 13 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Bed On Bricks, Aandklas, Stellenbosch
2008 06 14 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Captain Stu, The Assembly, Kaapstad
2008 06 16 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Die Straatligkinders, venue to be confirmed, Bloemfontein
2008 06 17 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Reaanrottweiller, Picasso's, Potchefstroom
2008 06 18 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Tidal Waves, Tings and Times, Pretoria
2008 06 19 - Studio 1, MK met Die Helde, Zinkplaat en New Holland (TBC)
2008 06 20 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Die Melktert Kommissie, Back2Basix, Johannesburg, UJFM
2008 06 21 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Ef-El, Hatfield Square, Pretoria

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