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Judy Irwig
Wendy Fine and Judy Irwig
It's A Small Small World LP . MFK 80045 1981 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
Side One:
1. Being Small: It's A Small World; I Like Being Small; Thumbelina
2. Toys: Me And My Teddy Bear; I Know A Teddy Bear; Teddy Bear Touch The Ground; Puffer Train; I've A Dear Little Dolly
3. Action: We All Clap Hands Together; I Stamp My Feet; One Little Elephant Balancing; Round And Round The Village; Hoppity Harry; The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow; The No Laugh Race
4. Sing Along: Sing, Sing A Song; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Baa Baa Black Sheep; Old King Cole; Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be; Hickory Dickory Dock; Bobby Shafto
Side Two:
1. Animals: Boomer; Doggy In The Window; Joe; Crazy Bird; One Little Cockerel; Three Little Fishes; A Creepy Crawly Caterpillar
2. Silly Nonsense Songs: Boom Boom; Michael Finnigen; Katerina Ballerina; Willy Winters Bird; Hurry Hurry
3. Happy Songs: Noddy's Happy Song; Happy Song; Laugh It Off; Feel Free
4. Lullabyes: Niddledy Noddy; Night Time Sandman; Lullabye; It's A Small World

WHEN we thought about recording an album together we knew that a great deal of care would have to be taken in the choice and preparation of the songs, but felt sure the album would fill a gap in the material available for the younger age groups. What we didn't know was how much sheer fun it would be. The recording studio rang with song and laughter, bubbling and barking, chopping and stamping for 4 days. There is no way that this happy feeling will not come through to all who listen.
In choosing these songs we went straight to the children for whom this album is meant. Our many visits to nursery schools yielded a selection of the best-loved all-time favourites among the pre-primary school children, and this has been interspersed with a few original songs.
Our thanks go to Mike Pilot for his expert musical arrangements, Danny Antill for his keyboard wizardry and amazing sound effects, André Herbst for his recording expertise and humour, and Ed van Wyk for making it all possible.
Finally to all those parents who asked; "When are you going to do an album together?" (And to those who didn't .... )
Here it is! "lT'S A SMALL SMALL WORLD" - and we're happy to be part of it! - Wendy Fine, Judy Irwig - omslag

Something More Than Magic! LP . MFP 80034 1981 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
- Songs and stories written to remind young people of their own uniqueness - For children 5-12 years -
Side One:
1. I Like Me (Judy Irwig)
2. Something New Begins (Judy Irwig)
3. The Bully (Rose Oskowitz, Paul Desmond); Big Boys Don't Cry (Judy Irwig, Mike Pilot)
4. My Happy Song (Judy Irwig)
5. The Garden (Rose Oskowitz, Paul Desmond)
6. I'm Growing (Judy Irwig)
7. Win Or Lose (Judy Irwig)
Side Two:
1. Mommies And Daddies Are People (Judy Irwig)
2. Where Do I Come From? (Judy Irwig, Kevin Irwig)
3. Alison (Rose Oskowitz, Paul Desmond); You're Good At This - I'm Good At That (Judy Irwig, Wendy Fine, Mike Pilot)
4. I've A Cold (Judy Irwig, Danny Antill)
5. Feelings (Rose Oskowitz, Paul Desmond); Feelings Change (Judy Irwig)
6. When You Make A Mistake (Judy Irwig)

There's Magic Everywhere LP . MFP 55034 1980 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
- Songs for people of all ages but especially for those between 4 and 9. -
Side One:
1. There's Magic Everywhere Around You (words and music by Judy Irwig)
2. I Have A Little Secret (words by Glenda Lunsky, music by Judy Irwig)
3. It Doesn't Really Matter What You Look Like (words and music by Judy Irwig)
4. Why Do I Have A Nose? (words by Irwig and Lunsky, music by Judy Irwig)
5. It's Lots Of Fun To Share (words and music by Judy Irwig)
6. Were Our Grandparents Children Long Ago? (words and music by Judy Irwig)
7. Things I Like To Do
Side Two:
1. Everyone's Different (words and music by Judy Irwig)
2. On A Day When You're Feeling Sad (words and music by Judy Irwig)
3. Do To Others (words and music by Judy Irwig)
4. I'm A Little Spider (words by Lunsky and Irwig, music by Judy Irwig)
5. Baby Sister (words and music by Judy Irwig)
6. Knowing You Love Me (words by Irwig and Lunsky, music by Judy Irwig)
7. There's Magic Everywhere Around You (words and music by Judy Irwig)

These songs are inspired by incidents from everyday life, encounters with people's personal problems and contemporary issues. In them Judy Irwig shows her characteristic sensitivity, gentleness and insight. Her positive and non-sentimental attitude is highly appealing and this optimistic approach to life lends a happy and infectious tone to her music. - CAROL MACDONALD (M.A. Witwatersrand) (M.A. Reading) DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGIST

Children's Chorus: DANIELLE LUNSKY (4 yrs.), KEVIN IRIWIG (5 yrs.), NADINE FINE (7 yrs.), STEVEN FINE (9 yrs.)
Arranged by: MIKE PILOT
Recording Engineers: OWEN WOLF, PHILIP NEL

Judy Irwig & Wendy Fine
Fit for Fun LP ........................................
- original keep-fit songs for today's active chilfren... from 2 to 72
Side One:
1. Introduction
2. Jumping Jack
3. Statue Game
4. Rock The Boat
5. I'm Doing My Exercises
6. The Monster Walk
7. Upside Down
8. Ringo Flamingo Story
Side Two:
1. Ringo Flamingo Song
2. Animals And Things
3. Go For A Walk
4. Curl Up Small - Stand Up Tall
5. Face And Shoulders
6. Exit

It's A Magic World LP ........................

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