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Jimmy's Grand Six
The Very Best of Jimmy's Grand Six . CDGMP 40391(S) 1993 GALLO
1. When Will I See You Again?
2. I Do I Do I Do
3. Spanish Eyes
4. Juliette's Diary
5. Il Monod
6. Somewhere Between
7. Charmaine
8. Ricky
9. December 2963
10. Sambalero
11. Delilah
12. Personality
13. Vyfster
14. That's What Friends Are For
15. Fiela Se Kind
16. Medley: Wedding Day; I Love You Daddy; Hey Jude; Burning Bridges; La Bamba

met Bobby Hendricks
Sexy Eyes ...................... MORCD599 1996 DAWN MUSIC
1. Sexy Eyes
2. When I Need You
3. Return Of The Mack
4. Only Have Eyes For You
5. Killing Me Softly
6. Only One Road
7. The J & B Quickstep
8. I Won't Forget You
9. You And I Alone
10. Gauteng Special

I'll Be Missing You ......... TELCD 2727 TEAL
1. I'll Be Missing You (Fastrap)
2. Lately (Quickstep)
3. Eternally - Waltz
4. The Wonder Of You (Foxtrot)
5. Marina Marina
6. Lemies Kwela
7. Please Don't Go (Fastrap)
8. When I Die (Blues)
9. Wakey Wakey (Gumba)
10. Maria Maria (Tango)
11. Jimmy's Waltz
12. The Twist (Twist)

In The Mood LP ................................. 1988 GALLO

Get Movin' LP ................................... 1987 GALLO
Side A:
1. Sak En Pak Uit Distrik Ses
2. Rudi's Waltz
3. I Love You Daddy
4. The Mahala Jive
5. You Can't Be True Dear
6. Kalimba De Luna
Side B:
1. Call Me Al
2. Burning Bridges
3. Gubadez
4. South Of The Border
5. Beyond The Sea
6. Shake You Down

We Wish You A Merry Xmas LP ...... 1986 GALLO
Side 1:
1. Mary's Boy Child
2. Silent Night
3. When A Child Is Born
4. White Christmas
5. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
6. Jingle Bells
Side 2:
1. Last Mile Of The Christmas Way
2. Come All Ye Faithfull
3. Tenderly Sleeping
4. Wish You A Merry Christmas With First Noel
5. Oor Die Wye Velde Sing
6. Auld Lang Syne

Jimmy's Golden Hits LP . LAB 4067 1978 CBS
Side One:
1. Charmaine (Quickstep) (Rapee, Pollack)
2. Ricky (Waltz) (Newman)
3. And I Love You So (Foxtrot) (McLean)
4. December 1963 (Oh What A Night) (Vastrap) (Gaudio, Parker)
5. Whiter Shade Of Pale (Blues) (Brooker)
6. Sambalero (Samba) (Bonfa)
7. Personality (Quickstep) (Burke, Van Heusen, Price)
8. Delilah (Swing-Waltz) (Reed, Mason)
Side Two:
1. When Will I See You Again (Vastrap) (Gamble, Huff)
2. I Do, I Do, I Do (Quickstep) (Anderson, Andersson, Ulvaeus)
3. Fascination (Waltz) (Marchetti)
4. Il Mondo (Foxtrot) (Sontana, Meccia, Pes)
5. Spanish Eyes (Samba) (Kaempfert, Ingleton, Snyder)
6. Loving Arms (Blues) (Jans)
7. Juliette's Diary (Vastrap) (Newman)
8. Somewhere Between (Waltz) (Haggard)
9. I Will Return (Blues) (Cordell)

Jimmy's Paty Hits LP .............................. CBS
- Jimmy's Grand Six featuring Jimmy Newman
Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast
I Wish You Love
Quando Quando
House Of The Rising Sun
Melody In F
Apples And Bananas
Hey Jude
My Way
Say Si Si
Somewhere My Love

Jimmy 4 You! LP .................................

In The Chapel With Jimmy's Grand Six LP .

The Dancing Sound of Jimmy's Grand Six LP . 1972
Side One:
1. Sambalero (Samba) (Bonfa)
2. Ricky (Waltz) (Jimmy Newman)
3. Juliette's Diary (Vastrap) (Jimmy Newman)
4. Whiter Shade Of Pale (Blues) (Reid Brooker)
5. Tokolosh (Jive) (Eddie Meyer)
6. Spanish Eyes (Samba) (Kaempfert, Singleton, Snyder)
Side Two:
1. If Ever I Would Leave You (Bolero) (Loewe Lerner)
2. I Will Return (Blues) (Cordell)
3. Fascination (Waltz) (Marchetti)
4. Sweet Sax (Jive) (Jimmy Grand Six)
5. Rhumba Chero (Samba)
6. More (Quickstep) (Newell, Oliviero, Ortolani)

Sweet Sax (Jive) / Whiter Shade Of Pale (Blues) 7" . CA.6026 1972 CBS

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