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Gyroscope .au
Are You Involved? ...... SLCD 115 2006 SHEER
1. Turn It Up
2. Sunshine
3. Can You Feel It?
4. Hell No!
5. Something About You
6. Breathe
7. Let Me Hear You Say
8. Vibe Is Right
9. Stay With Me
10. Tell Him
11. Done With It
12. Listen Up
13. Hello
14. Being Human

Australian band, Gyroscope toured South Africa this September, in support of their brand new album 'ARE YOU INVOLVED'. In their home territory, this act has developed an unparalleled national presence. Their first two EP's strongly connected with audiences and built a fan base that voted them Best Australian Live Band 2003, Breakthrough Act of 2003 and awarded their 2 EP's the Most Popular EP's of 2003 (#1 & #2 respectively).
Their first album 'SOUND SHATTERING SOUND' recorded in 2004, garnered praise from critics and punters alike and featured the hits 'Doctor, Doctor', 'Safe Forever' and 'Take this for Granted'. Gyroscope then toured with Dashboard Confessional (Chris Carrabba personally asked for Gyroscope after listening to their debut EP) and Blink-182 whilst gracing Australian festival stages at Big Day Out 04, Rockit 04 and Homebake 04.
The new album 'ARE YOU INVOLVED' was recorded in LA with heavyweight producer Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, The Living End, Blink-182). Gyroscope enjoyed immediate success when the first single, 'FAST GIRL' debuted at # 1 on the Triple J 'Net 50' in it's first week of release. 'ARE YOU INVOLVED' was a good half-a-year in the making. There are subtleties. There are complexities. There are extremities. There are familiarities. There is orchestration. There is simplicity.

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