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Gerry Bosman En Sy Groep (Jerry Bosman)
met Die SAUK Nasionale Simfonieorkes
Immergroen Simfonieë LP .............. 1983 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE

met Vincent van Rooyen
Dansparty Met Vincent En Gerry LP . MVC 3700 1976 MvN/TEAL

with The Gerry Bosman Orchestra and Singers
Evergreens LP ..................................

Charles Segal met Gerry Bosman
Sleepy Shores LP ........ MFP 54653 1975 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
Side One:
1. The Morning After (K. Hirchhorn)
2. Afro Bach (Indig.-Arr: C. Segal)
3. Ben (D. Black-W. Scharf)
4. Concerto In Blues (Indig.-Arr: C. Segal)
5. Colleen's Theme (Indig.-Arr: C. Segal)
6. Sleepy Shores (J. Pearson-Compger)
Side Two:
1. And I Love You So (D. McLean)
2. My Children, My Wife (Indig.-Arr: Roos-C. Segal)
3. Theme From "The Godfather" (N. Rota)
4. Midnight (T. Osborne)
5. When We Do Not Love Anymore (Indig.-Arr: C. Segal-McClure)
6. The Things I Like About You (R. Scott)

Cliff Jones with the Gerry Bosman Orchestra
A Little Bit Of Ragtime LP . MVC 3621 1972 MvN
Side One:
1. Black And White Rag
2. The Entertainer
3. Anniversary Waltz / Cuban Love Song
4. Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'round The Ole Oak Tree
5. Tender Is The Night / You Are My Everything
6. Oh Johnny / Baby Face
Side Two:
1. Alabama Jubilee / Ivory Rag
2. Walking My Baby Back Home / The Gypsy
3. Missouri Waltz
4. Good Morning / Painting The Clouds With Sunshine / Everywhere You Go
5. Sunrise Serenade / Gladrag Doll
6. Temptation Rag

Produced: Gerry Bosman
Repertoire: Wally Webb
Recorded by Tully Mccully

House Party LP ...................... A.V. 1061 AVS
Side 1:
1. Mexican Shuffle (Lake)
2. Lara's Theme (Jarre)
3. Don't Forget Your Geiger Count (Sklair)
4. Mame (Herman)
5. Dumbo (Bosman)
6. Aai, Aai, Die Witbors Kraai (Trad.) (Arr.: Bosman)
Side 2:
1. King Of The Road (Miller)
2. House Party (Bosman)
3. Spanish Eyes (Kaempfert)
4. Hoor My Lied (Klase/Luckesch)
5. Do Not Pass Go (Sklair)
6. Yep!!! (Bosman)

Beat LP ................................ GALP 1230 GALLO

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