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Machineri ........................ CDJUST 474 JUST MUSIC
1. Soul People
2. Stranger On The Water
3. Searchers
4. Spider Suitcase
5. Machine I Am
6. Ladder Operator
7. Blood On Our Hands
8. Big Bad Machine
9. Lovers Whim
10. Cold Sister
11. Father Gun

The unconventional route Machineri took to recording their debut album suits singer Sannie Fox. The band Fox formed in 2008 with fellow guitarist André Geldenhuys only began playing live last spring. By then, their seductive, blues-infused rock had found a following online via striking videos for two of their songs. At the start of this year, Machineri landed a record deal without sending out a single demo. It has been a strange journey so far, laughs Fox. But then were quite a strange band. Our music is influenced by everything from John Lee Hooker and Led Zeppelin to Malian blues and Portuguese folk. We feel like a band at the fringes of several scenes, rather than one at the centre of any. The blonde, beautiful Fox boasts as intriguing a background as her songs. Born in London, but living in Cape Town since the age of 11, her father is South African film director Revel Fox, her mother Portuguese actress and singer Roberta Fox. She has an honours degree in theatre and performance and has appeared both on stage and on screen, most recently in 2009's acclaimed feature film Long Street. She has worked as a model, but can engineer her own records she produced Machineri's first video as a homework project for a sound engineering course.

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