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Mandoza (Chiskop)
Sgantsontso ................... SLCD 291 2013 SHEER SOUND
1. Sithi Halleluja
2. Ung Geze met MXO
3. Sgantsontso
4. Enjoy Your Life
5. It's So Clear met Sasha Lee
6. Yellow Beemer met Hydro
7. Bodhla met Zama Mdingi
8. Uyakhumbula met Afrotraction
9. Siashova
10. Sgantsontso 2
11. Kozuba Right
12. Back
13. Skathele
14. Afrikaan met Die Heuwels Fantasties (Remix)
15. Tsotsi Smart
16. Like Home
17. It's So Clear (Remix)


Die blinkste steen in Wens Jy Was Hier se kroon is sekerlik Die Heuwels Fantasties se samewerking met Mandoza op die liedjie Afrikaan.vetseun "Mandoza is 'n absolute legende in hierdie industrie. Sy musiek resoneer met jonk en oud. Dit is die eerste keer dat Mandoza met 'n Afrikaanse kunstenaar saamwerk, so dit maak hierdie liedjie uniek", sê Pierre Greeff, voorsanger van Die Heuwels Fantasties.

Hunter Kennedy, Gabi le Roux, Pierre Greeff, Mandoza, Willem Els >>>

Volgens Pierre handel Afrikaan oor "dat, alhoewel mens soms vervreemd kan voel in 'n mens se omstandighede, daar tog 'n samehorige gevoel onder baie van ons as Suid-Afrikaners heers. Maak nie saak wat jou agtergrond is nie."

Afrikaan is nou beskikbaar op Mandoza se album, Sgantsontso, op iTunes en op Die Heuwels Fantasties se album, Wens Jy Was Hier, wat binnekort vrygestel word.

Afrikaan op iTunes:

Luister hier na Afrikaan:

10 Great Songs ............... CDCCP 2127 CCP RECORDS
1. Uzoyithola Kanjani?
2. Nkalakatha (2004 "Song Of The Decade" Nominasie)
3. Godoba
4. 50/50
5. Sgelekeqe
6. Indoda
7. Tsotsi Yase Zola
8. Mama
9. Respect Life
10. Hope

Change ............................................... 2010 EMI
1. Moja Solja
2. Hlanganisa
3. Top
4. I'm Sorry met ZIYON van Liquideep
5. Sthandwa Sami met Mamiseng
6. Zingakanani
7. Never Gonna Give You Up
8. Namkelekile
9. Don't Forget met Baby M
10. Ubzukuzuku
11. Court

Real Deal .................... CDCCP 2125 2010 CCP RECORDS
1. Moja Solja
2. Hlanganisa
3. Top
4. I'm Sorry met ZIYON van Liquideep
5. Sthandwa Sami met Mamiseng
6. Zingakanani
7. Never Gonna Give You Up
8. Namkelekile
9. Don't Forget met Baby M
10. Ubzukuzuku
11. Court

Double Pack 2DVD . DVDCCP 2084 CCP RECORDS
Disk 1:
1. Hope
2. Respect
3. Vulelani
4. Angikhohlwa Langiphuma Khona
5. Mama
6. Sikhathi Sewashi
7. Flame Of Life
8. 50/50
9. Indoda
10. Uzoyithola Kanjani?
11. Godoba
12. Nkalakatha
13. Bakuphi
14. Tornado
15. Sgelekeqe
Disk 2:
1. Niyachoma
2. Nkalakatha
3. Ngalabesi
4. Sgelekeqe
5. Tornado
6. Phunyuka Bamphethe
7. Hope
8. Godoba
9. Indoda

Live In Concert At Sun City DVD . DVDCCP 2045 CCP RECORDS

Ingwenya ........................... CDCCP 2103 CCP RECORDS
1. Kutsa met Bleksem
2. Myeke Baba
3. Life E Ruff
4. Love met Jaziel Brothers
5. Ziyawa Le Summer
6. Ingwenya
7. Bazozwa met Psyfo
8. Life Is Too Short
9. Ekhaya Lame met Meriechan (Jamali)
10. Ungabi Naki met Jaziel Brothers
11. Noma Guphi
12. Goodbye To My Love met Baby M
13. Champion

Champion ...................... CDCCP 2089 CCP RECORDS
1. Tsotsi Yase Zola
2. Bathengisa Iphepha
3. Uthini
4. Champion
5. Ngena Baba
6. Bafa Bafa
7. Summer met Slovas
8. Vutha
9. Sehla Na Magimbos
10. Siyashisa
11. Jele
12. I'm Still met Spikiri, Pupa, Badabadab Ramto
13. Last Man Standing

Mandoza is back - with an album that will once again see Mandoza claim his rightful position as kwaito's unparalleled king.
Mandoza's contribution as a songwriter is unmistakable on Champion and it plays an important role in ensuring the lyrics on the album will speak directly to his fans, many of whom have grown up with the star.

