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Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop .com

2021 07 23-25 - Save Our Stages: >>>
2021 07 23 - Vrydag: Jax Venter, De Wallen, Dillan Oliphant, Gino Fernandez, Lost//Youth, Robyn Dunlop, Rob van Vuuren, The Man Motels, Dillan Oliphant, Toya Delazy, Conrad Koch, PHFAT, Jax Venter
2021 07 24 - Saterdag: Doc Comedy, Mark Stent, Pius Xulu, The Medicine Dolls, Robyn Dunlop, Gino Fernandez, Jack Stone, Khanyisa Bunu, Martin Bester, Loufi, Gino Fernandez, Alive At Midnight, Dillan Oliphant, Tidal Waves, Conrad Koch, Cece Vee, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Van Pletzen, Conrad Koch, Early B, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Anton Goosen, Yaaseen Barnes, Martin Rocka And The Sick Shop, Khanyisa Bunu, Laurie Levine, Yaaseen Barnes, Jax Venter, The Plastics, Pius Xulu, Prime Circle
2021 07 25 - Sondag: Conrad Koch, Basson Laubscher & The Violent Free Peace, Khanyisa Bunu, Riaan Smit, Conrad Koch, Steve Newman, Yaaseen Barnes, Congo Cowboys, Doc Comedy, Zionruts Family, Yaaseen Barnes, Majozi, Jax Venter, Matt Carstens, Pius Xulu, Taxi Violence, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Wonderboom, Rob van Vuuren, Diamond Thug, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Jacques Moolman, Rob van Vuuren, Albert Frost

It's A Filthy Song But Someone's Got . SEED 124 SEED MUSIC
1. Retox / Retox Mansion
2. The Boogie Mansion / The Boogie Clinicvetseun
3. Cake
4. Slag Lab met Tamara Dey / Slaglag
5. Bug Eyed Baby
6. It's Tru met Tamara Dey
7. F.O.N.D. / Found
8. Asi Es La Vida, Triste Y Jodida, Unos Se Joden, Y Otros Solo Miran
9. Septic Sore
10. Stranglehold (Of Love)
11. Zombie Twist
12. Santo Triso / Santo Tirso
13. Sick Sick Stuff

Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop are a 3 piece psychobilly band from Johannesburg. The band comprises the mysterious Martin Rocka on vocals and guitars, James Flames on bass guitar, and Boy McLoud on drums. The band's unique sound combines classic rockabilly with psychedelia and lyrical fare devoted mostly to monster movies and swamp sex into an infectious and utterly tasteless conglomeration of trash culture.
Wrestling mask-wearing front man Martin Rocka cuts an enigmatic figure onstage. He combines lightning fast guitar licks with thunderous vocals to perform some of the most outrageous rockabilly ever seen. His true identity is a closely guarded secret, but he is rumored to converse with Elvis Presley on a nightly basis.

Through Sick And Thin ....... SEED 101 SEED MUSIC
1. Do Away With 'Em
2. Cutest Little Dead Girl
3. Filthy Fucking Cookie Monster
4. Witch
5. Dirty Scene
6. Knock-Knock
7. Still Of The Night
8. Killer In Lipgloss met Karen Zoid
9. Speedy Daddy
10. X-Ray Vision
11. 20 Flight Rock
12. Rock 'n Roll Has Got To Go
13. Music For Movies

skakels :


2004 11 05 - Loslyf presents The Devil's Music Rock Orgy: Fuzigish, Diesel Whores, Fokofpolisiekar, Martin Rocka And The Sick Shop, Carfax, Newtown, Johannesburg

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