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Gonzo Republic
I'm OK, You're OK ......... SEED 125 2009 SEED MUSIC
1. I'm OK, You're OK
2. In The Morning
3. Replace
4. So Easy
5. Own Life Now
6. Jennifer
7. Nothing To Fight About
8. Not Sleeping
9. You Know You Want It
10. Silver Crowns
11. Mountain (Hidden Track)

is lay Human (Cold Tea), Josh Beechey, Steve du Plessis (Scooters Union), Logan Byrne (Landscape Prayers, Perez)

South Africa's newest hope in indie rock music. They've been chosen to play Levi's Young Guns, Levi's Vintage Sundays, headlined one of South Africa's largest festivals - Splashy Fen, finalists in the Pump Up The Volume competition and were in the top 3 in the Road To VFest competition. They've gigged nationally, blowing up stages with their explosive performances and have played with all the cool kids around town including Kidofdoom, Desmond and the Tutus, 340ml, Fire Through The Window, Bed On Bricks and Stealing Love Jones, to name a few.
Gonzo Republic have just completed their debut album, entitled "I'm OK, You're OK", including the song 'Nothing To Fight About', which made #1 on the 5FM charts. The album is set for success, with its indie rock edge mixed up with some disco funk. Think neon lights and big dirty nights of groove inspired indie rock.

Gonzo Republic EP ............................
1. Replace
2. Nothing To Fight About
3. Give Me A Reason
4. Nah Nah Nah

skakels :

2008 02 13 - Allstar Funk Live!! 4: Die Helde, Gonzo Republic (From Durban), Hidden Cellar, 21:, R30

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