Ngalabesi .................. CDCCP 2077 2006 CCP RECORDS
1. Niyachoma
2. Ngalabesi
3. Boo Phansi met Bravo
4. Stand By The Room met TK
5. Kwelizayo met Gen
6. Uyazi Abantu
7. Ezakhona met Pro-Kid
8. Believa met Pitch Black Afro
9. Phansi
10. Uthando met Sgebi
11. Mr. Skhalo
12. Ngalabesi (Remix)
13. Ngalabesi X2
14. Uthando met Sgebi (Remix)

Phunyuka Bamphethe . CDCCP 2050 2005 CCP RECORDS/EMI
1. Phunyuka Bamphethe
2. Mayingekho Ayikho
3. Hope
4. Unganyatsi Abantu
5. Amen
6. Nogonondo
7. My Lover
8. Ama True Colours
9. Pressure
10. Bakuphi
11. Mphakathi
12. Mama
13. Siyagodola
14. Nogonondo II

met Danny K
Same Difference .......CDCCP 2046 2004 CCP RECORDS/EMI
1. Mission
2. Friday
3. Music
4. Rollercoaster
5. The Last One's
6. Ooh Child (Ungabaleki) met Stagga
7. 4 Koll
8. You Wish
9. Mzanzi Party
10. Free
11. Summertime
12. Faki Nchayelo
13. How We Roll
14. Ooh Child (Ungabaleki) Remix
15. Music Remix

20040410kaktus kknk2004.htm

Phinida Vuke ............. CDCCP 2036 2004 CCP RECORDS/EMI
1. Sgelekeqe
2. Nginogazi
3. Indoda
4. Khubalo
5. Respect
6. Intsimbi
7. Tsotsi
8. MDZ
9. Dancehall
10. Jahman
11. Ilsikhathi
12. Mbolo
13. Charlie
14. Sgelekeqe (Mindlo Mix)

Tornado. ...................... CDCCP 2022 2003 CCP RECORDS/EMI
1. Tornado Part 1
2. Izinyembezi
3. Tornado Part 2
4. Flame Of Life met Lebo
5. Angifuni Niks
6. Mampela
7. Kuyafana
8. Challenging Life
9. Ngisemi Ndawonye met Brendo
10. Izinyembezi (Remix)
11. Nkalakatha
12. Godoba
13. 50/50 met M'Du

met produksie, Gabi le Roux

Godoba ....................... CDCCP 2020 2002 CCP RECORDS /EMI
1. Cyborg (Move Your Skeleton)
2. Godoba (Original Big Mix)
3. Jerusalema
4. Vulelani
5. Amadoda
6. 50/50
7. End Of The Month (Rock Mix)
8. Khipheleni
9. Godoba (Club Dub)
10. End Of The Month (Fast House Mix)

met produksie, Gabi le Roux

Nkalakatha ................ CDCCP 2012 2000 CCP RECORDS /EMI
1. Nkalakatha
2. Sikhathi Sewashi
3. Verstaan
4. Vukani
5. Izinto Ozenzayo
6. Soy"icleva
7. Nkalakatha (Dub Mix)
8. Sikhathi Sewashi (Dub Mix)
9. Sikhathi Sewashi (Instrumenteel)
10. Verstaan (Instrumenteel)

Mduduzi Tshabalala was/is ook deel van Chiskop wat as groep drie/vier cds uitgegee het. Nkalakatha wat "die baas" beteken is sy treffer gewees though. Die dieper meer techno/house wat Mandoza se musiek uitkenbaar maak (en stem) is nie so merkbaar op die Verstaan snit nie maar daar is oorgenoeg hop en bop. met produksie, Gabi le Roux.

met Tokollo en Kabelo
It's All Right CDS ............. CMAXCD 801 ELECTROMODE
1. It's All Right met Kabelo & Tokollo (Kwaito Mix)
2. It's All Right met Kabelo & Tokollo (R&B Mix)
3. It's All Right (Instr Mix)

