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'n Blik Vol Maiers MP3 Mixtape ........ 2010 ELEKTIQ MUSIQ
1. Intro
2. Geheime Yt Die Graf
3. Die Plan
4. Khoi San Kleurling
5. Khoi San Vryheid met "Katjie Vannie Baan" a.k.a. G Max
6. Ytwissing
7. 'n Blik Vol Maiers
January 5, 2011 --

On Thursday the 30th of December 2010 did Eklektiq Musiq launch the promotional mixtape of their hip hop artist, KhoiSiSeun. The mixtape is entitled "'n Blik Vol Maiers" and it includes production by Exact, one of the four producers at Eklektiq Musiq.
The mixtape includes a song "Khoi San Vryheid" featuring the talented Katjie Vannie Baan from the crew P.V.S.I. KhoiSiSeun is a provocative underground hip hop artists that write songs about the social and political challenges that his race the Khoi San, nowadays known as Coloureds, must face everyday.
The displacement of the coloureds and the fact that their culture, language and land were taken from them and the truth about it was hidden for decades. He feels that he can use his music as a platform to educate and heal his people's tribulations, especially the youth by creating hope for them through his musical voice. KhoiSiSeun is not a new comer to the industry. No. Hence he performed previously for many years under two other pseudonyms. One is of course his birth name and he shared the stage with Freshly Ground, Mafikizola, Rattex, Mizchif, Loyiso, Afro Z, Perspektif, P.V.S.I., Jaak, Kamalie, Dokter Kapnoudis and many more.
This is only the first of many projects people can expect and it is said that he recorded this promotional mixtape in less then 6 hours. Listening to the "'n Blik Vol Maiers" mixtape you can hear a cry for help, hope and faith. Songs like "Geheime yt die graf" speaks of how many young males or females lost a brother, sister or cousin through murder, due to a family members greed for money. A common thing in their poverty striken community. "Ytwissing" speaks about the displacement of the youth and the social issues that they have to face. "Khoi San Vryheid" on the other hand speaks about the culture, truth and hope for the youth.

"I look at my community and I can see the pain on my peoples faces. Our government makes a lot of promises. One which is in our constitution according to Resolution 169, that all indigenous groups can claim their land, language and culture, but then according to Article 41. It states that we the Khoi are not seen as an indigenous group from South Africa. How is this possible when my forefathers were the first to roam this land? We are constantly fed with their history and political sh**!"

You can hear in many of his songs the pain that he feels, that his people have to suffer and endure. KhoiSiSeun also said that they will work on one or two music videos for this mixtape and that he is already working on new material for a new mixtape that he wants out to hit the streets as well as online for free. Something that we can really look forward too.

You can preview his music online at reverbnation or join his fan page on facebook
For more information e-mail his recording company Eklektiq Musiq: or
They can also be contacted on their office number:
at +27 (0) 73 165 8985 or join them also at: facebook reverbnation

HipHopKop Snit CDS ....................... 2010

skakels : facebook : reverbnation

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