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Farrell Adams (Nine)
Little Sins ............................ CDBTB 001 BEYOND THE BOX MUSIC
1. Another Love Song
2. Beginning Again
3. Intgo Temptation
4. What's The Point
5. Sex In The Morning
6. Up To Me
7. No Remorse
8. Push On Through
9. Make It So (Owayo)
10. Rise Up
11. Illusions
12. Cheap Thrills
13. War

With roots firmly entrenched in the Cape Town underground, Farrell Adams has been an independent voice for South African music since 1991 - previously with seminal CT acts Firing Squad, Nine & Golliwog, Farrell is now set with his first solo album under his belt.
During its 10 year existence, Nine, consisting of James Reynard (guitar), Jerome Reynard (drummer with Arno Carstens) and Grenville Williams (bass player and producer of Godessa, Teba) produced two albums Nine and Entropy available through Loophole Music and toured the country extensively.
Having played all the major festivals in the country, including OppiKoppi, Rustlers Valley, Up the Creek, Woodstock and the hugely successful Benson & Hedges Band Slam Tour with the Nude Girls, Lithium, Squeal and Sugardrive, Nine found a fresh angle through the creation of their alter-ego, The Firing Squad.
This Hip-hop/reggae/dancehall crossover act became popular as a party band, and was a big draw card on the festival circuit.
It was during this time that Farrell met and started playing with DJ Bob and Blunted Stuntman of the 206 crew, and the Boogieman made his way into the world. As with the bands, the Boogieman has DJ'd at most of the major festivals throughout the country, as well as a myriad of clubs and high profile corporate gigs including the Sitengi Film Festival Opening, The Loerie Awards and the launch of the The Most Amazing Show.
It was this connection that brought him back in touch with his funk & soul roots, which dominate his dj set's amongst classic hip-hop, house, break beat and drum 'n bass. It was this dance floor orientated thinking that led to the development of his next band project, the inimitable and controversial Golliwog.
Born on the dance floor of District 206 in Cape Town, Golliwog initially took the form of a freestyle act, taking over from the djs last tune and jamming until the people could not dance any more. In June 2005, Farrell relocated to Johannesburg to start work on his first solo project.
This musical collaboration with Kevin Leicher (Plum), has led to the composition of a number of songs which make up the album, Little Sins, to be released in September of this year. The album is best described as nufunk & soul and features the 1st single, 'Into Temptation (the classic Crowded House single from the 90's.

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