9 II 5 Zola South .............. CDCCP 2002 CCP RECORDS /EMI
1. Uzoyithola Kanjani?
2. Fas'ibruko Lakho
3. Angikhohlwa Langiphuma Khona
4. Khanda Shisa
5. Nizwile Na?
6. Uzalw" Umabani?
7. Fas'ibruko Lakho (Bassline Dub Mix)
8. Uzoyithola Kanjani? (Instrumenteel)
9. Khanda Shisa (Banging Dub Mix)
10. My Roots (Instrumenteel)

met produksie, Gabi le Roux

Nkalakathla (The Boss Remixes) ... CCP RECORDS/EMI
1. Nkalakatha (The solid Gold Mix)
2. Nkalakatha (The London Mix)
3. Vukani (The Hip Hop Gospel Mix)
4. Nkalakatha (Percussive House Mix)
5. Uzotithola Kanjani (Ibomvu's Mix)
6. Nkalakatha (Sunset Beach Mix)
7. Nkalakatha (Chief Executive Mix)
8. Verstaan (Instrumenteel)
9. Sikhati Sewashi (Dub Mix)
10. Khanda Shisa (Banging Dub Mix)

met produksie, Gabi le Roux

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Hip2BSquare - Uzoyithola Kanjani?
Hijack Stories - Nizwile Na?
Tsha Tsha - 50/50 met M'Du
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Mandoza & Engen Create African Welcomevetseun

Early 2010 will see the launch of an exclusive open arms African Welcome project jointly created by Mandoza & Engen. The soccer influenced project is based on making all Engen customers feel like Champions with Engen's brand promise "With us you are number 1".
Last month Engen approached Mandoza to join them on the project by recording an in-house song with production maestro Gabi le Roux which has already been distributed to 40 000 Engen staff. Mandoza & Gabi are a known powerful combination for creating smash hits like "GODOBA", "TORNADO", "INDODA" to name but a few & not forgetting the Mammoth hit song "NKALAKATA" which was the vetseungigantic crossover song enjoyed by all nations in South Africa, Africa & countries around the world.
A high quality music video has also been produced which will be played at all Engen stations country wide.
An exclusive magazine has been personally signed with a message written by Mandoza saying "My People, You Are My Champions! Be Number One!"
Mandoza & Engen are proud & honored to be part of a South African dream come true!


Mandoza Rocks Tokyo
Mandoza & manager, Curwyn Eaton returned to South Africa on Friday after a successful trip to Tokyo, Japan where Mandoza performed at the R-Fest to thousands of fans. The response was magnificent where the crowd waved there fans and phones in the air in filming and screaming in support.
Mandoza performed first with Doji T & Baby M, then alone. American artist & actor Marques Houston who performed alongside Mandoza at the Fest was the first to congratulate Mandoza after his performance embracing him and saying, "Man, that was a tight performance!"
Soon after the performance, records label owners approached Mandoza's manager to discuss at a meeting the next day possible deals to release Mandoza in Japan which are currently in development.
Mandoza was then invited to the Embassy in Japan where the Ambassador welcomed Mandoza to the country and also discussed some possibilities of Mandoza being apart of some major projects soon to be in effect.
Mandoza then did some television & newspaper interviews and a photo shoot which is to be used for his publicity by the record company.
Mandoza says that his trip was very exciting and was really amazed by how advanced Japan is and how humble and polite the people where. They have service excellence and everything was 5 star and above from takeoff. "I was really impressed by how professional everything was and the food was surprisingly very good!"
Discussions are also in place between Mandoza's management & Umoja as in September this year Umoja starts in Japan!

Mandoza Jets Off To Japan On Sunday
Sunday 26th July, Japan will get to see what had exploded onto the South African scene more than a decade ago. Mandoza jets off to Japan for a week to perform at the Japan music festival called "R-Festa" and also to meet with a company called Avex Trax who are interested in licensing his album to release in Japan.
Mandoza will be performing with 2 of Japan's stars namely Doji T and Bay M. Baby M and Mandoza last year collaborated on a song called "Good Bye To My Love" which was released in Japan and on Mandoza's album "Ingwenya" which has done exceptionally well in Japan which led to another collaboration with another star called Doji T on a track called "Get Ready" which was release in Japan in June 2009.
Mandoza will also be doing some of his hit songs with special requests of "Nkalakata" and "Myeke Baba" which the music video has already been played on television stations in Japan.

2008 10 18 - Rocktober Music Festival: Eden, Watershed, Prime Circle, Mandoza, Foto Na Dans, Crash Car Burn, Loyiso, aKING, Klopjag, Fuzigish, Jamali, éF-éL, Wonderboom, Straatligkinders, Supersport Park, Centurion, 13h00, R150

2004 04 10 - Kaktus Oppi Vlaktes: Valiant Swart, Mandoza, Ddisselblom, Koos Kombuis, Brasse Vannie Kaap, Max Normal, Fokofpolisiekar, Godessa, Kobus!, Kristoe Strauss, Bed On Bricks, The Finkelstiens, Oudtshoorn - sien website vir program

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