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Mervis van der Merwe (Imagine)

Come .................................. CDBRT658 BRETTIAN
Disk 1:
1. King Of Glory
2. You Are Good
3. Where You Are
4. I'm In Love With The King
5. Prophesy
6. Yahweh Prayer
7. Yahweh
8. Adonai
9. Medley
10. Show Me Your Face
11. Your Love Oh Lord
12. Listen To Our Hearts
13. Spontaneous Song
Disk 2:
1. All I Want Is You
2. Oh Lord You're Beautiful
3. The Father Sings
4. Thank You
5. You Are Good
6. Song Of The Bridegroom
7. More Of You
8. Belong
9. Your Love Is Healing
10. Deep Love (Roots)
11. Daddy
12. Waiting

This August, South Africa will be introduced to a worship album that is an invitation. Come is the 7th studio album by Mervis, a Pretoria based worship leader who spends most of his year ministering in churches across South Africa. It also includes an additional free worship CD, capturing moments of intimate worship in studio over a period of time, by Mervis and his wife, Sonja van der Merwe.
"Originally we wanted to call they album You Are Good," says Mervis, "But Sonja and I wanted to know that if this was the last album we got the chance to make, people would be see Christ, first and foremost."
A trend you'll notice on the covers of the last three albums by Mervis is that you won't see his face. "It's not a conventional cover, but then I'm not a conventional type of guy!" says Mervis with a smile. "We wanted it to minister to people before they even hear the music."
Musically, the album is diverse. It has a true South African flare, mixing the western and African world from incorporating African choir and percussion on Yahweh, to the jazzy serenade of the flugal horn on Show Me Your Face. The catchy country sound of Where You Are features cleverly arranged pedal steel and violin, making it easy on the ears of radio audiences.
The first radio single, You Are Good, features recording artist and vocal coach, Freddie Wessels on choir. The video for the track was directed and edited by producer and fellow songwriter on the album, Danny Antill.
Mervis also incorporates scripture well into his songwriting. The track Prophesy is based on Ezekiel 37:4. Adonai sings of the names of God, a beautiful worship track ideal for congregational worship. Chord charts will be made available to the churches, starting with the uptempo opening track, King Of Glory. -

Binnekant .................... CDBRT519 2009 BRETTIAN
1. Hier Is My Hart
2. Koning Jesus
3. Stil
4. Wanneer My Pa Met My Dans
5. Wanneer My Pa Met My Dans (Selah)
6. Hy Is
7. Loof Hom, Prys Hom
8. Eerste Liefde
9. Voor U Alleen
10. Rivier
11. Mooiste Lieflike Jesus
12. Mooiste Lieflike Jesus (Selah)
13. Trou Lied

Mervis is een van Suid-Afrika se vooraanstaande 'Worship Leaders' en is al om bekend. Sy nuutste CD 'Binnekant' is voorwaar wat die titel voorstel. Dit kom van diep uit sy hart. Mervis se hart vir aanbidding kan duidelik ervaar word in die liedjies wat hy vir hierdie CD geskryf het.

When Words Fail ............... CDBRT518 BRETTIAN
1. Intro (Show Me Your Glory)
2. Show Me Your Glory
3. Selah (Cymbals And Drums)
4. King Of The Ages
5. Face To Face
6. Selah (Face To Face)
7. Spontaneous Worship
8. Wild Horses
9. Let Your Glory Fall
10. One Thing
12. He Is
13. Gloryland (Reprise)
14. Your Name

Mervis is back with his most inspired album yet. With beautiful instrumental accompaniment from the cello, violen and piano, his voice will move you into an intimate place of worship with the Father. In true IHOP style, the CD includes a bonus worship disc, recorded spontaneously as he felt the Spirit leading him. The album makes a wonderful gift to bless someone with. The music express exactly what the title suggests, worship to the lord, when words fail! In addition this English album, Mervis has launched his Afrikaans album, Binnekant. The album is recorded in a similar style to "When Words Fail". Mervis has just returned from a trip to Jerusalem where he recorded a music video for the track, "Wanneer my Pa met my dans." Both albums were produced by Danny Antill, with songs written by Mervis.

Dors - Gee Ons 'n Hart Van Worship . CDBRT369 2008 BRETTIAN
1. Niemand Soos U
2. Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)
3. Jesus
4. Emmanual
5. Psalm 121
6. Môrester
7. Ek Wil U Ken
8. U Is Heilig
9. Sien My Hart
10. Diep Roep Na Diep
11. Let Your Glory Fall
12. Al My Fonteine Is In U
13. Vader
14. Hoe Diep My Vader se Liefde
15. Wie Kan Verstaan?

Longing ............................... CDBRT335 BRETTIAN
1. Son Of David
2. We Are The Generation
3. Wild Horses
4. Feel The Love
5. I Want To Love You
6. First Love
7. One Thing
8. Day And Night
9. Joshua
10. I Am Yours
11. Fragrance
12. Daddy Come Home

Penuel ................................. CDBRT264 BRETTIAN
1. Great God
2. I Worship You
3. Going Up To The Mountain
4. I Want To Know You
5. I Will Love You Forever
6. King Of Love
7. Healer
8. Praise Him (Healer)
9. I Love Your Love
10. Clothe Me In White
11. I'm So In Love With You
12. Kiss The Son
13. Penuel

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