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LP Louw
Enigste Gebed . D04/LPRCD0001 2010
1. Leer My O Heer
2. May The Words Of My Mouth
3. Keurspel: U Wil Geskied; Hier Is Ek Net Soos Ek Is; Heer Ek Weet U Is
4. Eenkant Kom
5. My Herder (Psalm 23)
6. Leave A Legacy
7. You Gave Me Love
8. Enigste Gebed
9. Soos U Wil Ek Wees
10. Trust His Heart
11. Seeing For The Very First Timevetseun

LP Louw has been blessed with a golden voice, and has been singing since the age of 12. Their ministry is about encouraging and challenging people to turn to God and live radically for Him. And to proclaim God as the Holy, Almighty, jealous and yet loving God that he is - there is no place for complacency and half-measures! We have seen how God has already used LP to touch so many hearts, in so many places where he has been. LP wants nothing more than to do the will of God, wherever and whatever that might be.

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