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Julian Laxton (Nevada's ; Them; Mel, Mel & Julian; Freedom's Children; Hawk; Julian Laxton Band)
Mel & Mel & Julian
Ethnic/Shmethnic ................................ 2005
1. Katy Cline
2. The Water Is Wide
3. Little Beggar Man
4. Ox Drivers Song
5. Ramble Away
6. Gypsy Rover
7. Mary Anne
8. Irish Rover
9. Sinner Man
10. Van Diemans Land
11. Hangman
12. Let Me Fly
13. Banks Of The Ohio

Mel & Mel & Julian
One More Town & Miscellanea ........
1. Ox Drivers Song
2. For Loving Me
3. Gold Wedding Ring
4. Don't Think Twice
5. Hangman
6. One More Town
7. Paddy McGinty's Goat
8. Darcy Farrow
9. Erev Shel Shoshanim
10. Red Velvet
11. Early Morning Rain
12. 500 Miles (BONUS)
13. Sorrow And Pain (BONUS)
14. Sixteen Miles
15. The Water Is Wide
16. No Money Down
17. Gypsy Rover
18. Fare Thee Well Kirsten
19. Traveling Riverside Blues
20. Crazy Words Crazy Tune
21. Pack Up Your Sorrows
22. Beverly
23. Sinner Man
24. Irish Rover
25. Walking Down The Line (BONUS)
26. Pack Up Your Sorrows (BONUS)

The Julian Laxton Collection . CDGMP 40458S 1994 GALLO
1. Blue Water
2. Invent Yourself (Theme song from "Okavango")
3. The Bridge
4. Celebrate (Celebrate The Rain)
5. Johannesburg
6. Make A Stand For Love (Theme from "Rising Storm")
7. Down The Line
8. The Thin Red Line (Theme from "Hold My Hand, I'm Dying")
9. Fooled Around And Fell In Love (Elvin Bishop)
10. We Are Growing met Margaret Singana (From Shaka Zulu TV-Series)
11. All I Need Is You
12. Man To Man
13. One Nine Six O (1960)

Sithethelele LP ................ ONH 003 1986 ON RECORD
- Featuring The Music Of Julian Laxton
Side One:
1. Uxolo Baba
2. Sithethelele
Side Two:
1. Zimiseleni
2. Abantwana Bothando

Produced by: Julian Laxton
Executive Producer: Ronnie Robot
Engineered by: Bonny Summerfield

Summer Glot Rock 7" ... PRS 1009 1982 PRINCE
Side A:
1. Summer Glot Rock (Celebrate; Down The Line; 1960; Johannesburg; Blue Water)
Side B:
1. Summer Glot Rock (Fooled Around And Fell In Love; I Get High)

Merry-Go-Round / Don't Close Your Mind 7" . NGS 245 1981 NITTY GRITTY

(Come Join My Band) Make A Stand For Love / Don't Close Your Mind 7" . NGS 232 1981 NITTY GRITTY

The Julian Laxton Band
1-9-6-0 / I Get High 7" ......... TJS 94 1978 JO'BURG

Time Is Tight (Go-Go-Mixx) / Times Is Tuff (Tighter-Than-Time) 7" . SONO 7003 SONOVISION

The Julian Laxton Band
Celebration LP . TJL 13015/PVA 13 1977 JO'BURG
Side One:
1. Blue Water
2. Johannesburg
3. I Get High
Side Two:
1. Celebrate
2. Allineedisyou
3. Man To Man

While the name Julian Laxton appears on just about every second South African rock album from the 70s (as guitarist or producer), the Julian Laxton Band were not that prolific.
'Celebration' is one of the few albums produced by this band. Opening with 'Blue Water' this is a great mixture of rock, funk and disco. From the start two things stand out; Julian's guitar work and the strong falsetto vocals of Eugen-e Havanga, the latter being reminiscent of Jon Anderson of Yes fame. (John Samson, March 2001)

The Julian Laxton Band
Fooled Around And Fell In Love / Johannesburg 7" . TJS 68 1977 JO'BURG
Side One:
1. Fooled Around And Fell In Love (Elvin Bishop)
Side Two:
1. Johannesburg (Patric van Blerk, Julian Laxton)

Prod. and Arr. by Julian Laxton
Executive Prod. Patric van Blerk
Recorded at Satbel Studios by Peter Thwaites

Julian Laxton
Magnolia / U.F.O. 7" .............. TJS 61 1977 JO'BURG

Julian Laxton Band
Down The Line / Down The Line (Disco Version) 7" . TJS 60 1977 JO'BURG

Produced by: Patric van Blerk, Julian Laxton
Arranged by: Julian Laxton

Julian Laxton Band
(Take Me Back To) Blue Water / (Take Me Back To) Blue Water (Disco Version) 7" . TJS 50 1976 JO'BURG
Side One:
1. (Take Me Back To) Blue Water (Van Blerk, Laxton)
Side Two:
1. (Take Me Back To) Blue Water (Disco Version) (Van Blerk, Laxton)

Produced by Julian Laxton, Patric van Blerk & Trevor Rabin
Arranged by Julian Laxton

The Julian Laxton Band
Celebrate / Children Of The Sunshine 7" . TJS 32 1976 JO'BURG
Side One:
1. Celebrate (Patric van Blerk, Julian Laxton, Trevor Rabin)
Side Two:
1. Children Of The Sunshine (Patric van Blerk, Julian Laxton)

Produced by Julian Laxton & Patric van Blerk
Arranged by Julian Laxton
Engineered by Julian Laxton
Silversongs (Pty.) Ltd.

Mel, Mel & Julian (Mel Miller, Mel Green & Julian Laxton)
Miscellanea LP ............... ALD 8038 1967 CBS
Side One:
1. Sixteen Miles
2. There Is A Ship
3. No Money Down
4. Gypsy Rover
5. Fare Thee Well Kirsten
6. If Your Man Gets Busted
Side Two:
1. Washington At Valley Forge
2. Pack Up Your Sorrows
3. Beverly
4. Sinner Man
5. Irish Rover
6. Walkin' Down The Line

Mel, Mel & Julian (Mel Miller, Mel Green & Julian Laxton)
One More Town LP ........................... 1966 CBS

Mel & Mel
Songs about mines, people, places, and one train LP . 1965

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