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Melanie Scholtz .net
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Our Time met Jitsvinger CDS ......... 2014

Connected ................................. LB 002 LOUDBERRY
1. Hypnotized
2. Bumblebee
3. Listen To The Birds
4. You Let Me Be
5. Invincible
6. Back In Love
7. Arise
8. Connected
9. Pitter Patter
10. A New Day
11. Intliziyo Yam / Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker

Zillion Miles .......................... LB 001 2006 LOUDBERRY/BOWLINE
1. This Can't Be Love (A Capella)
2. Shameless Star
3. You Can Hold The World
4. Circle
5. Constant As The Moon
6. Summer Song
7. Standing On The White Line
8. Him
9. Everything You Need
10. Zillion Miles
11. Push
12. Another Day
13. Brighter Days
14. This Can't Be Love (Reprise)

Melanie Scholtz's first solo album "Zillion Miles" was produced by Norwegian Thor Kvande and features some of South Africa's finest musicians. This album represents a variety of styles: jazz, pop, rock, soul and African music is blended into one coherent and distinctive style unique to Melanie Scholtz and her band.
At the age of 26 this classically trained vocalist, composer and lyricist has enjoyed success as a freelance singer with her incredible versatility, spanning genres as diverse as jazz, opera, musical theatre, pop and R&B.
She has performed with Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra and sang the South African anthem in front of millions of TV viewers at The President's Cup in George. She featured on Mozambiquan guitarist Jimmy Dludlu's radio hit "Peaceful Moment" and has shared a stage with names like Al Jarreau, Sibongile Khumalo, Gerald Veasley and Joe McBride.

skakels :

2015 03 27-28 - 16th Cape Town International Jazz Festival: Prophets Of The City, Cannibal Ox, Melanie Scholtz & Jitsvinger; Pacific Express; Jitsenic plus baie meer, Cape Town,

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